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Strain: XJ-13 - Sativa

Producer: THC Design

Contributor: Charlie Padre



One giant nug 100%
With that bold look comes a strong, bold aroma 100%
This plant packs a very spicy taste that’s both floral and fragrant 80%
This joint is a one-hit wonder 80%

Is this the most famous flower with a name that sounds like a Star Wars droid? Probably so. If there’s another one more famous, we certainly can’t think of it.

Appearance 5/5
Holy super nug, Batman! We bought one gram of this flower and it came to us in one giant nug. Not only that, it was wonderfully green with bright orange popping out amongst the leaves. It looked vibrant and fresh, and we considered it a shame to break it apart.

Aroma 5/5
With that bold look comes a strong, bold aroma. It was very fragrant with a scent that touched the nostrils as soon as we opened our pop top container. We detected tones of melon on each inhale. Then there was a rich, kinda sweet, kinda funky odor of manure on the backend, as we exhaled. It doesn’t exactly sound ideal, but the combination was a fantastic blend.

Taste 4/5
This plant packs a very spicy taste that’s both floral and fragrant. It’s a very smooth smoke, with the flavors popping on your tastebuds. They blend together for an elegant taste, and when you exhale it fades away quickly. Totally inoffensive.

Effect 4/5
We knew this was a Sativa strain, so we had a rough idea of what to expect. But we weren’t ready for how complex the sensation was going to be.

In some ways, this joint is a one-hit wonder. We were feeling the effects immediately, and they were very relaxed and exciting. We felt centered, calm, and content. Our body felt most of it, while our brain was only lightly buzzed. As we kept smoking, we felt our body effects get bigger and stronger, but our brains were still functioning clearly. There was no distortion, despite the fact that we were feeling really blessed.

Ultimately, we wished the head high had been a little more intense. Even though we felt centered, we were distracted enough to wish we were a little more focused.

This strain is a classic, and it’s always hard to admit when you don’t love a classic.  We like this Sativa quite a bit, but we didn’t enjoy it fully because we wanted something different.  And that’s not the flower’s fault, that’s on us.  It happens.  It’s not a tragedy or anything.  We still smoked some great flower and felt a full-on Sativa high.  It just didn’t satisfy our deeper craving.

Once again, THC Design delivers an incredible plant that we totally loved (even if it didn’t quench our ultimate thirst).  And we never would have found this flower if it wasn’t for MedMen.

XJ-13 (Sativa) - $15/g

735 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Phone #: (213) 908-2244
Open: 8am - 10pm, 7 days a week

It’s not often that we can say we shop somewhere only because they carry a brand of bud that we like. But times are changing, and this is the 2019 we’re living in, after all. In the old days, we had our favorite weed dealers. But in today’s world, we care about who cultivated the crop, not who's out here slinging it.

(Unless it’s also the grower themselves, then we are very interested. See, we’re so 2019!)

When it comes to growers or brands that we think are doing exciting stuff, the name at the top of our list has to be THC Design. And we never would have found them if it wasn’t for MedMen DTLA.

Shopping at MedMen means you come across a variety of products. A lot of them are familiar, but some of them aren’t, and that’s the exciting part. You know if MedMen carries them they’ve got to be good, or at least of a certain quality. Their stamp of approval is enough for us to take it on good faith that we might enjoy this item, and that’s how the flowers of THC Design came into our orbit.

It was our last visit to the DTLA location that yielded this harvest. We were shopping with an eye to buy a Sativa strain, and the red shirt MedMen employee immediately tossed this rec our way.

“Have you had XJ-13?”

“No. What’s that?” we asked.

“It’s a Sativa strain that’s really mellow. A great body buzz, and pretty heady too.”

“Oh yeah? It’s pretty good?” we replied.

“It’s great.”

It wasn’t until we saw the packaging that we recognized the label -- THC Design, the company that cares. Their official website is pretty slick and well-designed, with an emphasis on clear language, helpful information and positive results.

Would this RedShirt’s recommendation be worthy, or did he steer us off the right path?

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