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White Buffalo

Strain: White Buffalo

Producer: Fade Company

Contributor: Lana Alexa



Purple layers hiding under the wings of green leaves 100%
Smells: sweet, peppery, and definitely earthy 90%
Hint of slight sweetness 100%
Slowly transported into the creative state 100%

Total active cannabinoids: 29.96%
THC: 24.85%
CBD: 0.17%
$50 - 8th only
Sativa dominant Hybrid

WB is a strain that belongs to the Faded Company family. Fade Co. is prominently making way, as far as brands are concerned. I have recognized their signature glass jars with a very slick minimalistic design in pretty much every fine shop in Los Angeles. The line features many different strains, ranging from sativas, hybrids, and fine OG Indicas.

This particular line of flower stands out from the rest many ways. One of them is consistency and the informative packaging approach. Every jar of Fed Co. flower has some of the highest cannabinoids percentage; along with the THC percentage of the flower. Every jar I've ever opened from Faded Co. has always been super fresh. I've just recently purchased one that was packaged and harvested just within a month of me buying it. That is pretty cool!! I like being informed and aware of what I am spending my money on and that goes for flower, as well. Quality flower within a consistent brand I can trust — it’s definitely something I can get used to. This is what I have been getting with Faded.

Appearance 5/5
White Buffalo is an enchanting name. Visually, this flower is definitely enchanting and breathtaking, as well. Beautiful elongated nugs layer with two perfect colors. Green and purple. One has to pause to take in the beauty of WF because it might just pass off as a regular bud. But upon closer examination, I discovered generous purple layers hiding under the wings of green leaves. It was a wonderful surprise.

Aroma 4.5/5
Knowing this is considered a mystical strain, the aroma adds to the mystique. Super fresh-earth heavy with a layered mixture of different smells: sweet, peppery, and definitely earthy. The result is a high, potent aroma of sweet flowers and fresh forest notes. The jar of the Faded Co. flower also smelled extremely fresh. As I looked at the jar, I noticed the date of harvest was no less than a month ago. Wow. That explains the super fresh, earth aroma!

Taste 5/5
After savoring the aroma from Buffalo, I was ready to explore the taste of the strain. Excited, because this was just harvested within the last month, to puff on something so fresh is truly a rarity. I am happy to say I was not disappointed to take in forest fresh and sweet notes of this rare strain. If one savors earthy notes with a hint of slight sweetness, look no further.

Effect 5/5
I was already expecting to be pretty high, knowing the THC levels in this or upwards of 25%. Because I love smoking sativas and sativa dominant hybrids in the morning, this was perfect. Right after consuming, I was slowly transported into the creative state.

For all those that love a nice sativa dominant hybrid, this is definitely the one. Beneficial for those struggling with mild anxiety. Amazing for an instant mood lift, and overall physical and psychological rejuvenation. The potency of this flower is perfect for a seasoned sativa or hybrid smoker. Could go either way with an Indica user.

For a beginner, or someone who is just starting out to explore with cannabis, should try a minimum dosage, because this is definitely strong stuff. Great for attending a mellow meditation yoga class, going for a walk, relaxing, and gardening in the backyard, or on the balcony -- like many of us LA peeps.

This is a fine flower by Fade Co. and definitely for a seasoned smoker, or at least someone who usually smokes the strong stuff. Although this is a super super chill and mellow hybrid. It is still very high in potency. With a very relaxing cerebral buzz, combined with a super mellow body high, this can become an everyday staple for a late-day smoker. It is an herb to be enjoyed all day long no matter what time. It is almost like a mood ring, adjusting to the situation to custom fit the vibe one is looking for. This is not an energetic flower, but it definitely will not put you to sleep. I would call this a weekend flower.

Yet again, I have walked away with a tremendously awesome experience. I love frequenting of this particular cannabis shop because they just have such a consistency in their inventory. As a loyal fan to the Fade Co. brand, it's really great to know that I can head down to this location and just have a large selection of this producer's flower to choose from. I like having that consistency at my regular spots because that just means I can depend on them to have certain merchandise when I need it, and who doesn't like that?

Address: 12320 W. Pico Blvd
Phone number: (310) 207-1900
Hours: Everydays 8am-10pm

Driving through West Los Angeles, you will see ERBA billboards listing brands and names that any cannabis connoisseur would be familiar with, and are there to let you know their doors are open, and they mean serious business. That is actually how I realized this place existed. The billboards are strategically placed in traffic hotspots around the West LA area. Anytime I would get on or off the 10 freeway, I would stare at another billboard speaking to my curiosity. The huge billboard communicated confidently that this is the shop that would do the very opposite of disappointing a fine cannabis connoisseur who knows themselves well.

There is some parking available right up front. There's always some parking on the street, as well, although it is kind of a pain, so getting a spot at the front is probably a better idea. People are always leaving, and as I pull up I often get a spot. There is always a friendly face at the front desk, making for a super quick and convenient check-in. I love just walking around this place. I always discover something new that I did not notice before. The space is ridiculously huge. I love that the staff here encourages curiosity and wants you to wander around and ask questions.

One of the things that’s really cool about this place is the authentic LA vibe once inside. Everyone is super chill, doing their own thing, being super friendly, and indulging in some fine cannabis products. Pictures are actually allowed, as long there are no employees or other patrons in the shot. This is an amazing perk because I've never been able to photograph my experience inside any dispensary before. This is a huge sign we are headed into a whole new direction and culture in purchasing cannabis; I am pretty excited about the future!

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