Where to Try Legal Marijuana in Los Angeles

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California has legalized the recreational use of marijuana, which is a big step in the right direction for the passionate advocates of legalization. However, there are safeguards to guide recreational use, such as being the appropriate age, carrying the proper amount, and purchasing and consuming cannabis products in the right places. Here is a list of 420-friendly places in Los Angeles that you can try.

Original Cannabis Cafe

The OOC is America’s first restaurant that allows its customers to consume cannabis throughout their whole stay. The food menu doesn’t include cannabis-infused items and instead has a special menu for a vast array of munchables and smokeables.

The OOC changes its bud menu weekly on rotation as an additional quirk, so there are “flower hosts” that can help customers by suggesting food pairing options. They also offer equipment rentals, such as ceramic pipes. The restaurant mostly makes reservations on busy schedules, though there are days that are walk-in friendly.

Ice Kream Shop

Ice Kream Shop is a cannabis dispensary located in Studio City but is well-known for its impeccable delivery service reaching Los Angeles and San Fernando. Its prices are one of the friendliest around, which is a huge plus considering its highly-rated products. The staff are also knowledgeable on all cannabis products and are ready to help customers with any questions and suggestions. If you’re looking for ready stocks of oils, CBD lotions, and buds, Ice Kream has you covered with its wide selection of brands and products.

GreenLine Trips

A smoke-infused party bus equipped with dance music and mood lighting, Green Line Trips promises an adventure down the cannabis road. The experience is both fun and informative because tourists and enthusiasts can learn from Los Angeles’ leading experts and visit farms and growing facilities to have a closer look at the science and growing process of cannabis. You can also purchase products from different brands throughout the trip.


MedTours is one of the most helpful marijuana tours because it takes you to the best dispensaries in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. During the tour, you can try several products like concentrates, dabs, and edibles because MedTours promises a safe and welcoming environment for experimenting. Aside from showing you the best resources, the tour is also an extremely informative experience, making sure to orient guests on consuming cannabis safely and responsibly.

The Artist Tree

Located in West Hollywood, the Artist Tree functions as a boutique dispensary, gallery, and live event space all in one. Its primary mission is to provide safe and legal access to cannabis and advocate for its health benefits. You can visit the area for their live music events and art performances, as well as try their edibles, flowers, prerolls, and beverages to stimulate your creative inspiration.

The Pottery

This dispensary feels more like an apothecary than your regular cannabis shop, and rightfully so. Claiming “plants over pills,” the Pottery values the natural medicinal benefits of cannabis. It promotes their product selection according to products’ healing properties, such as anti-inflammatory effects and anxiety reduction. They also make sure to sell items that are ethically sourced and sustainable.


Because California allows the recreational use of cannabis, Los Angeles has various creative options for you to learn about cannabis products and where to get them legally. In all cases, it’s crucial to comply with protocols and practice the legal purchase and responsible consumption of cannabis.

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