What’s the Best Way to Consume Cannabis?

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Contributor: John A. Bloom

In not so long ago, the mention of cannabis could raise a stir, with various groups either in support, against, and others on the fence. Today, the story is different, especially with many groups, including celebs that swear by CBD-infused products seemingly supporting its use. While cannabis can enhance your overall health, among the significant consideration as you include it in your routine is how you consume it.  You can, for instance, opt to consult a professional and acquire Illinois medical card, especially if you are dealing with a pre-existing medical condition to ensure that your consumption doesn’t affect other prescription medication you are taking. If you are considering adding it to your health and fitness regimen, here are the standard ways you can consume cannabis.


Smoking is the oldest and most common cannabis delivery option. If, however, you are not comfortable with the combustion process, you can go for vaping. While smoking cannabis, unlike tobacco, doesn’t put your lungs in significant danger, the stigma might be a little concerning. Vaping eliminates such concerns, and with the best vaporizer, you can safely enjoy the process while eliminating smoke particles.

Smoking/vaping main advantage is its onset that typically averages within 30 minutes, with the kick lasting 1-3 hours following the dosage. Smoking/vaping cannabis is an ideal consumption method in instances such as if you are experiencing nausea, meaning that swallowing is a challenge. Smoking/vaping has also been termed as therapeutic and helpful, especially if you are striving to quit smoking tobacco. The main downside of smoking is it might be a demanding following your situation, not to mention a fire hazard, especially if you have some physical challenges. Another con could be dosage, as it is hard to control the amount consumed.

Oral consumption

From edibles, tinctures, capsules, to dissolvable powder, oral cannabis consumption has recently gained popularity. Oral consumption is an ideal approach for those who don’t consider smoking as safe, not to mention that you could use the method to deliver cannabis to your kids and pets as well. The primary pro of the delivery method is that it is comfortable, and its kick lasts longer, averaging 4-24 hours following the dosage and the user. You can, for instance, infuse cannabis in your favorite snacks, making it easier, especially to those who are still on the fence about its consumption.

Another significant advantage is that you can easily control the dosage since the amount can be tailored per your prescription on your Illinois medical card or guidance from your primary doctor. Oral consumption’s primary downside is that it might be challenging if you are dealing with nausea. Its onset, moreover, might take longer than inhaling, meaning that you can’t get a much-needed immediate relaxation such as when dealing with pain.

Topical application

In today‘s market, lots of beauty items feature cannabis-infused products. CBD oils are quite common, and this has touched various products, including soaps, lotions, lip balm, moisturizers, and serums, to mention a few. The primary drawback of topical application is that its effects are primarily on your skin. If looks aren’t your primary target, the topical application might not be the best method.

As cannabis consumptions continue to rise, we can expect more delivery options shortly maybe even intravenous therapy.

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