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Wedding Cuvée

Strain: Wedding Cuvée

Producer: Humboldt Farms

Contributor: Lana Alexa



Forest green, with tan generous layers of hair 100%
Green aromatic vibe 90%
Sweet and earthy flavors 100%
Feel the medium cerebral effect 100%

Total Active Cannabinoids: 32.97%
THC: 26.65% + CBD: 0.00%
$50 - 8th only

I noticed since many strains tend to be named after their parents, so the more familiar you become with more strains, the easier it is to know exactly what you are getting from a certain flower. Going off that, I was immediately attracted to WC, simply because wedding cake is one of my all-time favorites. Although it is labeled as an Indica, WC is actually more of a hybrid strain. The budtender did make a comparison to wedding cake, as I have never heard of wedding cuvée. Seeing as I have tried the wedding cake strain, I was intrigued to see what the cuvée version was all about. This is how it went…

Appearance 5/5
This is definitely one of my favorites for many reasons. Let me start with the packaging. I love the clear jar packaging. The minimalist Apple-like design looks pretty chic displayed anywhere on the shelf at my place. Now, the most important part: the nugs - they are absolutely stunning. Forest green, with tan generous layers of hair. Dusty leaves are an excellent sign of potency. Perfect medium-sized nugs with beautiful color and snowy leaves-I couldn't ask for more!

Aroma 4.5/5
Love. Love. Love. When I first smelled WC, I could not stop myself from feeling euphoric vibes in the works right away. It’s a very interesting aroma that encompasses Wedding cuvée. Although there is a sweet layer that hits the nose, there’s also something quite intriguing, too. I got a super earthy, forest-like, and just all-around super green aromatic vibe. Honestly, it smelled like a fresh watered forest patch.

Taste 5/5
All Faded Co. flower taste amazing. Puffing on wedding cuvée was definitely not an exception. Smooth notes layered with sweet and earthy flavors. It is a rich, but subtle tickle to the senses. I noticed that when I ground up the flower, it brought out the nuttiness and the sweetness even more. Slightly earthy, as well, I enjoyed the flavor very much. It tastes like primo herb.

Effect 5/5
I have to say, branching out into Indica dominant strains through wedding cuvée has been quite the passage. The strain changed my opinion on Indicas because going forward, I will definitely consume more Indica strains. The high from WC is fantastic. Extremely smooth and relaxing. I could feel the medium cerebral effect, and also the soothing body high hit almost instantly. This is definitely a fast-acting strain. Definitely no grogginess, but very heavy relaxation.

By all means fantastic for relaxation. Excellent for any Indica smoker, or even a smoker that likes hybrids. Excellent for stress relief, body aches, anxiety, and overall good vibes.

This Wedding Cuvée has got to have one of the biggest THC content and active cannabinoids percentage I have ever seen.

One of the reasons I picked this flower is because I presumed that it would be very similar to wedding cake, a super popular strain in its own right. Wedding cake actually has a higher cannabinoid percentage of 34.99%. It was definitely super lucky for me to find it here at Erba. I can always count on those players for carrying the super rare stuff. I’ll be back soon for sure!

Address: 12320 W. Pico Blvd
Phone number: (310) 207-1900
Hours: Everydays 8am-10pm

ERBA is one of my go to spots, although It’s almost 30 minutes away from my place. The reasons I love coming here stack up from the fact that they offer a crazy amount of merchandise selection, to the fact that they have great specials.

On top of the fact that they give you the generous discount, they do have rotating specials. Once a week, they will have a certain product, or a certain flower, on special - it is discounted anywhere from 20% to 30% off.

I’ve yet to visit when anything from Fade Company was on special, but that’s OK. ERBA has such a generous selection of brands and a variety of strains it is impossible to resist grabbing a jar. Plus, I still had my 20% off pass, since I was only on my 3rd visit. That 20% is good for anything in the store, including Faded Company.

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