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Wedding Cake

Strain: Wedding Cake

Producer: Silver Lake Caregivers Group

Contributor: Michael Avalos


Featured Flower:
Wedding Cake (Hybrid)

Appearance: 4/5
Our Hybrid selection was called Wedding Cake, and we thought that was because the plant looks mostly white, with spots of color, similar to the delicious treat it’s named after. The leaf clusters we got were tightly packed together. They broke apart easily, but the process also sent a lot of crystals flying, so be careful as you load this one up.

Aroma: 4/5
The flower has a very sweet smell to it. If you lean in, and close your eyes, it damn near smells like an actual cake. There’s a very “bakery” vibe that was undeniable on each and every whiff. Amazing!

Flavor: 4/5
When we smoked it, we tasted a complicated sweetness. Something like almond, or marzipan. It was one of the most interesting strains that we’ve sampled lately. But unfortunately, it also left our throats feeling scratchy. What a bummer. Definitely enjoy this one with a beverage on hand.

Effect: 3/5
The feeling we got off this bud was satisfying, but a bit unremarkable. It’s a Hybrid, and we were definitely feeling buzzed, in both our bodies and our brains. The weed was working, but it wasn’t working overtime. There wasn’t anything special or distinct about this herb. We’re not sorry we bought it, we just wish it had a little more strength.

We learned that Silver Lake Caregivers Group doesn’t just sell bud, they grow it, too. The plants we spotted from the front door are on display through a window in the showroom. We thought that was really cool, and likely meant that these people knew more than most. We threw out all our homework and just asked our budtender, “What do you recommend?”

This is a nice Hybrid with some mixed qualities. It tastes great, but also burned our throats. It smokes great, but doesn’t call attention to itself. In the world of marijuana, are there better strains out there? Yes, of course there is. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t a perfectly fine strain that delivers on its mellow promise. If it calls to you, you won’t be sorry.

Wedding Cake (Hybrid) - $14/g, $45/8th

Address: 2464 Fletcher Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Hours: Open: 10am - 8pm, 7 days a week

The showroom only had one budtender. However, we only had to wait a minute before they attended to our needs. As soon as it was our turn, we instantly recognized that we were talking to an expert.

Our budtender was exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful during our visit. They obviously knew their stuff, and were able to answer all our questions. When we inquired about the Dosist vapes, they busted out a chart with information about the various flavors, and the effects they have. When was the last time someone brought out a chart to explain something to you? Well, it happens here, and it was amazing.

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