Ultimate Guide to Herb Grinders | Everything You Need To know

Everything You Need To know
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Contributor: Eric Bloom

Everybody knows that a perfect puff revolves around the quality of the vaporizer as well as the cannabis — better the weed, better will be the hit. But did you know that even something as inconsiderable as using your fingers to load the herbs can ruin the plant? The trichomes get attached to the skin and shred off easily, thereby reducing the overall potency and purity of the substance. To avoid this, you must give up on your old habits and purchase a herb grinder. If you are new to this or looking forward to replacing your old gadget, this ultimate guide will help you choose the best. But first, let ‘start from the scratch.

What Is an Herb Grinder?

For people who are new to this, an herb grinder is a compact device that converts spices or herbs into tiny pieces. It is used to pulverize weed buds into smaller particles so that, it can easily be loaded and vaped. The simplest grinder usually has only two halves, which when joined and turned shreds the substance inside. However, bigger models have several compartments, each having a particular function, which we will discuss later in this article.

Types of Herb Grinders
They come varying shapes, sizes, and quality so the following categories will help you recognize the common types

Ultimate Guide to Herb Grinders Everything You Need To know

Types in Terms Of Material

  • Wood Grinders: Compared to other types, they aren’t very desirable, considering that they don’t shred very well. Being wooden, they only feature 2-pieces — the bottom, and the lid, both having teeth attached to their inner surface, which aren’t very sharp. Overall, it may be sturdy, but it isn’t very impressive at grinding the herbs.
  • Acrylic Grinders: As the name implies, they are made with the cheapest material, which explains their popularity. Unlike wooden grinders, they come in multiple-pieces design, having varying functionality. They might be cheap, but they aren’t as durable as they should be.
  • Metal Grinders: Undoubtedly, they are far more efficient than any other grinder we have discussed in this listicle. They possess razor-sharp teeth, which shreds the plant effortlessly, turning it into fine granulates.

Types in Terms of Compartments

  • 4-Piece Grinders: They are best at what they do — 4-piece grinders not only shred the material but filter different sizes of pollen separately and allow you to capture kief in the additional bottom compartment. On the con side, they are a little hefty.
  • 3-Piece Grinders: Just like 4-piece grinders, they also filter pollens, but they don’t capture kief. You have to use a separate surface to empty those pollens.
  • 2-Piece Grinders: For those who seek portability, these are an ideal option. They only have two compartments — the lid, and the base, which makes them highly compact.
  • Electric grinders: In case you have grown tired of manually grinding your herbs, you might want to check electric grinders. They are powered by built-in batteries, allowing you to grind, filter, and separate the herbs with a single push of a button.
What Do You Look for In A Quality Herb Grinder? | Important Considerations

The first thing that you must decide, regardless of the features, is the material of the device. We have already discussed several materials above. And out of all of them, we would recommend you metal grinders.

For people who prefer portability over functionality, they should go for the grinders having lesser compartments. On the opposite, if you seek high performance, the 4-piece grinder is the best option.

A product bought from an inexperienced manufacturer may not last very long. You should therefore go for notable names like sharpstone. Their grinders are touted to be one of the best in the industry, equipped with all the necessary features. Sharpstone grinders are available in a myriad of designs — from 2-pieces, 4-pieces to electrical grinders.

They feature a range of additional functions — some models come with extra filter screens, while others are equipped with vibrators, making the process smoother and more convenient. Choose whichever suits you need but remember, more features mean a higher price.

Why Do We Need A Grinder?
  • Better flavor: You may not notice until you have tried ground up herbs, but bigger chunks of weed minimize the flavor. Finely shredded herbs, on the other hand, absorb heat evenly and give rise to more flavorsome clouds.
  • More Potency: It is obvious; when you have more vapors, the potency will considerably increase, allowing you to enjoy intensified therapeutic benefits.
  • Reduce Waste: When you load or shred the herbs using your fingers, the powerhouse of weed —trichomes— gets attached to your fingers. You may not even have an idea of how much precious weed you waste during a single session while using fingers. That is why a quality herb grinder is a must-have device.
  • Huge Clouds: Agreeably, the bigger the clouds, the better will be the overall experience. For that, you need to ground the herbs before loading them into the vaporizer. In powdered form, they will have a greater surface area from which the heat will extract the vapors, and thus causing bigger and tasteful clouds.
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