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True OG

Strain: True OG

Producer: Tree House Cannabis

Contributor: Donovan Maltese



I found this flower to be a bit unremarkable in its looks 60%
Earthy, citrus aroma that I found very enjoyable 80%
The taste is spicy and strong 80%
Hoo boy. Make no mistake, my friends -- this True OG is the real deal 100%

What is True OG?

Besides the name of this Indica strain, what does it mean to be a True OG? It seems to me that if you’re going to be a true OG, then you had better be a really dank flower that delivers an epic high. Would this strain be worthy of the name?

Appearance 3/5
I found this flower to be a bit unremarkable in its looks. It came to me, via a vacuum-sealed bag, and like a lot of plants that come like that, the pods look like they had been pressed flat somewhere along the way. The shade was a uniform medium-dark green, and there wasn’t much orange popping along the surface. What was visible was lots of fuzz that covered the leaves. While not quite crystals, it did look appetizing, and I had high hopes for this one.

Aroma 4/5
This flower came to me with an earthy, citrus aroma that I found very enjoyable. Based on smell alone, I hope the effects would be as potent as the odor -- because this strain definitely stunk up the space as soon as I popped open the bag. Thankfully, it was so pleasant that I hardly noticed, and it was a shame to smoke because I could have kept it as incense.

Taste 4/5

This Indica hit with a big, perfumey smoke. The taste is spicy and strong, with all that fuzz on the leaves popping like flavor crystals on the tongue. The lingering aftertaste is very powerful, but not offensive -- it’s smooth and earthy, with that fuzzy spice fizzing in the mouth.

Effect 5/5
Hoo boy. Make no mistake, my friends -- this True OG is the real deal.

This strain produced a very powerful high that was extremely potent. I was feeling the effects after my first hit, and it was wonderful. This is a strong Indica that gives you a strong head buzz, like how you feel after a glass of wine on an empty stomach. It brought clarity and focus, drowning out all distractions until I was centered with what really matters most. Not only that, but this strain put a lot of pep in my step, and I felt a bit like a “motor-mouth” because it had me talking...a lot!

This True OG deserves its name, for sure. This is the kind of high that is deserving of such a legendary title. It’s a potent flower that produces a strong buzz that’ll leave you focused, alert, and out-going. Usually an Indica provides two of the three, but all three are very rare, indeed. That’s why this True OG is my pick for “Smoke Of The Week.”

While we may yearn for the days when buying weed was more of an outlaw pursuit, there are plenty of things that we don’t miss from those days.  Namely, the inconveniences.

We won’t miss pulling up to a shop to find it randomly closed, or possibly shut down.  We won’t miss finding stems and seeds inside our 8ths.  And while we might miss lower prices, we’re willing to pay more for quality, and the La Brea Collective is an example of how that extra effort translates into amazing buds.

This is a great shop despite all of my aforementioned grievances.  It provides quality products with great service, and while you might pay full tax, you can be comforted by the fact that your purchase helps push the marijuana industry into the 21st century.

True OG (Indica) - $10/g, $35/8th

5057 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Phone: (323) 424-3908
Open: 10am - 10pm, 7 days a week

As the marijuana industry continues to grow, we find ourselves at a strange intersection of consumer preferences. We see more and more shops get shut down by The Bureau of Cannabis Control everyday, and the new shops that pop up are all increasingly compliant with the new rules of the road.

This is, of course, only a good thing. The marijuana industry needs to fully legitimize itself so it can grow properly, and shed all the preconceived notions that hinder it from reaching a larger audience. But this also means that “The Way Things Things Are Done” are changing rapidly, and we find that we are starting to prefer “The Way Things Used To Be” as opposed to “The New Normal.”

First of all, the taxes.

Nobody wants to pay taxes on their bud, but it’s a legal necessity. Like all things in America, the government has to get their cut. Fine, whatever. But we prefer shops that bake their taxes into their prices, rather than charging them after the fact. There’s nothing more uniquely depressing than selecting all of your bud and realizing that your total is going to have a 19.5% surcharge on top of everything. Oof. Damn you, Uncle Sam.

The other thing that depresses us when we shop is that all dispensaries who are compliant with current marijuana laws never display their flowers in large quantities. We’re not sure how the legality of this breaks down, but all the legit shops only display small jars of flower - often in the packaging provided by the grower.

While this might be a more accurate representation of what you’re actually going to be buying, it depresses us to see so little flower locked up in a tiny jail cell like that. We like big jars of flower, enough to fill an entire garden, that way we get to see (and smell) before deciding what it is that we want to buy. Just like at a restaurant, we like our senses to guide our selection, and it can be difficult to do so when you’re looking at two small nugs underneath a magnifying window.

All these things occurred to me as I dropped into La Brea Collective the other day. This shop is definitely of the “everything above board” dispensaries, and it followed through with fulfilling those expectations. Their prices do not include taxes. Their flower is only available to browse in the smallest of jars. And most of their plants are only available in 8ths, with just a few grams of bud available for purchase.

While this might not be my favorite, it’s the way that the world is turning. Which basically means I don’t have to like it, but I’ve got to get used to it. So I found an Indica strain that piqued my interest, and braced myself for the inevitable tax hike.

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