Top 20 Marijuana Strains In Los Angeles

Top 20 Marijuana Strains In Los Angeles
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Contributor: KC SCannell

Los Angeles is quite a town. This So-Cal paradise is home to glitz, glam, and a whole ton of high-quality ganja. That’s right, party people. The next time you find yourself in La La Land in search of some top-notch bud, you should remember to consult this list of the Top 20 Marijuana Strains in Los Angeles. These buds are tried, tested, and fully approved by our staff of professional marijuana experts. So, you know these strains are going to be good!

Los Angeles Cannabis Buyer’s Guide: Top 20 Strains

20. Staples Center OG - Indica

What better way to kick off a list like this than with a strain specifically named in honor of one of the most beloved sporting venues in history: Staples Center. This home to the Lakers and the Clippers is one of those Los Angeles landmarks that is undeniably adored by the residents of this So-Cal heaven, so it only stands to reason that this bud sneaks onto this list of prestigious strains in the area.

19. Jack Frost - Sativa

These fuzzy nugs will bring a smile to any smoker’s face. The rich scent profile, packed with mint and rosemary, is a delight for the senses to enjoy. And the refreshing tokes that this bud is able to provide are unlike any other. It’s definitely one of the most reliable sativas in LA, that’s for sure.

18. Cake Batter - Sativa

This Cake Batter will make you want to celebrate, it’s that damn good. The mild head buzz that it delivers is phenomenal, but the way it helps balance out the tremendously noticeable body high is top-notch. The even blend of calming effects is unbeatable, and you should definitely pick some of this sativa up.

17. Obama Kush - Indica

Anything with the Obama name attached to it is respectable, strong, and balanced. Which is exactly what this presidential-inspired indica comes through with. The strands of orange tendrils stuck in amongst its sea of forest green leaves is truly a sight to behold. The smell, taste, and effects of this bud are one-of-a-kind. This is definitely one of those must-try strains, for sure.

16. Shark Shock - Indica

While in LA, it’s hard not to spend a day smoking joints by the beach. And what better bud to bring with you on such an occasion than this oceanic-themed strain. This fast-acting, long-lasting bud is the perfect accompaniment to a day spent catching up with friends while watching the waves crash onto the beach. It’s awesome.

15. Alien Breath - Indica

If this is how Alien Breath really smells, I hope martians never get ahold of mints, because this stuff is stanky – but in the best way possible. The strong spice and sweet undertones do a number on your senses, and the daze that this celestial strain leaves you with is phenomenal.

14. Thin Mint - Hybrid

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m approached by Girl Scouts looking to sell some cookies, I always grab at least a box (or two) of Thin Mints. You should incorporate that same purchasing mentality whenever you see this deliciously dank strain on your local dispensary’s menu. It’s tasty, smells fantastic, and gets you super high – super fast!

13. Creamsicle - Hybrid

Dense, purple accented leaves make up the exterior of these admirable buds. The earthy aromatic profile of this hybrid can fill a room instantly with its potent scent. Not only that, but this strain delivers a truly amazing flavor that the taste buds can’t help but relish in. The high may take a second to kick in, but once it does, you’ll be cool, calm, and collected for quite a long time.

12. Sunday Driver - Hybrid

Just like the name implies, this hybrid will mellow you out beyond belief. The need to rush vanishes from existence altogether. The moment you fire up these abundantly orange and green nugs, you’ll be transported from the fast-lane to the slow-lane, which is exactly where you want to be when this stuff kicks in. It really is the perfect weekend wake and bake bud.

11. Cookie Glue - Hybrid

Cookie Glue’s somewhat fluffy buds may not win any awards for their mediocre looks, but the taste, scent, and overall effect of this hybrid is unlike any other on the market today. The sweet, almost chocolate aromatics flowing off of these nugs are intoxicating. And the bakery-inspired flavors each toke provides is extremely enjoyable.

10. Watermelon - Indica

Rare are the times when a bud actually elicits a sense of fresh fruitiness with its appearance, but this Watermelon strain is definitely in a league of its own. The vibrant greens, orange pistils, and dark purple undertones work together to create a mosaic of marijuana greatness that the eyes can’t help but fall in love with. Oh, and it gets you incredibly high, too. So, that’s a plus!

9. OG Story - Indica

First and foremost, anything OG-related is always going to be quality. That’s just a fact. But when a delicious indica, such as this, is able to comfortably relax the body, while opening up the mind to new thoughts and conversations, well, that makes this bud damn near unbeatable. It’s a perfect social smoke that you can easily enjoy with a group of friends.

8. Blue Dream - Sativa

This sativa is a straight-up classic. If you’ve been smoking for years, or just picked it up this month, chances are you’ve heard many a compliment in regards to this iconic sativa. This bud has a remarkable flavor profile, smells absolutely incredible, and the series of balanced effects that it consistently delivers makes it the legendary strain, that it is.

7. Mars OG - Indica

As the name implies, this bud will launch your brain into outer space within a couple of puffs. This strong, supremely scrumptious strain is exceptional. Its otherworldly scent is dark and dusky, which is just an indicator of the dankness that these buds possess. It’s just amazing.

6. Crunch Berry - Hybrid

I’m sorry, but it’s hard not to become an instant fan of this breakfast-inspired bud. Personally, I love kicking my days off with a relaxing smoke session, and this calming, euphoric hybrid will give you all the motivation you need to take on the day, without being overly sedative.

5. Super Jack - Sativa

We’ve all heard about, smoked, and fell in love with Jack Herer at one point or another in our smoking careers. But what if I told you this unique sativa strain was able to heighten all of those beloved aspects to brand new levels? Well, that’s precisely what this bud is able to do, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is, hands-down, the best sativa in the area – no doubt about it.

4. Melonade - Hybrid

No, this isn’t a new flavor of Gatorade (although it does sound delicious). This a top-notch hybrid that can be found throughout Los Angeles County at the moment, and it is a sincere show-stopper. Its looks are flawless, its scent profile is out-of-this-world, and the even-keeled effects this alleviating hybrid comes through with are immensely enjoyable.

3. Purple Crack - Hybrid

Now, this is how all buds should look. Thick, dense nugs house a series of darkened hues and bright orange hairs. It is the epitome of dank. Once you break it down and smoke it, all of those amazing aspects multiply by tenfold. It’s easy to see why this hybrid is so high on the list. This citrus-tasting bud is exquisite in every way possible.

2. Orange Creamsicle - Hybrid

While it’s non-orange counterpart made the earlier section of this list, it was ultimately this strain’s edition of “vitamin C” that earned it the title of the best hybrid in LA. I think what makes it so amazing is its flavor and scent profile. It smells and tastes just like a refreshing orange creamsicle on a warm summer day. And, honestly, that’s a pretty tough sensation to beat.

1. Grape Pie - Indica

Perhaps, the only thing that could knock that aforementioned popsicle-inspired strain from the top spot is this indica that elicits a similar series of culinary-esque effects with its smoke. Not only does this bud look like a slice of perfection, but it tastes exactly how you would imagine a floral version of Grape Pie would taste! It was equal parts pungent and delectable. While this bud may be a bit of a “creeper,” it’ll eventually deliver a powerful series of long-lasting, super relaxing effects that are ideal for any and all smoking environments.

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