Top 10 Los Angeles Cannabis Strains with Detailed Reviews

Top 10 Strains in Los Angeles
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Contributor: Michael Avalos

If LA really is the City of Angels, then the Gods must be stoned – because this city has been blessed with some truly amazing marijuana. And just like those beautiful crops, the recreational industry is thriving as well. Growing bigger and more established everyday. Which is more than good for you, since it means that there’s more places to buy your bud. As you head into harvest season, it’s always nice to know about the current crops that are available.

Here’s our picks for the Top 10 Strains in Los Angeles.

1. Banana OG (Indica)

Surprisingly, this flower did not carry any strong banana scent. Instead, our noses detected a sweet licorice fragrance. This Indica made us feel like we had sunk into a comfy couch, even though we were still on our feet. It got us buzzed but we still felt functional, and went about the next few hours feeling light-hearted and blissful.

2. Biscotti (Indica)

While the name didn’t make sense to us at first, we totally understood once we got a whiff of this plant. The pods carry the muted smell of a buttery cookie, both warm and sugary. And this cookie has a real strong kick. But it was difficult to focus on anything for too long, since we were bouncing off the walls with our attention devouring everything in sight.
Blueberry Shortcake

3. Blueberry Shortcake (Indica)

With this plant, the smell is everything. A strong fruity flavor that pops like a blueberry, and the sweetness from the crystals that give it a warm, buttery birthday cake taste. It’s got a high that gave us that “tunnel-vision” focus. Making it perfect for a movie, or a chill night at home. Our nickname for this strain eventually became Aquabud, because at times, we were so stoned we felt like we were underwater.
Creamsicle DopeGirls

4. Creamsicle (Hybrid)

This strain is the perfect treat for a summer day. It’s a total sleeper strain, Indica dominant, with strong Sativa vibes coming in loud and clear. It calmed our nerves, tuned out the distractions, and just let us relax and have some time to ourselves after a long day. Very cool, very chill. Not bad for a flower named after a 50/50 Bar.
Green Crack Hollywood Holistic

5. Green Crack (Sativa)

It was love at first sight when we saw this plant. The leaves are dark green, but the white fuzz covering them gives the plant an almost green-blue color. It’s famous for a reason — it delivers the perfect Sativa high. Pleasant, strong, happy, and soothing. The best medicine doesn’t just treat your ailments, it lifts your spirits.
Maui Wowie

6. Maui Wowie (Sativa)

Maui Wowie might be a strain known worldwide, and you understand why as soon as you start to smoke it. It’s strong enough to give you a head buzz, while also delivering a jolt to your body with strong (but subtle) sensations. It comes in on a low frequency, like a radio playing in another room, giving you a wonderful background feeling that never takes center stage. We love this strain so much, we tried to get its autograph.
OG Story

7. OG Story (Indica)

Smoking this flower was a wonderfully smooth experience. The smoke had a medium flavor that wasn’t too heavy, or too strong. This Indica high is intense without being overwhelming. It’s a strong hit of focus, intensity, and energy. We felt a nice head buzz, as well as an electric feeling in our muscles that extended all the way from our spine to our fingertips. Unusual for an Indica, but very welcome.


8. Purple Rain (Hybrid)

While not exactly purple, this flower sports a very impressive look. It’s a tightly packed pod of goodness we got here. It’s dark green, with tons of orange pockets along the surface. The effects were instant but not overwhelming, mellow but not sedative, groovy but not sleep-inducing. It was a perfect pick-me-up that melted our stress, and had us floating on air.

9. Slymer (Hybrid)

This strain snuck up on us with ghostly quickness. We were feeling it after one hit. In fact, we were feeling it so strongly that our bowl remained half-packed for quite a long time. This Hybrid leaned towards the Indica side of things, with an effect that rivaled some stronger strains in terms of tuning out our brains. We weren’t necessarily ultra-focused or plagued by tunnel-vision, but any distractions on our radar were quickly diminished from sight.

Urkle Berry

10. Urkle Berry (Hybrid)

While this strain didn’t give us the giggles (unlike the real Urkel), it did give us a very powerful high. All of our distractions were gone, and our attention was rapt on the subject at hand. But our focus proved fickle, and soon we realized we had spent the last hour fleeting from one thing to the next. The last thing you should expect to be doing on this strain is sitting still.

Tell us what your favorite strains are in the comments below.

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