Top 10 Dispensaries in Los Angeles

Patients ditch their traditional medication in favour of cannabis
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Contributor: Michael Avalos

If you’re just visiting, or if you’re a native Angeleno, then congratulations, you’ve got plenty of choices to pick from when deciding where to buy your bud. Whether you’re looking for some flowers to smoke up, or if you’re in the market for some plant-based medicine, there’s thankfully a lot of choices spread out all over the city. Here are my picks for the Top Ten Marijuana Dispensaries currently operating in Los Angeles.

Here Are The Top 10 Marijuana Dispensaries in Los Angeles

CCA California Caregivers Alliance

2815 W Sunset Blvd. #201

Open 8AM – 9:45PM everyday

Hidden away in the corner spot upstairs in a half-seedy looking strip mall off Sunset Blvd, the brave and the bold will push through and find themselves in a wonderful oasis of good feeling. This shop is one of our favorites because it’s been a neighborhood institution for over ten years, leading the charge to reclassify cannabis from a drug to plant-based medicine.

The staff here is super friendly, operating within the limits of the law, and exceeding the expectations of their tiny showroom (with a big pillar right in the middle). Regardless, there’s plenty of budtenders on hand to assist you, as you maneuver around the room to get a look at all the great stuff on display. Flowers, edibles, concentrates, vapes, waxes, joints, CBD…they’ve got it all. With some great daily deals and loyalty programs, this is one shop that you’ll definitely want to visit again, as soon as possible.


1040 N Western Ave
Open 9AM – 10PM everyday.

While you won’t have any trouble missing the ‘SMARTWEED’ sign emblazoned on the building on Western Ave, you might be a little worried as you head down the long narrow hallway when you head inside. Don’t worry, the Marley Naturals posters on the walls mean you’re in the right place.

This location eschews the local head shop aesthetic for the vibe and look of a high-end retail store. The product is displayed in custom-made cases designed to be viewed at eye-level. The budtenders walk the showroom floor like salesmen, eager to assist you. And there are giant, colorful paintings of stoner icons like, Willy Wonka, Betty White, Martha Stewart, and Snoop Dogg.

Natural Remedies

927 ½ Western Ave
Open 10AM – 8PM everyday

Nestled on the ground floor of a strip mall, this particular spot is a great example of a shop that has been designed to emulate a medical office, instead of a traditional dispensary. Big windows, bright lights, and a friendly welcome staff all make you feel at home as soon as you walk through the door.

The showroom might be small, but it’s packed with a killer inventory of plant-based medicine. Not just flowers, but also edibles, concentrates, topicals, disposables, and a ton of CBD products. The staff is super cool, and they seem like the actually enjoy working there, which elevates the entire experience. We must admit that sometimes we go here just because we like hanging out.

Pico Gardens

2753 W Pico Blvd
Open 24/7

It’s easy to remember the address for this spot because it’s written in big, black letters on the storefront’s completely white facade. Arrows point you to the back, where the entrance is. Squeeze into the narrow hallway, and head inside. This is a funky little shop that has a very homegrown vibe. This place is slightly haphazard, stocked with a rotating supply of products, and staffed by some of the best budtenders in the business. A vital one-stop shop for all types of products in the Mid-City neighborhood. Plus, they’re open late.

Greenwolf LA Pre ICO

2950 Los Feliz Blvd. Unit #100
Open 8AM – 10PM everyday but Sunday, which is 9AM – 9PM

If you’re confused, just follow the “Marijuana Smoking Prohibited” signs into the courtyard from the parking lot, and you’ll notice the entrance right away — it’s the door by the giant Greenwolf logo that would look more at home on the wall of a karate dojo, than a dispensary. Inside, you’ll find one of the best dispensaries on the eastside of LA. The term ‘showroom’ is particularly apt here, since the entire interior of the store is dedicated to showing off their products, all housed in glass cases. Our budtender gave us the ten-cent tour, showing off their products — CBDs, waxes, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, and, of course, some flower. This personal shopping experience was a revelation. It’s definitely the place to go if you’re a first-timer who isn’t sure about what to buy. Greenwolf is for you, and for everyone else. Which makes it just like our favorite plant — it belongs to the world.


979 N La Brea Ave

Open 8:30AM – 10PM everyday but Sunday, when they open at 9:30AM

Depending on when you visit this dispensary, you might find food trucks hanging out in the parking lot. That’s part of the “cool factor” of the Herbarium, which rivals MedMen — at least in its local advertising budget — for trying to be not just a dispensary, but a brand name. The difference between the Herbarium and MedMen is that they actually have the product to back it up. The interior of this shop is huge, giving the showroom a vibe that’s similar to an art gallery. The selection is packed into a large, L-shaped display case. The flower is laid out in jars, with placards that not only list vital statistics, but describe moods and feelings that the flower is supposed to foster. Not only that, but our budtender genuinely cared about what we wanted to feel, rather than how much money we wanted to spend. That kind of care is rare in the dispensary game, and that’s why this place is simply one of the best.

MMD Hollywood

1515 N Cahuenga Blvd
Open 8AM – 9:50PM everyday.

Located in the heart of Hollywood, this dispensary feels like the most professional basement you’ve ever been to. You won’t be able to miss the leafy green exterior of this shop, and once inside, you’ll head downstairs into the (powerfully air conditioned) showroom where all the goodies are kept. While this might be a common refrain, we really mean it when we say that the budtenders in this shop are some of the best in the city. Friendly, informed, and totally chill. They’re ready and willing to assist you as you navigate the shop’s display cases. Which include a well-curated selection of plants, and a surprisingly deep bench of pre-rolled joints. No wonder this shop boasts some of the most loyal customers in town. But to be fair, when you shop here once, it won’t be the last.

Alternative Herbal Health Services

7828 Santa Monica Blvd

Open 8AM – 10PM everyday

Located on a stretch of road that used to be the original Route 66, you’ll find this dispensary that’s not only one of our favorites, but it was voted one of the best by High Times Magazine. You enter the shop through auto sliding glass doors. Then you’re welcomed into a bright, pleasant shop that’s fairly small. Waiting in line, you’ll be able to look over the menu, displayed across several big digital screens on the wall behind the counter. The pages rotate, offering prices and quantities for their selection of flower, edibles, pre-rolls, waxes, concentrate, tinctures, and CBD products. Once it’s your turn, the budtender will guide you up and down a display case until you’ve gotten your fill. We’ve gotten a lot of great stuff here, and every time we find something new to pique our interest.

Nurple Purps

4716 Melrose Ave
Open 10AM – Midnight everyday

Located on a stretch of Melrose Avenue known as “Cannabis Row” for it’s high-concentration of spots that will get you high, Nurple Purps stands out above the rest as the best on the block. This shop offers a meat-and-potatoes selection of flower, edibles and pre-rolls. Don’t let the limited selection fool you; there’s definitely a lot to choose from, and everything in stock is high quality. There isn’t a lot of space inside, so you wind up getting something close to a personal shopping experience, as the budtender assists you in selecting your products. Keep in mind that if you’re heading down during rush hour, then gridlock might be an issue, but luckily you’ll be able to pick up something to help elevate your mood.

Buddha Company - DTLA

837 S. Los Angeles St.
Open 8AM – 10PM weekdays, 10AM – 10PM weekends

Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, this shop is a wonderful alternative to shopping at that candy dispensary. You know, M&M? With a convenient parking lot in the back, this shop is designed to welcome smokers of all experience levels. There’s no separation between the waiting room and the showroom, so you’ll be able to spy on their excellent flower selection while you wait. Once it’s your turn, your budtender will assist you with an iPad in hand, making you feel like you’ve traveled into the future for your flower. If the future means more spots like Buddha Company, then we’ve got to get back to the future!
Those are our Top 10 Dispensaries… for now. The best thing about this thriving recreational market is that new shops are opening up all the time, and the competition is fierce. Who knows…the next great shop might open up down the street soon. Only time will tell.
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