This Woman Throws Cannabis Parties For A Living

This Woman Throws Cannabis Parties For A Living
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Contributor: John A. Collins

When you hear the phrase “cannabis party,” I’m sure many of you instantly conjure up some sort of private, sophisticated get-together, one akin to a “high tea party” of sorts. Which is fine. Those definitely exist in various places, especially in this cannabis-friendly society that we currently live in. 

But, we’re not here to talk about high tea today, instead, I’d like to shed a tiny spotlight on a particular party planner in California, whose main job is to create and execute killer cannabis events that rival other professionally planned parties, in every sense of the word. 

This Woman’s Career Is Based On Throwing Cannabis Parties

Her name is Katie Partlow, and she is truly doing the Lord’s work, as far as cannabis parties are concerned. 

Partlow is the Director of Social Experiments at Little Face events, located in Los Angeles. She was tasked with the duty of creating a series of cannabis-related soirees some time ago, and not only has she excelled in the field, but she’s also become a global icon for her ability to throw one hell of a THC bash.

She doesn’t take her job lightly, either. Partlow is immensely serious and genuinely dedicated to providing the pot-smoking public with a wide array of marijuana-friendly events that do far more than just allow (and welcome) the consumption of cannabis. They are specifically designed to heighten one’s experience with specific visuals, activities, and everything in between.

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Recently, Partlow sat down for an interview, in which she discussed the ins and outs of the cannabis event planning business, and how she got started. She went into great detail about her lifelong affection, admiration, and respect for cannabis. Partlow even worked as a professional cultivator, joint roller, trimmer, and budtender in the past. So, while it goes without saying, she really knows her stuff.

She continued to elaborate on her early days in the Los Angeles cannabis industry, stating, “What I found in the cannabis event scene in LA really disappointed me: Unaffordable events made for out-of-touch wealthy people, or events centered around “Bro Culture” with younger male audiences bent on over-consuming dabs and trading, “Bud Porn.” …Two years ago, I started Little Face as a way to make [my] dream come to life.”

Wow. You really have to applaud her for her bravery. It’s not easy to start any sort of business these days, especially in the ever-crowded, super-popular cannabis industry. But, when you have an inherent passion and drive, like Partlow, the sky is, quite literally, the limit. And she’s been making a name for herself from her very first event, and it seems like that upward trend of pot-related popularity only continues to grow with each and every event she plans.

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Another admirable aspect of Partlow, apart from being an up-and-coming cannabis icon in the marijuana community, is how she doesn’t settle for lackluster events. If something goes well, she does stay content with that level of success, she’s always striving for more. And, as a result, we’ve seen some of the largest cannabis gatherings happen, and it’s all because of her and her hard work. 

For instance, she was responsible for a massive “Cannabis Cabaret” recently, which, coincidentally, is exactly what it sounds like. It took a lot of time and effort to pull this off, but Partlow was more than up for the challenge, as she explained that she was essentially destined to throw such a dank party!

Specifically, on the subject, Partlow commented, “I feel like I have been planning my whole life for Cannabis Cabaret! It has been floating around my mind for years. At first, venues and dispensaries wouldn’t quite understand what I meant by “curated weed event” and they wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me. Can you blame them? It takes some explaining, but once you build trust with venues, they keep calling you back. Now that I have a solid network and team of folks behind me, it usually takes just a few weeks for full planning, marketing, and execution. It takes community support to really make all this happen…and I’m thrilled to be collaborating with the dream team again.”

Trust us, so are we, the cannabis community.

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Without the diligent efforts of Partlow, and her courageous cannabis team, who knows if we’d ever been able to look forward to a calendar full of cannabis events. One thing is for sure, however, all the work Partlow is doing over at Little Face is setting the tone for marijuana-friendly events and get-togethers all over the world, and though others have tried to replicate her success, they have all fallen drastically short of Partlow’s stellar career in the cannabis industry.

Again, it all comes back to her passion. Without that, the chances of her being an amazing marijuana party planner would be slim to none. During this very same interview, Partlow was happy to speak on her personal relationship with cannabis. I mean, why wouldn’t she? She’s essentially the “Queen of Cannabis,” so it only stands to reason that she’s got a healthy amount of love and respect for marijuana, right?

On the topic of her personal cannabis routine, Partlow said, “My relationship to cannabis? We are in a committed relationship. I really enjoy it all. When I want to be social, I usually stick to joints or make infused drinks. If I’m at a movie, I will usually take a small bite of a gummy candy to relax my body. I use topicals for sore muscles. For strains, I usually follow my nose – I tend to like citrus-smelling sativas and sweet, pungent Indica.”

Just like a true stoner. Amazing.

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Partlow chose to close out the interview with a heartfelt sentiment about her company. In which, she said, “Little Face is committed to building an inclusive space within the cannabis community, to education and research making us all better consumers, and to promoting like-minded artists and activists to grow the future we dream of. If you are interested in getting involved, performing, or attending, please connect with me:”

I don’t know about you, but I’m writing down that email address for safekeeping because her events look awesome!

Party on, my fellow enthusiasts!

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