These Are The Best Edibles For A Movie

These Are The Best Edibles For A Movie
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Contributor: William T. Sampson

Finding the best edibles for a movie can be a bit difficult. But, as cumbersome as it may be to locate the ideal edible for a movie, it doesn’t really matter what you pick, as most edible options are guaranteed to satisfy. But, like with every other realm of cannabis, some edibles are better than others.

This Edibles Are The Best Before A Movie

What I mean by that is some edibles can deliver more worthwhile, enjoyable experiences, and others, well, fall flat. This all comes down to taste and effectiveness, which is pretty much the case for any sort of edible comparison, but it goes double for finding the right edibles for a movie. 

You’ll want an edible that is reminiscent of a standard theater snack, only chock full of cannabis. And, speaking of cannabis, you’ll want this edible to deliver a certain series of effects that balance out your relaxation and focus, without being overly sedative. I mean, nobody wants to fall asleep after the first act, am I right? 

So, when you do find a perfect edible that tastes great, reminds you of a movie-going snack from your past, and gets you good and high, without sending you off to sleep, it can be a truly magical thing. But, like we just alluded to, that sort of thing can be a bit of a chore, especially with the mountains upon mountains of edible options that lay before us at every single dispensary across the country.

But, have no fear, fellow cannabis enthusiasts. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to do a bit of the research for you, and below, you will find what we consider to be the best edibles to enjoy during a movie, as they will usually hit on all those aforementioned cylinders (tastes, nostalgia, and effects) on a fairly consistent basis.

Now, in no particular order or ranking whatsoever, here are, what we believe to be, the BEST edibles for a movie.

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Pot Popcorn

This is one of those cinematic snacks that you can either make at home with some standard microwave popcorn and infused butter, or you can just as easily find a bag of these scrumptious treats at your local dispensary. More and more companies these days are coming out with their own line of THC popcorn, and for good reason, this stuff is delicious. 

They are also regularly low in calories and fat, so you can scarf these down, get even higher, and eat something else a little bit later – completely guilt-free! And, I don’t know about you, but anything that allows me to eat as much as possible, without feeling bad about it, is “A-OK” in my book.

THC Gummies

These may quite possibly be my favorite form of edible. There’s something incredibly delicious and satisfying about these little squishy morsels of marijuana that I simply can’t get enough of, and I don’t think I’m the only one singing their multi-colored praises in the cannabis community

These little fellas always look like the “real deal,” so losing yourself in fond movie memories from your childhood is insanely easy, and the flavors of these pudgy little bears are rarely off-putting. Plus, the high that they routinely deliver, typically on a microdose level, is phenomenal, especially for when you want to sit back, and get lost in a feature film.

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Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Bar

Ah, the good old fashioned chocolate bar. Of course, we couldn’t forget about this legend in the edible realm of cannabis. Break off a couple segmented squares of these beloved treats, and you are guaranteed to enjoy a solid, time-released series of effects that heighten your focus and relax your entire body. 

Basically, it gets you more into the movie, and has the uncanny ability of making even the creakiest, lumpiest theater chair seem like a heavenly cloud of majestic pillows. And, honestly, what more could you ask for during a movie-going experience?

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Weed Cola (or any infused beverage)

Perhaps I’m alone in saying this, but I don’t think I can watch a movie without a soda. It’s been that way for my entire life, and I have no intention of stopping that beverage-related habit any time soon. And, lucky for me, dispensaries have been stocking their fridges with all sorts of infused sodas lately, and I have to admit, I have loved every single one. 

Not only do they share the same carbonated deliciousness of their non-medicated inspiration, but they deliver a consistently mellow, manageable series of effects that calm me down and lift me up at the same time. It’s a truly multifaceted marijuana product that I think anyone, regardless of experience level, can enjoy. 

Honestly, the thought of combining all of these movie-friendly edibles together sounds divine, and it may be how I spend my evening tonight!

To be fair, these aren’t the only edibles that seem suited for an ideal moviegoing experience, but they are certainly some of the best, hence the title of this list. However, as beloved as these THC treats are, it should be noted that not everyone feels edibles in the same way, if at all. 

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People’s internal body chemistry and metabolism allow them to feel edibles in a bunch of different ways, with some of the most unfortunate people not being able to really feel them at all. 

That could be due to their body weight, it could be due to their slow-moving metabolism, maybe they have an extremely high tolerance to THC, or it could be all of the above! Who knows? 

Whatever your situation may be, the fact remains that these are absolutely some of the best marijuana munchables that you can partake in during a cinematic experience, and even if your local dispensary doesn’t have any of these on hand, you can use this list as a “jumping off point” for your future edible searches. 

There’ll likely be some trial and error needed in order to find the “right” edible for you, and your specific situation, but once you get your hands on it, you won’t ever let it go. 

I promise.

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