These Are The Best Drinks To Combine With Cannabis Tinctures

These Are The Best Drinks To Combine With Cannabis Tinctures
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Contributor: Carl Fullerton

We live in an amazing time, don’t we?

Sure, the planet may be melting, our government is a laughing stock, and the threat of the entire world crumbling at any moment is a constant fear, but, hey, we have legalized cannabis. And, at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters, right?

Obviously, I’m being abundantly facetious with such a careless stance on the rest of our globe’s problems, but those issues are better suited for another time. For now, let us rejoice in the ever-growing multitude of marijuana mediums that we are allowed to enjoy at our leisure. 

Save Your THC Tincture For These Epic Drinks

In years past, when someone mentioned “cannabis” you’d instantly assume they were talking about the traditional floral medium. However, in today’s day and age of multiple forms of marijuana, they could literally be talking about anything. Edibles, concentrates, vape pens, topicals, patches, pills, you name it, they’ve found a way to infuse cannabis into almost anything.

However, while I like traversing into the various realms of a dispensary’s menu, I rarely find myself partaking in the popular form of cannabis, known as, tinctures. But, when I do, I can’t imagine a life without it. 

For those of you who may be unaware, tinctures are those little bottles of elixir, chock full of THC, CBD, or a mixture of both, that you apply with the help of their eyedropper lid. You can apply the tincture directly to your mouth, under your tongue. That should metabolize fully within a few minutes, allowing you to experience its series of calming, therapeutic effects. 

But, as many cannabis enthusiasts will attest, the taste of these tinctures are insanely organic and “bud-like” in nature. And, while some don’t mind it terribly, the majority of folks are a bit put-off by this bitter flavor profile.

But, have no fear, there’s a solution. 

Well, actually there’s nothing but solutions, as you can easily add drops of this potent tincture creation to any beverage that you please. Sure, it may still affect the flavor, but in most cases, it becomes undetectable. That is, until their series of effects eventually kick in.

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Now, even though you can toss a few drops into whatever liquid libation you desire, some are, obviously, more enjoyable than others. Below, you will find a collection of beverages that we believe pair best with cannabis tinctures, in both flavor, and overall experience.

They aren’t in any special order or ranking, so if one of these sounds tasty to you, feel free to go for it, as each option will deliver a similar series of satisfying effects.


Most people rely on cannabis as a form of relaxation. Also, whenever their tummy is having a bit of trouble, the quaint, calming nature of marijuana helps the consumer feel better in a matter of minutes. The same could be said about tea. So, combining the two makes nothing but sense.

Plus, when you think about it from an ingredient standpoint, they share similar organic components. Their flavors balance each other out almost perfectly, and I can’t think of a more peaceful way to spend an afternoon than sipping some tincture tea, and getting into a good book.

Hot Chocolate

Sometimes, especially on a cold day, we want something to warm us up, but we’re also looking for something to scratch our “nostalgia itch” at the same time. Which is why Hot Chocolate is always a popular beverage option. Taking that familiar flavor spectrum, and tossing in the potent powers of a quality tincture seems like a match made in heaven. Allow your inner child to meet your outer stoner, and bond over a nice, hot cup of tincture-infused Hot Chocolate.


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If you’re anything like me, “wake and bake” sessions are a daily occurrence. But, sometimes, I yearn for something besides a standard smoke session. Which is where this tincture-infused coffee comes in handy. Not only will this java energize me for the day, but it’ll mellow my mind, allowing me to properly formulate my plan of attack for the day. 

I really can’t express how beneficial these pre-work sessions can be for one’s mood and productivity. They’re amazing, and I firmly believe everyone should give it a shot – at least once. Especially, if you’ve got some coffee and tincture on hand.


Who needs booze when you have tincture? 

That’s my thought exactly, as I fashion myself a booze-less mocktail concoction, that I then accent with a few drops of tincture. It’ll deliver the same tasty experience as a typical bar-beverage, without any of the hurtful hangover. 

You can really get creative with these recipes, too. So, do a bit of research on the matter, see what’s out there, and I’m sure, in no time, you’ll be whipping up one-of-a-kindt tincture-inspired mocktails for you and your friends.


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Nothing says “healthy” like a smoothie, right? It’s all about living a clean and green lifestyle these days. And, seeing as how that’s the case, why not add a little “green” into this beloved blended mixture of yours? 

These nutritious beverages fuel you for the day, and the tincture helps your aching body recover from whatever soreness it may be dealing with. If anything, tinctures heighten the effectiveness of the common smoothie by an exponential degree. And the quicker your body can feel better, and ready to tackle the day, the better off (and happier) you’ll be.


You may think this sort of dairy-inspired treat is an impossibility, as far as tinctures are concerned, but all you have to do is add some drops into the blender before finalizing the process, and before you know it, you’ll be sipping on a potent milkshake. This thing will not only satisfy your taste buds, it’ll deliver a series of tranquil, serene effects that only enhance the entire experience.

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Flavored Water

Remember how society all got tired of regular water at the same time? It was around the same month when companies, like LaCroix, started to show up in everybody’s fridge. The amount of flavored water companies that have come out since then have continued to increase over the course of the years, but as a result, we’re starting to get tired of flavored water altogether – just like we did with the traditional version. 

That’s why I think it’s smart to “spice things up” with some tincture. That way, you can stay refreshed and get high, at the exact same time. Talk about a “win, win.”

Like we alluded to above, these are only a tiny percentage of the tasty concoctions you can enhance with the addition of cannabis tincture. So, feel free to experiment with any drink you please. Who knows, you may even stumble across the “next big thing.”

Bottoms up, my fellow enthusiasts.

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