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Pottery: Grown Genetics Crown OG Palm Leaf Preroll

Strain: OG Palm Leaf Preroll

Producer: Grown Genetics Crown

Contributor: Vivien James



The pre-roll is gorgeously rolled 100%
Dankness and earthiness 100%
Taste like Tobacco 100%
Blitzed out of our minds 100%

Strain Review
Grown Genetics Crown OG Palm Leaf Preroll

Appearance 5/5
This palm leaf pre-roll comes in an aluminum ziploc bag type situation that’s not the most effective, or the best, especially for a pre-roll of this size. It could probably use a glass container. The packaging is very eye-catching and has a nice design, so aesthetically, it’s still somewhat pleasing. Maybe just not the most functional. The pre-roll is gorgeously rolled, the palm leaf is perfectly wrapped up.

Aroma 5/5
Not much of an aroma from the bud, the palm leaf aroma is kind of overwhelming. The weed itself has just a bit of dankness and earthiness that you would expect from OG.

Taste 5/5
This is a nice, smooth smoke, but once again, the flavor and the aroma of the palm leaf is just far overwhelming. It kind of tastes a bit like you’re smoking on tobacco, but it is not as strong.

Effect 5/5
As a special occasion joint I absolutely love this palm leaf pre-roll. I have never been a fan of blunts, but I am a fan of blunt alternatives made from hemp or palm leaf. This weed is top quality. I had the honor of smoking it with a great friend of mine, and we were both pretty blitzed out of our minds. We were super high, but functional, and I was feeling creative and motivated to get this video done. It didn’t make me crash, or make my head hurt, or make me feel foggy, or make me feel nauseous. It is a very strong pre-roll, so I only smoked about half of it, and then smoked the rest with my friend. This had my eyes red and lowered, and it had my response time a little bit slower, as well.

Recommended for heavy stoners and OG smokers. This is a great special occasion roll that is fairly priced for what it is.
I enjoyed this smoke, and would definitely purchase it as a gift for a friend, or for myself, for a special occasion.

5042 Venice Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Phone number: (323) 452-9833
Hours: Everyday 9am- 10pm, Sundays 9am- 7pm  

My second visit to the pottery on Venice Boulevard comes only a day after my first visit. I guess this place made a really good impression on me. On my first visit, I had already lined up all the products I wanted to try next, so I was eagerly awaiting my return. As soon as I found some time in my schedule, I headed back over and parked right in front of the shop this time in their loading zone. Since just the other day, they put up a new sign warning customers that they will be charging $3 for debit card purchases.

I came in during a very busy time, there were a few customers in front of me, and a few customers behind me. There were only two budtenders, and it seemed like most of the customers had a lot of questions because it was taking quite some time. I didn’t keep track of the exact time because I was in a hurry, but it was definitely taking a while, up to 15 minutes of wait time.

Finally, it was my turn and I was helped by a young man who seemed a little bit distracted. He was a bit slow and unresponsive, albeit well-intentioned. He was more concerned with networking with me, and figuring out what I could do for him outside of this shop, than what I needed from him inside this shop. Lucky for him, and I guess, myself, as well, I didn’t have any questions because I knew exactly what I had come in for.

Last time, I had seen some palm leaf pre-roll that I passed on, but today, I wanted to get it because I was shooting a video for my friend. I needed it for the special occasion. I kept pointing to the exact product I wanted because every time I told him what I wanted he didn’t know what I was talking about. Despite having pointed to it multiple times, he kept trying to give me the wrong product. I had interrupted him multiple times to let him know that wasn’t the product I was talking about. He was just distracted on another level by my outfit, and everything around him.

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