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The Pottery: Alien Labs Galactic Gas Pre-Roll

Strain: Galactic Gas Pre-Roll

Producer: Alien Labs

Contributor: Vivien James



Very solid. It’s rolled nice and neatly 80%
Earthy and forestry 100%
Earthy and piney 100%
Calm, happy, euphoric, in a good mood, nice, and relaxed 100%

Strain Review
The Pottery: Alien Labs Galactic Gas Pre-Roll

Appearance 4/5
The pre-roll comes in your typical pop-top plastic container. I’m not a huge fan of these containers, but it is what it is. The label itself is pretty cute, spacey, and colorful. It could contain more information about the product, and have a little more clarity with the font. The pre-roll is very solid. It’s rolled nice and neatly.

Aroma 5/5
Amazing scent, very earthy and forestry. The aroma burst open from the packaging.

Taste 5/5
Flavor comes in very high-quality; earthy and piney to match the aroma. There is some sweetness to the taste, as well.

Effect 5/5
I did enjoy this pre-roll very much, but unfortunately, I smoked through it way too quickly! The effects of this joint had me feeling good - exactly the way I like to feel: calm, happy, euphoric, in a good mood, nice, and relaxed - but still awake and ready to go about my day. But this joint was just not strong enough for my tolerance. I found myself reaching repeatedly to smoke it again and again. I felt like the effects were fading a bit too quickly, or they just weren’t there to the capacity I would have liked them to be. For a full gram joint to disappear in just half of a day is pretty wild for me. Normally, I am able to split a 1g joint into a two-day series of sessions.


Recommended for smokers with a much lower tolerance than mine. I am a heavy smoker, and I continuously smoke from morning to night. So, perhaps this is more for a moderate social smoker, that maybe smokes a couple times a week, and is just looking to unwind on the weekend, or after work. The effects are wonderful, though, and if money wasn’t a thing, then I wouldn’t mind buying a $15 1 gram pre-roll, and ripping through it as quickly as possible. But your girl is just not there yet!

I enjoyed this recommendation, and it was a good smoke, but I feel like for the price, it is not my first choice at all.

5042 Venice Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Phone number: (323) 452-9833
Hours: Everyday 9am- 10pm, Sundays 9am- 7pm  

I had come across The Pottery while I was browsing online. From what I could tell, it looked like a very trendy shop with lots of brands I haven’t come across before in all the West Hollywood places that I usually frequent. Just a little bit out-of-the-way, but I decided to make the journey to Venice Boulevard anyway. When I arrived, I found that there was ample street parking all around the dispensary. There are some loading zone spots right in front of the shop, as well. If you’re with a friend, they can wait for you in the car, or you can park your car just a little further ahead, or behind at the meter.

At first, I checked in at the security desk. As a first timer, there is some sort of special offer, but they did not let me know what it specifically was until I was about to check-out. The shop is huge, and there is not only weed and CBD, but all kinds of marijuana related products. There are also things for the home, accessories, and clothing. It’s all really beautifully curated, high quality stuff. I instantly wanted so many things, I was a little annoyed that I had to walk in there, and resist all of that temptation.

The young woman who helped me was very friendly and informative. She talked me through all their pre-roll options (of which there were very many, so many), and most of them I had not seen before. It was really hard for me to make a decision because I have no prior information about any of the products, or any idea of what I really truly wanted. So, in the end, I went with the pre-roll of her suggestion, which was not even put out in their display case (I’m not sure why). She said this is her go to pre-roll, and the one that she’s been smoking, herself. It was called Galactic Gas by Alien Labs, so I was instantly sold on that one. Hopefully, the experience smoking it would be as out of the world as the name.

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