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The Green Easy: Lowell’s Sherbert Hybrid Pre-roll

Strain: Sherbert Hybrid Pre-roll

Producer: Lowell’s

Contributor: Vivien James



Always beautifully packed and flawless. 100%
It was blueberry fruity. 100%
Fruity and delicious 100%
Relaxing and mood enhancing 100%

Lowell’s Sherbert Hybrid Pre-roll

Appearance 5/5
Classic and beautiful Lowell’s packaging, the pre-rolls are always beautifully packed and flawless.

Aroma 5/5
I popped open the top of the Lowell’s pre-roll, and the aroma was fruity. It was blueberry, with a hint of vanilla sweetness. It wasn’t the strongest, but I didn’t have to stick my nose in it either to get a whiff.

Taste 5/5
The flavor matched the aroma exactly. Fruity and delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed smoking on this joint. The flowers’ flavor was out of this world.

Effect 5/5
I enjoyed this joint so much. I am such a fan of this brand that I don’t think I can not enjoy something I buy from them. I promise that I am not even being biased with my reviews. The high is amazing and clear. It is an active high, good for relaxing and mood enhancing. I smoked before my last shift at work, and was still able to take a boxing class and push through my entire shift with ease. Normally, when I smoke, it is almost impossible to do physical activity and get through it. But this was a miracle weed, and I was feeling great. It had me very social and uplifted, especially once I had the endorphins from the work out pumping through my body, too. Certain strains actually make my muscles tense up way more after a workout, but this one actually made me feel relaxed. There was no crash, headache, or any other negative side effects after smoking. Interestingly enough, it didn’t even kick my appetite into overdrive, or cause any unwanted munchies.

I highly recommend this for anyone who likes to smoke throughout the day. I personally am a highly functional stoner that has a lot to get done. I can’t afford to miss a workout, I can’t afford to miss work, every minute is a gift. So naturally, I don’t want to spend it napping off joints that I smoke. This is a fantastic, active social high that will ease anxiety and melt away stress

Overall, I loved this strain, and would love to enjoy it again. The flavor was delicious and the flower is top quality every time. There has never been a time where I felt like this company has not delivered the best.

8311 Beverly Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone number: (323) 424-3035
Hours: Everyday 8am - 9:50 pm

It was one of those days where I was feeling lazy about wanting to get high. I wasn’t quite lazy enough to justify a delivery, so I decided to take a walk down to my favorite and closest dispensary, The Green Easy.

Always friendly, always helpful, and always reliable. This is one of the few dispensaries where I can go online before visiting, and the items that I find on their online menu are actually available in store. For Most dispensaries I find that is not the case.

The staff is always friendly, and this time was no exception. The security always asks me how my day is, and somehow, I end up receiving a compliment on my outfit nearly every time I come here. Today, I was being helped by a budtender I haven’t previously met. Thankfully, she was just as helpful and sweet as all the other budtenders that I have met here.

Since I came in knowing mostly what I wanted, I didn’t really need that much help or guidance. There also wasn’t any new product for me to go over with the budtender, so I just flat out asked to see what they had available in Lowell’s pre-rolls.

Everything here is always fully stocked, I absolutely love that the shelves are full of options. There were 3 to 4 different kinds of Lowell’s, and I decided to go with the Sherbet, which is a hybrid. The budtender said that she hadn’t previously tried it herself, but that it was a favorite, and she also recommended it based on the description of what I was looking for.

This time for my visit, I also came prepared with cash in hand, so I wouldn’t have to pay a fee to use their debit system, or a fee to use their ATM. There is almost never anyone else in the shop with me, making the check out process quick and painless.

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