The Coolest Weed-Friendly Hotels From Around The World

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Contributor: Timothy D. Pineda

We’ve all been in that one situation during a vacation, where we want to smoke, but know that it’s “frowned upon” by the establishment that we’re currently staying in. Not only that, but if you do risk it, and fire up in your room, the chances of you being hit with a smoker’s fee come checkout time is super high. 

These Top-Notch Hotels Are Weed-Friendly

So, for better or worse, we often relegate all of our cannabis use for anywhere outside of the friendly, but stingy confines of our hotel rooms.

If only some places let their guests fire up, guilt-free, why, that’d be a dream.

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Well, wake up, people! Because that dreamlike scenario is very much a reality. And it’s not just one place that offers up such an opportunity, there are hotels all across the globe that not only allow their patrons to puff as much they please, they offer up cannabis-related welcome packages, too, to ensure that they have the stoniest trip possible. 

And, I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the coolest thing on Earth!
For instance, there are places in the decadent destination of Ibiza, Spain that go for almost $900 a night, that will provide you with a 4 bedroom, super high-tech living quarters. Wherein, there are a couple hot tubs to partake in, while you utilize their fully stocked cannabis bar, equipped with vaporizer. I mean, that sounds insane!

But, seeing as how the majority of us will never be able to afford such a nightly rate in an extravagantly expensive destination, such as Ibiza, let’s take a look at some other, more reasonable places around the world that not only welcome smoking within their rooms – they damn near encourage it!

Places like…

Luxury Cannabis Lofts (Denver, CO) – $349 a night

Whoa. Well, when these folks say “luxury” they mean it. Because, honestly, these places look like something out of a magazine. Their modern, but comfortable aesthetic sets the perfect tone for the toking festivities that are soon to begin. 

This place, a mere baseball’s throw away from the majestic Coors Field, allows you to puff on flower while indoors, but why not head on up to their picturesque roof deck to have a truly scenic session? Seems perfect to me. 

The price may be a bit steep for some, but when you’re in a marijuana mecca, like Denver, you need to go big or, quite literally, go home.

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Jupiter Hotel (Portland, OR) – $152 a night

Back on the West Coast, the quaint and charming town of Portland is proud to present Jupiter Hotel to any of its marijuana-loving tourists. This place is exquisitely designed. It is the epitome of sleek and sophisticated. You can’t help but feel like a “boss” while smoking bud in this 5-star hotel. 

If you’re thinking about staying here, you should be sure to inquire about their cannabis-friendly package. That comes with a vape kit, some paraphernalia from Dope Magazine, a full-blown series of snacks for when those “munchies” hit, along with some coupons for nearby dispensaries, so you can replenish whatever bud you just finished off in the room. 

Talk about full-service!

The Bulldog Hotel (Amsterdam, Netherlands) – $176 a night

Ah, Amsterdam. 

In the marijuana prohibition days, this was the end-all, be-all destination for every cannabis enthusiast. It’s almost like an obligation to visit this little town at least once in your stoner life. And, when you do, why not stay at The Bulldog Hotel? This establishment is nothing short of amazing. 

Now, while it seems strange, this landmark of ganja doesn’t allow anyone to partake in cannabis whilst in a hotel. But, taking that into consideration, this Amsterdam location found a loophole. Simply mosey on up to their roof, where you can partake in as much bud as you please, while visiting their roof lounge and bar. Then, when you’re done, you can comfortably head back down to your room to mellow out. 

It really is a win, win.

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Casa Stefano (Oceania del Polonio, Uruguay) – $300 a night

Now, this place is built for the bud-loving cowboy, that’s for sure. 

The wooden lodge motif of this place is striking, and it’s easy to chill out in an atmosphere that repels all sorts of stress and distractions. In short, it’s the ideal place to have a smoke session, in my personal opinion.

A specific company in Uruguay, known as Bud and Breakfast, has over 20 places to choose from in this beautiful country. Each location allows the use of cannabis within their space. And, honestly, it doesn’t matter which place you pick – they’re all phenomenal, and you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

The Winston House (Seattle, WA) – $89 a night

Heading back to the states, we encounter the iconic establishment in Seattle known only as, The Winston House. 

And, for a price point that finds itself under the $100-mark, it’s a steal-of-a-deal for any traveling stoner, with aspirations of visiting Seattle anytime in the near future. It’s an Airbnb, folks, so that’s where you’re going to want to do all of your booking, should you be interested in staying at this lovely location. 

Not only do they provide a litany of smoking devices on the premises for their guests to use, but they also offer up mellow activities like yoga mats, all sorts of art supplies to get creative with, and much, much more.

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Little Bay Cabins (Negril, Jamaica) – $50 a night

Now, to be completely honest, this collection of cannabis-friendly hotels are in absolutely no particular order, or ranking, but if I got to choose to go anywhere for a little “weed getaway,” I’m probably going to spend my money here, at Little Bay Cabins in Jamaica. 

To be fair, these aren’t the most lavish facilities, nor do they offer a slurry of amenities, but they do offer up a cannabis-friendly environment right on the beach. Oh, and did I mention that Bob Marley, the marijuana icon, himself, used to have a spot on this very same beach?! If that doesn’t seal the deal for you, I’m not sure what will. 

Just as a friendly reminder, this is only a smattering of the smoke-friendly spots out there, all over the world, that are welcoming their weed-toking tourists with open arms. And, with more and more states allowing the legal use of recreational cannabis within their borders, it only stands to reason that this number of cannabis-friendly hotels will continue to increase. 

Who knows, maybe in a few short years, we’ll see this become a standard at every hotel.

Look, I know that’s probably not going to happen, but hey, I can dream, can’t I?!

Until then, I’ll just have to do a bit of research into cannabis-friendly establishments available in my vacation destination. Then, it’ll be nothing but smooth sailing.

Happy travels, my fellow enthusiasts!

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