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THC Infused Chocolate Bar

Strain: THC Infused Chocolate Bar - (1000mg)

Producer: WOW Edibles

Contributor: Michael Avalos



Big slab of chocolate with the words “G-Bar” printed on the front. 60%
Hint of concentrated THC scent 60%
Pretty basic milk chocolate 60%
Honestly, we didn’t really feel anything 20%

THC Infused Chocolate Bar (1000mg) - $30 for 1 bar

We’ve spoken at length about our sweet tooth-- and our relationship to edibles-- before: they don’t always mix well together. One time, we ate a pot brownie simply because we were craving chocolate. With that kind of track record, this 1000mg edible could be really dangerous. Moderation was key, but we also didn’t want to play things too gingerly. Nobody buys a 1000mg edible without expecting to get their mind blown.

Appearance 3/5
We understood the branding once we unwrapped this bar because it legit made us go, “Wow!” Considering how strong this chocolate bar was, we were gobsmacked to find that it wasn’t divided into doses at all. This is just a big slab of chocolate with the words “G-Bar” printed on the front. It looked appetizing, but we prefer any chocolate bar that has bits we can pull apart, rather than resorting to clumsily trying to break off a chunk.

Aroma 3/5
Just like a Hershey’s bar, it has that soft, milky, creamy chocolate flavor that also smells vaguely of plastic. It’s both dusty and artificial at the same time. And there was a detectable hint of that concentrated THC scent that we could smell from this bar too.

Taste 3/5
This WOW Bar did not have a great flavor to it. The base is a pretty basic milk chocolate, like Hershey’s or comparable quality. A very strong THC taste came with it, overpowering the chocolate and leaving a lingering, unpleasant aftertaste in our mouths.

Effect 1/5
We have to admit that our minds did not get blown. We started out small, and we waited, and nothing ever happened. We ate a little before we went out for a walk, and while there might have been a slightly stoned feeling as we beat our feet around the neighborhood, it wasn’t anything really strong or showy.

So we tried some more, this time trying to bite off more than we could chew, literally, right before a meal, possibly hoping that it would help speed the digestive process along, and honestly, we didn’t really feel anything.

This 1000mg edible is all bark and no bite.  We tried snacking on it and felt nothing,  .  That’s a 500mg dose, supposedly, which means that this WOW bar is full of  , or  , or maybe both?  All that we know is that this was a bust for us, and we cannot recommend going for this novelty, too-good-to-be-true item.

PMG has a lot of great products, and    It comes from a recognizable brand, and promises to be a quality product,   did not deliver.  Maybe it had lost its potency, or it was a bad batch.  Whatever the case, we’re sticking with flower for the time being.

1191 E. Walnut St.
Pasadena, CA 91106
Phone number:(818) 406-9086
Hours: 9:30am - 12am  

Once we saw this chocolate bar, we snatched it up as fast as possible.  Why?  Because technically it’s illegal.

While summer of 2017 feels like an eternity ago, Southern Californians are still feeling the sting, because that’s when the state passed bill SB 94, creating the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, or “MAUCRSA.”  This bill reorganized the structure of the cannabis community in California, creating a Bureau of Cannabis Control to oversee regulation, and decreed that no THC edible would be sold in California with a dose/serving size cap of 10mg.

This poses a bit of a problem for this WOW edible, because this chocolate bar is 1000mg strong.  And it’s definitely not divided into 100 pieces.

Despite what the Bureau Boys would have you consume, you might be asking yourself if 1000mg of THC is simply too much-  especially for one edible, but also especially for a single person in a single sitting.  Why, that would just be madness, plus a waste of chocolate.

We can’t argue with any of this. And, as a person with a history of falling asleep on edibles, it seems like a fool’s errand to tackle this WOW Bar with all of its super-infused glory.

That’s what we would have told ourselves, or anyone else, in abstract conversation about the subject.  But when we dropped into PMG the other day and saw that they were selling a 1000mg WOW Bar, we knew we had to have it.

Why exactly?

Well, it’s sort of a unicorn.  We normally shop in Los Angeles, and initially thought, because the shop was in the city of Pasadena, they might be under different regulations.  But no, it’s a statewide thing.  Maybe they didn’t get the memo.  Either way, it’s the prohibition persuasion -- forbid us from something, and our curiosity only grows.  We crave it more because we cannot have it.

Besides, it’s like eating a four-pound burger, or taking a swim with the Polar Bear Club -- we’re doing this just to say that we’ve done it.  Bragging rights are the ultimate status symbol… or at least they were in high school.

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