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THC Design Rainbow Punch

Strain: THC Design Rainbow Punch

Producer: Medmen West Hollywood

Contributor: Vivien Huba



Gorgeous dark green hues 100%
Fruity aroma of berries and grapes 100%
Taste is sweet 100%
Quite the talkative mood 100%

Appearance 5/5
Two beautiful good-sized nuggets come together to form 1g of Rainbow Punch. The flower is gorgeous dark green hues with lots of purple running throughout. It is a dense flower adorned with crystals.

Aroma 5/5
The flower has a fruity aroma of berries and grapes. It punched me in the face when I popped the top open on the packaging. It fills the nostrils with a nice strong aroma.

Taste 5/5
The taste is sweet and reminiscent of the baked goods; perhaps a blueberry muffin?

Effect 5/5
The effects of this flower were great. It’s a very social flower, putting me in quite the talkative mood, and making it hard for me to shut my trap. It’s just got me on this creative wave of wanting to express myself and exchange ideas.

I smoked it in the evening, and at first, I was quite energetic, but it started to get late, and I could feel the weed calling me to bed. I started to prep myself for bed-time. At least I wasn’t going to pass out like I did the other night from that Orange Creamsicle joint I had. I was able to follow through with all my make-up removal and tidying up before I laid down to sleep. The next day, I finished smoking a joint, and it put me right back into a talkative and productive mood. I woke up, smoked, and left the house immediately to start my day.

I recommend this for productivity, socializing, creativity, and good energy. Good for chilling with your friends on the beach, or going on some errands by yourself.

I absolutely loved Rainbow Punch. It was a good time, a good smoke, and a great name, in my opinion! I would definitely smoke this again. This is one to share with friends.

Address: 8208 Santa Monica Blvd
Phone number: (323) 848-7981
Hours: Everyday 8am-10pm 

I returned to MedMen West Hollywood for another adventure. I previously had an experience where I thought I lost my debit card just to find that it was in my bra the whole time. This time, I had actually lost my debit card, and could not pay for my purchase! What a fun time, running in and out of the store like a chicken with its head cut off, but I digress.

As usual, everything else was excellent at MedMen. As soon as I entered, I was greeted by each employee with a smile on their face. I always receive genuine compliments from the budtenders on my outfits when I come here, and I love that, as well. As soon as I reached the table where all the flower is kept, I was asked if I needed help finding anything. I said, “Yes I am looking for either a pre-roll or a gram,” and the associate walked me right over to what he says are, in his opinion, the best 1g options.

They were both from THC design. One of them was a Hybrid (mis-labeled as a sativa) and the other one was also mislabeled as Sativa, but was a 50/50 hybrid. I had spent all this time with the associate picking out the flower just to find that I had no way to pay for it, so unfortunately, I had to leave.

I had to get some cash, and by the time I had driven back, the person that had originally helped me wasn’t there anymore. I couldn’t remember the name of the flower strain we picked out together, so I walked over to the counter to try and get some help. It seems like they might’ve already put my order back, and thought I wasn’t coming back in, so they had to grab it again.

They grabbed me Rainbow Punch (which was labeled as Indica). I don’t think that was what I originally picked out, but I didn’t mind because this sounded good too, and was also by THC Design. On the way out a few associates commented that “I’m back already” jokingly, which I also found funny, but I also liked that they remembered me having come in a bit earlier! Attentive and observant employees are the best.

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