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THC Design Platinum Scout (Hybrid)

Strain: Platinum Scout (Hybrid)

Producer: THC Design

Contributor: Vivien Huba



Tiny and adorable crumbled up 100%
Grape and blueberries 100%
Grape and blueberries with earthiness 100%
Energetic high to overwhelming feelings 60%

Strain Review
THC Design Platinum Scout (Hybrid)

Appearance 5/5
The flower is tiny and adorable crumbled up into several little buds to form one gram. It’s multicolored with hues of dark green, orange, and purple running throughout. It has crystallized hairs all over.

Aroma 5/5
The aroma reminds me of a fruit. I can’t quite decide, but it’s somewhere between grape and blueberries.

Taste 5/5
The taste is similar to the aroma somewhere between grape and blueberries, but there is an underlying earthiness to the flavor, as well.

Effect 3/5
The effects of this joint come in two waves. At first, it is an energetic high, probably the sativa part of the hybrid fusion. I felt good, functional, and productive even. The effects are immediate, but there is a second part to it. I was going about my day, and I felt the second wave of the high about 30 minutes later hit me like a train. This part of the high caused a bit of dizziness, nausea, and overwhelming feelings. It wasn’t too crazy to where I couldn’t function, but I was definitely feeling it. This was a much stronger flower than I expected. I did end up finishing the whole joint, but every time that I smoked it, the same thing would happen. I would feel good first, and then 30 minutes later, I would get this weird feeling that it was too much.

I recommend this for a heavy smoker, who can handle a second wave that’s more like a tsunami or after-shock.

Although initially I enjoyed the effects, I concluded that this is not exactly the strain for me. I like to feel clear headed as much as possible, while still high.

5818 W Pico Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Phone number: (323) 852-3420
Mon - Sat 10am-9pm,
Sundays 10am-6pm

I headed back for my second visit at The Relief Collective. I accidentally drove by it this time because the outside of the building has changed a little bit. It seems like they have gotten a facelift; a new paint job. I do like the new paint, it added some color and some life to the otherwise kind of drab building. I found parking across the street at a meter and Jay-walked to the entrance.

The entrance is on Orange Grove, and it’s a little hard to spot because there is no sign or a building number. The gray gate has a removed buzzer, so I couldn’t even buzz in, I had to just kind of have to wait there until someone buzzed me in. There’s no real way of seeing if anyone is inside to begin with, so I had to trust the process.

Once I stepped in, the inside is still empty and large as ever not much has changed. The check-in security guy was dressed like a cop, and that kind of freaked me out for a second. But he was friendly! So it’s OK. I waited for about a minute before I was helped, I was the next customer in line.

Their pre-roll options are pretty slim, so I decided to ask for some flower by the gram. They have a few 1g options, which is more than most dispensaries. I spotted XJ-13 by THC design, which is a strain I used to smoke years ago when I was still only smoking Sativa. Something changed in me, though, and now, I cannot smoke sativa without getting crazy anxiety.

For some nostalgic reason I still wanted to give this a go, but after discussing with the budtender, we both decided it’s probably best to go with the hybrid. I picked up Platinum Scout by THC Design (which was actually missed labeled by the dispensary as an indica when it is a hybrid).

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