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Super Jack (Sativa)

Strain: Super Jack

Producer: TreeTop LA

Contributor: Michael Avalos



The pods were quite lovely, with a healthy green shade along the surface 100%
smells very sweet, in a fruity way 100%
Very strong, almost perfumey flavor to the smoke 100%
this strain is a sleeper 80%

Super Jack (Sativa)
This Sativa strain is the offspring of the infamous bud known as, Jack Herer. Which, to be honest, was enough to get us interested in this flower.We love Jack Herer, and every Jack descendant that we’ve smoked has always impressed us by hanging onto that Jack flavor and vibe.

Appearance: 5/5
This is a great looking plant. The pods were quite lovely, with a healthy green shade along the surface, as well as some orange tendrils popping up from between the leaves. Not only that, but the leaves themselves were covered with a fine white crystal dust that made it sparkle like a treasure hunter’s life pursuit.

Aroma: 5/5
Smelling this flower was quite a tasty treat. The plant smells very sweet, in a fruity way. And there’s a wonderful sweetness that’s soft and rich. It was almost buttery, like a classic baked good. It offers up a warm and delicious odor that ignites the senses.

Taste: 5/5
This strain is bursting with flavor. Upon inhale, you’ll notice a very strong, almost perfumey flavor to the smoke. When you exhale, you’re left with a very exotic aftertaste. It’s sweet and lemony, with a little bit of sourness at the end.

Effect: 4/5
Be warned: this strain is a sleeper. If you’re not feeling the effects immediately, relax. Do not reach for your bowl. You will feel it… just give it a minute.

We had a great time on this Sativa. It was very calming, and left us feeling very sedated after we smoked. We were able to turn off our brains and just chill, which can be difficult at times. True to its Sativa nature, it also gave us some nice calm, soothing body feels that made it a little difficult to justify moving at all, but we felt great once we did.

We dug this Super Jack, and we think you would, too. This is a true-blue Sativa. It’s strong, but not super-strong. So, we suggest you analyze this flower in that context. It’s going to give you a very chill, relaxed feeling that would be great for any anxiety-inducing situations. We also got a light case of the munchies after this smoke, so anyone with hunger issues may also benefit from a Sativa like this. In short, it makes you hungry without overdoing it.

TreeTop LA is one of our new favorite dispensaries in the city. It’s a great spot in a neighborhood that we’d love to explore, so we absolutely love the excuse to get our butts over there. Not only that, but their flower selection is simply fantastic, judging not only on what we’ve seen, but what we’ve smoked. Fantastic.

Super Jack (Sativa) - $15/g, $40/8th

138 N San Fernando Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90031
Phone number: 323-940-4525
Hours: Mon-Sat: 8am - 10pm, Sun: 10am - 8pm

The area known as East Los Angeles is both mysterious and vibrant, even to those Angelenos who have lived there for over a decade (like we have). It’s a mix of neighborhoods that serve lots of industry, but also lots of families, and small businesses. It’s mostly pre-gentrified, but there are a few young pioneers already finding their place. We love spending time in this neighborhood (especially for its large and funky thrift stores). Recently, we discovered a marijuana dispensary that only adds value to this side of town -- the delightfully named, TreeTop LA.

This shop occupies a spot on San Fernando Road, a long stretch of road that’s home mostly to warehouses. Parking on the street is not impossible, but traffic is usually heavy most times of the day, so keep that in mind when heading over. But don’t let that discourage you, this shop is totally worth the effort.

As we entered, we were amazed by how large the space was. We waited to be checked-in, grabbed a cup of cool water and sat back. We were already feeling calm and at ease. The vibe here is very chill. Outside, there’s traffic screaming past the shop, but once you pass through TreeTop’s heavy metal doors, it’s like an oasis of peace.

By the time we entered the showroom, we were completely relaxed. That was a good thing, because it helped us focus on the task at hand. First of all, they’ve got a ton of flower. Each strain is displayed in a large jar full of nugs, specially marked with its own label. This little touch makes a big difference. Each flower felt like it had a totally unique personality. We didn’t just want to buy one, we wanted to take them all home!

Flower was our main priority on that trip, so we didn’t scan too closely over the rest of the inventory. But what we did see, we dug. They had a nice selection of pre-rolled joints, a bunch of tasty looking edibles, some waxes and concentrate, a healthy stock of vapes and cartridges, and even a cooler that had some THC-infused drinks. It was such a hot day that we were considering it, just because they looked so refreshing.

Our budtender was super cool and friendly, too.

They spoke very softly, and we had to lean slightly closer to hear them, which created an intimate, just-the-two-of-us-here feeling that made the shopping experience feel very personal. We told them that we were here to look at some plants, and they immediately started throwing recommendations our way. They allowed us to see a bunch of the jars, and we chose a couple that looked (and smelled) like something we couldn’t pass up.

But the surprises didn’t stop there. We had paid our visit at the tail end of their Happy Hour and got all the city tax waived from our purchase. Which is just another little touch that made us feel like we had found a great “diamond in the rough.”

Actually, the real diamond was the one that we took home with us. It was green and went by the name, Super Jack.

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