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Strawberry Moonrocks

Strain: Strawberry Moonrocks - Indica

Producer: Downtown Fantastic 20 Cap

Contributor: Michael Avalos



The strain looks good, but like we said, it looks like any other strain of Moonrocks 80%
The flower gives off a strong scent of strawberries 80%
Smoke is darker and heavier than normal 60%
These Moonrocks had us blasting off almost immediately 100%

Strawberry Moonrocks - Indica

For the uninitiated, Moonrocks (in the marijuana context) are pods of flower that have been dipped in hash oil and coated with kief. This process creates a highly potent super-plant that is best used as a garnish on an existing bowl of bud, perhaps packed with some lackluster flower. In this case, these weren’t just ordinary Moonrocks. They were of the Strawberry varietal.

Appearance 4/5
Due to its being coated with hash oil and with kief, this flower doesn’t have much of a unique look to it. However, let it be known that not all Moonrocks are created equal (but they sure look like it).

The pods have been covered with kief. It’s a thick, heavy coat; like snow after a blizzard. Pulling the leaves apart takes some finesse -- the oil has made the plant wet and compact, and the kief “snows” as you break apart the plant. The strain looks good, but like we said, it looks like any other strain of Moonrocks, to be honest.

Aroma 4/5

True to its name, the flower gives off a strong scent of strawberries. Mixed in with the kief and oil, this thing smells like a strawberry blunt in a bottle. It’s got a heavy odor that’s very pungent. Don’t open this in mixed company if you’re not looking to attract attention.

Taste 3/5
When you light up this bowl, you will definitely taste it. Not only do the strawberries coat your taste buds, but the smoke is darker and heavier than normal - due to the “special treatment” this plant has received. We added it to a bowl of some nondescript plant, and the flavor totally overpowered the other greens in the garden. While the flavor isn’t bad, it’s not much more than a generic strawberry profile. Plus, the extra heaviness of the smoke made our mouths taste dirty by the end of it. Not awful, just not preferred.

Effect 5/5
These Moonrocks had us blasting off almost immediately. Our face flushed red, and our eyes were dazzled by the kief sparkle. The sensation is akin to nearly passing out from lack of oxygen, then finally starting to breathe again -- the world around you pops in a big, violent way. At least, that’s how we felt as we exhaled. Afterwards we felt very relaxed and a bit giggly.

We loved these Strawberry Moonrocks. They pack a flavor that might not taste great, but the effect is strong. And it provided a much spicier boost than any crumble and wax. It comes with a slightly dirty flavor, but some may not mind that aftertaste. While we don’t enjoy that particular aspect of it, we’re willing to endure it -- especially if it means we get to enjoy the strength and silliness of this strain.

We love when a dispensary does something that we’ve never seen before, and that’s the experience we got when we walked into Downtown Fantastic 20 Cap. Their menu selection is a game changer. From now on, we want every dispensary to package “Combo Deals” like them -- and you know what? We want them to have cool names, too. That’s the kind of fun we like to have when we shop for weed. So, the next time you need to pick up some cannabis, check out Downtown Fantastic 20 Cap. They’ve got great Strawberry Moonrocks and, honestly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Strawberry Moonrocks - (Indica) - $15/g, $50/8th

1135 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Phone number: (323) 979-5892
Hours: 10am - 11:45pm, 7 days a week  

In the downtown-adjacent neighborhood of Pico-Union, there’s a place you’ll go where you wish everybody knew your name… because it’s stocked with amazing bud and great budtenders who are more than happy to sling it. That place, my friends, is Downtown Fantastic 20 Cap.

You’ll find their building on the corner of Venice and Constance. It’s a small brick establishment, and the current signage is hung over a previous owner’s sign -- JW Heating and Air. It serves as a subtle reminder that this neighborhood once held a less-than-stellar reputation, and has risen into a vibrant, vital enclave of history and community. Things change, sure, but we should always remember the past.

The waiting room is decked out with purple walls and yellow chairs -- Los Angeles Lakers colors, naturally. Venturing further in, we found the showroom to be a large, L-shaped space. There’s a glass display counter stocked with product, and the pricing menu is drawn on the wall, along with some awesome Lakers-themed street art. We also noticed that their menu includes a “Daily Deals” section, as well as with several other “Combo Deals.” These include four grams of flower, along with another item like a pre-roll or edible. Talk about a menu! We wondered why more dispensaries didn’t try to bundle their products like this. I mean, it works for McDonald’s, so why not Mary Jane?

On this visit, our budtender greeted us with a smile. They had definitely had their coffee that morning, and were able to assist us in our search for the perfect strain of flower. We made sure to browse the rest of their selection, too. Which wound up being a collection that’s heavy on pre-rolls and concentrates, with a handful of edibles scattered throughout. This shop runs light on CBD products, taking its cues from a neighborhood corner store, instead of a medical office.

While we combed through their flower jars, we saw a lot of good looking buds. Hearty quantities with lots of variety. We were craving an Indica that day, and found exactly what we were looking for when we stumbled across their Strawberry Moonrocks.

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