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Stay Lifted Tincture

Strain: Stay Lifted Tincture

Producer: Yummi Karma

Contributor: Michael Avalos



It’s slick and runny, and the complexion is a bit sludgy 60%
orange flavoring and green tea. 80%
coconut oil 80%
there wasn’t much change or noticeable uptick in anything for us 60%

Yummi Karma - Stay Lifted
This bottle of tincture contains one fluid ounce of fractionated coconut oil that’s been infused with 150mg of THC. Beyond those basics, the packaging itself offers little information about the possible benefits or expectations. Which means we were flying blind with this one, but we were ready to have some fun.

Appearance: 3/5
While we are excited about the benefits, we have to admit that the product itself doesn’t look like much. The tincture is basically just coconut oil that’s turned dark green by the plant processing. It’s slick and runny, and the complexion is a bit sludgy. It didn’t look great, to be honest. But this was a product designed to work off-screen, not in the spotlight. So, we could forgive the look, but only if it did the job.

Aroma: 4/5
Besides coconut oil, the ingredients of this tincture include: orange flavoring and green tea. These things are what pop the most in the aroma of this product. The orange is immediately recognizable, with that sickly artificial twist on the scent. Behind that, there’s an earthiness (and leafiness) of green tea, along with basic cannabis scents rounding out the aroma.

Taste: 4/5
Some people cannot even stand the thought of having a mouthful of oil. We admit that we’ve tried oil-pulling before (a detoxifying process of swishing oil around in your mouth for like, fifteen minutes) and we’re thankful this was promising to be a whole lot less intense.

When the oil hit our mouths, it just tastes slick. It’s coconut oil, for sure, but there isn’t much flavor of the root. Next, we taste the orange flavor. It’s so artificial it reminds us of orange-scented cleaning products. The last flavor in our mouths is the plant. Which comes in as an earthy, leafy taste. It’s the most subtle of all the hints, and it brings up the rear with a lingering aftertaste.

Effect: 3/5
For this review, we started dosing ourselves with one mg of THC underneath our tongue every morning. It became part of our routine, and by the third day the oil taste and texture gave us no pause in the process at all. We tried to monitor ourselves as best as we could, but there wasn’t much change or noticeable uptick in anything for us. Especially by the end of the week, when it had just become commonplace.

What was interesting, was the first day we had without our tincture. That’s when we really noticed the difference -- we were lethargic, low, and had a difficult time getting going that morning. It wasn’t that these things were impossible, it’s just that they were a struggle on this particular morning. All things considered, it was a typical day, except we didn’t dose our Stay Lifted, and it brought us crashing down a bit.

It was hard to recommend our Yummi Karma Stay Lifted Tincture until we were left without it. That’s when we finally realized what it added to our lives. It didn’t send us over the moon, but it made our morning routine a little easier, helped us wake up a little faster, and helped us focus a whole lot better. It’s not supposed to change you, it’s only supposed to enhance what’s already there. Just another friendly help from your old friend, THC.

Alternative Herbal Health Services (AHHS) is more than a great spot for great flowers. They have amazing products of every type, giving you a plethora of options. We tried tincture for the first time here and really enjoyed it. And, to be honest, we cannot wait to get back down there and try another.

Yummi Karma Stay Lifted Tincture (150 mg THC) - $22 for 1 fl oz

7828 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046
Phone number: (323) 654-8792
Hours: Mon-Sat: 8am - 10pm, Sun: 10am - 10pm

We must admit that until recently, we were pretty oblivious to the world of THC tinctures. What exactly was the deal with these little bottles and their eye droppers? On our last visit to Alternative Herbal Health Services in WeHo, we decided that it was finally time to find out once and for all.

It turns out that tinctures are bottles of concentrated THC that have been extracted from the plant. The resulting liquid is then taken orally, ideally sublingually by holding the solution underneath your tongue, allowing the THC to get quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. This supplies the quickest results and longest-lasting effects. The stuff can also be ingested with food for a more edible-type sensation. The process seems quite simple, and a quick Google search will reveal at DIY recipe that you can do at home.

While waiting in line, we got a pretty good glance at their selection of tinctures that were listed on the menu board. There was a good range of prices available, but since we were novices, we decided to ask our budtender for their recommendation. We figure you can never go wrong with some professional insight.

Our budtender directed us to their display of tinctures, and there were a lot of options. Not only were there different brands, but different offerings within each brand. Each targeted towards varied, but specific outcomes. We confessed to not knowing much about the subject, and our budtender showed us two of her favorites from the Yummi Karma line. One of them was for a boost of energy, and the other was a relaxing solution that would help us sleep.

Both good choices in their own right, but we opted to go for something that would boost us up, rather than bring us down. Truthfully, we’ve never had much trouble being able to fall asleep. Almost any strain of marijuna seems to be able to accomplish that feat with ease. That day we were more curious about how a tincture would make us feel -- in other words, “get us high” -- without any smoking or eating of an edible.

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