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Space Coyote Indica Pre-roll

Strain: Banana OG

Producer: Space Coyote

Contributor: Vivien James



Ccomes in a pop-top plastic container 100%
A nice piney and refreshing scent 100%
More like a blueberry flavor 100%
It lasted for so long. 100%

Space Coyote Indica Pre-roll

Appearance (5/5)
This pre-roll comes in a pop-top plastic container. There’s a nice eye-catching logo on the front. The packaging doesn’t look cheap, or unappealing, despite it being plastic.

Aroma (5/5)
The aroma of the pre-roll is not super strong, and faded quickly when I opened the packaging. To investigate the scent further, I unrolled the front of the pre-roll a little bit, and tried to get my nose a little closer to the bud. It had a nice piney and refreshing scent.

Taste (5/5)
The flavor of the joint actually varied greatly from the aroma. I tasted something more like a blueberry flavor, rather than pine that I picked up in the scent profile. The hash does have some unpleasant bitterness to it that starts to reveal itself as the joint continues on.

Effect (5/5)
WOW! These Space Coyote pre-rolls are truly out of this world. I smoked this amazing joint on a beach day with some friends, and it was super fun. Despite it being an Indica pre-roll, I had a very alert and energizing high. I could feel the effects from my head to my toes, as it took over my body and mind, but in a fully positive manner.

I felt loose, relaxed, happy, and euphoric. This quickly became one of my favorites that I’ve tried thus far. Normally, I am so hesitant about any pre-rolls that contain hash, but there was no mistaking that this is a top quality joint. All ingredients incorporated into this joint felt top-notch. I ripped through it fairly quickly with my friends, but it was so strong that I’m surprised it lasted for so long.

I recommend this for heavy smokers, such as myself. My friends have a much lower tolerance, and they were much more baked than I was. I think this would be great for a relaxing, fun day with friends, or just taking an adventure on your very own.

I loved this and would definitely purchase again! It’s so fun to smoke with friends.

980 N La Cienega Blvd #102,
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Phone number: (424) 279-9497
Hours: Everyday 8am - 10pm 

Dispensary Review
Banana OG (strain) from Space Coyote (producer) bought from Exhale MedCenter. (dispensary)

I decided to head back to Exhale MedCenter after taking a little bit of a hiatus from their dispensary. I found that they didn’t really have new products whenever I visited. Also, the customer service isn’t my personal favorite. Nonetheless, it is one of the dispensaries that is super close to me, so I have easy access to it.

I found parking easily in the side street off of La Cienega Blvd. It was the morning time, so there was still plenty of parking to take advantage of. Check-in was a breeze, as there was nobody in front of me, and I was able to head straight into the dispensary.

As I looked around, I saw that not much has changed, as far as what they had available to purchase in the pre-roll department. I noticed that there were quite a few new CBD additions, however. Most dispensaries have been adding more CBD products lately, so this came as no surprise. There definitely seems to be a new wave of CBD pre-rolls here, as well.

I basically talked aloud to myself, and worked my way through my options of what I hadn’t already tried. The budtender was friendly, but there wasn’t much she could help me with, mainly because there wasn’t anything new that I had questions about. The only option left for me at this point was to search for a product that was a bit higher in price. There was a pre-roll called, Space Coyote, that I have seen in a few other places, so I decided it this time I gave it a try. So, without any further questions (or options), I grabbed my pre-roll, and headed on home.

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