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Sour OG

Strain: Sour OG

Producer: Nurple Purps

Contributor: Eddie Boot



It was stunning 100%
Sweet and spicy 100%
Flavor that tastes like a hoppy 80%
Packs a punch as strong 100%

Sour OG

Appearance 5/5
Now this was the true outlier of our purchase because our sweet tooth usually leans towards chocolate, instead of sour. But we were drawn to this bud because of its looks -- a green and orange plant that’s heavily sprinkled with crystals. It was stunning.

Aroma 5/5
Its aroma was a strong perfume, that’s both sweet and spicy. Typically, this sort of stringent scent profile is a bit harsh on the nostrils, but this strain was able to strike a perfect balance of the two, resulting in one super-enjoyable smelling experience, that’s for sure.

Flavor 4/5
This strain has a big flavor that tastes like a hoppy IPA. No kidding. I couldn’t tell if I was smoking on my couch, or sitting at a bar - it was crazy. It also has a big high to go along with that big flavor.

Effect 5/5
This Hybrid put us into a very dazed, Indica-like headspace, while also making our bodies feel waves of calming, Sativa-esque sensations. We can recall being very aware of our toes while were high on this bud. You can take that information however you want, but we enjoyed the heightened awareness and simple playfulness of being delighted by our own body. If there’s one thing that medical marijuana should do, it should connect you to your own body in a deeper, more meaningful way. That said, this Sour OG left us feeling pretty sweet - no doubt about it.

This is a full-throated Hybrid strain that packs a punch as strong as it’s scent. We had a great time turning our brains off with this bud, and we highly recommend you check it out, too.

Nurple Purps might have a silly name, but they are totally serious about their business. This is a great little shop that only sells the basics -- flowers, edibles, and pre-rolls. In a city (and neighborhood) where there are plenty of shopping options, it’s a bold move to specialize in simplicity

Nurple Purps does just that, and they succeed on the strength of their amazing product, and their courteous and hard-working staff. This shop is awesome. Stop by sometime, you won’t regret it.

4716 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029
Phone number: +1-818-721-6016
Hours: Open 10 am - 12 am, 7 days a week 

Nurple Purps Dispensary
When it comes to flower, Purple Nurps has a really awesome selection. Their product is kept in jars, and color-coded by type -- Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid.

Pricing breakdown per quantity is listed on the wall (on a dry erase board). Our budtender was very willing to show us some bud, and they also recommended some of their favorites, as well.

To be honest, shopping here was an overwhelming experience -- overwhelmingly positive, that is. It’s not often we’re so excited while we shop, and it was definitely making a difference, because we were filling up our order with a ton of goodies.

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