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Strain: XJ-13

Producer: Silver Lake Caregivers Group

Contributor: Michael Avalos



Simply stunning 100%
Absolutely amazing 100%
Smooth and enjoyable 80%
Makes you relaxed and focused 100%

Featured Flower:
XJ-13 (Sativa)

Appearance: 5/5

We’ve definitely heard the name of this legendary strain before, but this was our first experience with it. And boy, did the legend live up to its name. That golden green shade stood out to us immediately. We’ve never seen anything quite like that. It was simply stunning, to be quite honest.

Aroma: 5/5

The aroma coming off these leaves was absolutely amazing. It had a strong floral scent, with a lot of citrus tones popping out on each inhale. It was a total bouquet of goodness, and we almost couldn’t stop sniffing it.

Flavor: 4/5

From the first hit, we were getting a subtle flavor mixed in with the smoke. As we kept smoking, the taste grew stronger and our high started to intensify. It was hard to put a finger on what the precise flavor profile was, per se, but it was smooth and enjoyable. And, really, what more could you ask for?

Effect: 5/5

While we weren’t really feeling it at first, this classic did the ol’ sneak attack on us, and before we knew it, we were high af. This Sativa delivers a strong body high that comes with an Indica-level of focus, without making you feel “lost in space.”

We found ourselves feeling loose, relaxed, and concentrating on things with the utmost ease. This bud is perfect for a chill afternoon, or a light activity outside. This isn’t really our thing, to be honest, but we suspect that hitting this before hitting the gym, might make for an enjoyably enhanced experience.

This one really hit us hard. Not just in our bodies, but in our hearts, as well. We’ve neglected this strain for far too long, and now that we’ve tried some, we can’t imagine a world without it. We’re definitely going to be putting this strain into the rotation, that’s for sure, and we think you should, too.

XJ-13 (Sativa) - $12/g, $40/8th

Address: 2464 Fletcher Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Hours: Open: 10am - 8pm, 7 days a week 

The showroom here has three glass cases set up in a half-circle, with two stanchions placed in the middle of the room for a line to form. We waited as the budtender finished up with their current customer. That’s when we started to look over the product.

Some dispensaries offer tons of things for sale, which can be overwhelming because it gives you too much to examine, without anything to really focus on. This shop takes the opposite approach: it offers a very curated selection of goods, all brightly packaged and neatly laid-out inside the display cases for maximum clarity.

As we looked around, we realized the display was broken down into several sections. There was a wraps and rolling papers case, an edibles display, a CBD selection, and a large variety of Dosist vape oils. Oh yeah, and the plants, of course. Just like this one known as, XJ-13.

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