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Shark Shock Pre-Rolled Joint (Indica)

Strain: Shark Shock Pre-Rolled Joint

Producer: Autumn Brands

Contributor: Tabitha Pace



This joint came pre-rolled in a pristine white rolling paper, and stuffed with a plain white cone. 80%
it smelled of violets, a wonderfully floral bouquet 100%
The taste was light and earthy, but mostly it smacked of being stale. 80%
After one puff, it was like I was the Energizer Bunny after a fresh battery charge. 100%

Shark Shock Pre-Rolled Joint (Indica)
I had never heard of Autumn Brands before, but a quick Google search tells me that they’re a cannabis company based out of Santa Barbara, California that boasts family farming and fifty percent of the company owned by women. All that sounds refreshing and pretty groovy, but it was the name of this full gram joint that caught my attention -- Shark Shock.

Appearance: 4/5
This joint came pre-rolled in a pristine white rolling paper, and stuffed with a plain white cone. It was twisted at the end for easy fire starting. It might have looked great, but when I started to handle the joint, I realized that it wasn’t as tightly packed as I first thought. There was a lot of breathing room inside this cone, and I had to pack it tighter together before I lit up, or I would be in a mess of trouble. The squeeze created excess paper, which I tore away, just like the bloom from this rose.

Aroma: 5/5
While it wasn’t as pretty as I first thought, there was no way to disguise the scent of this joint, or my appreciation for it. This was an amazingly aromatic joint, considering most pre-rolls I get have barely any scent at all, with all that flower trapped underneath the paper. Not the case here, it was very fragrant indeed -- it smelled of violets, a wonderfully floral bouquet that was so pleasant it could have been a light perfume.

Taste: 4/5
I was very impressed with the aroma, but the taste left a little something to be desired. Not that it was overly skunky or unpleasant; no, that is not the case here. The taste was light and earthy, but mostly it smacked of being stale.

It had a dry, papery burn - which is a sign of a joint that’s perhaps been wrapped up for too long. I don’t know what the solution is, and I must admit that this has happened to me before. It’s not a deal-breaker, and I can even begrudgingly admit an affinity for the taste, but it is disappointing considering how wonderful this flower smells.

Effect: 5/5
First of all, I must report that this joint (after my humble modifications) burned evenly and quite well, and it lasted for a very long time. Which is fantastic, but ultimately unnecessary because --
-- this joint got me high af. Like immediately.

After one puff, it was like I was the Energizer Bunny after a fresh battery charge. I was buzzing in my seat, my mind raced a mile a minute, and my body was anxious to catch up. This Indica didn’t make me want to sink into a couch, it made me want to get up and go. I still felt the more traditional Indica symptoms -- focus, chattiness, a slight case of the munchies, tunnel vision -- but they were all running on high speed, baby.

If you see this shark coming for you, jump into those jaws! This is one fantastic Indica strain that smells great and smokes even better. I may have taken issue with the presentation, and the flavor of this flower wasn’t the best, but the effects were amazing, and well worth some minor criticisms. It’s a great smoke for anyone who wants a strong Indica high, but doesn’t want to get sleepy. This weed will pump you up, and you don’t even have to go to the gym.

One of the reasons I love MMD Hollywood is that they’re always stocked with quality pre-rolls.  They have the biggest selection in Hollywood, and it’ll definitely keep me coming back until I’ve tried them all. 

Shark Shock Pre-Roll Joint (Indica) - $9 for 1 gram

1515 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone number:(877) 420-5874
Hours: 8am - 9:50pm, 7 days a week  

Size Doesn’t Matter. Although this might fly in the face of conventional wisdom, it’s an unfortunate truth that just because there’s more flower packed into one joint than another doesn’t mean that it will get you higher or deliver a better quality of high. Sometimes bigger isn’t better, especially if that flower is stale and dry, or worse than that, shake.

Presentation Counts (Sort Of). It really doesn’t matter to me whether the joint comes in a plastic doob tube or in a glass screw-top, but it does make a difference. I like it when brands go that extra mile to provide something that’s more than just functional. And though providing a strike-anywhere match isn’t totally required, it never hurts.

We Don’t Need To See Your Kief. I love joints that come supercharged with more than just plant packed inside. Sometimes you have your kief, or your hash bits, or possibly some sort of hash oil concentrate treatment. While these are important modifications, they don’t need to be as “showy” as they usually are. For example, there’s really no reason to kief up your rolling paper. It may look nice, but it’s messy, and it doesn’t mean much if your joint doesn’t burn correctly.

Why not just put the kief inside the joint? Doesn’t that make way more sense? Don’t overthink it, guys.

Built Strong to Last Long. I don’t care how big or how supercharged your product is, if it’s not rolled correctly, then all you’ve got is a good engine inside a car without wheels. If you’re going to roll a joint, then you should roll it right. That means well-packed, evenly distributed, and engineered to burn. This is “day one” stuff, dude.

Thankfully, MMD Hollywood has plenty of pre-roll choices to satisfy any and all customer needs. The selection is massive -- Canndescent, Tarantula, Iron Tree, Good Flower, Lowell, Packwoods, Loudpack -- the list goes on. On this last visit, I decided to select one that I didn’t recognize -- an offering from Autumn Brands. It was a joint packed with an Indica called, Shark Shock. Talk about a jaw-dropping name.

My number one favorite dispensary purchase (besides flower, of course) has to be the pre-rolled joint. Nothing pleases me more than lighting up a fatty that I didn’t have to roll myself, and as I looked over the selection of pre-rolls at MMD Hollywood the other day, it occurred to me that after all this time, I’ve definitely developed some opinions about what makes a great pre-roll.

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