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SFV OG Pre-Rolled Joint (Indica)

Strain: SFV OG

Producer: LA Kush

Contributor: Hercule Preroll



The joint looked anemic 60%
some slight coffee and espresso tones 60%
smoke was sweet and tangy, with a lemon accent 60%
coughing gets you higher 80%

SFV OG Pre-Rolled Joint - Indica
We asked the budtender which one of their pre-rolls was the strongest, and they did not hesitate to recommend this blue number to us. Packed with SFV OG, this joint is a 1g bullet of bliss. We couldn’t wait to load up, and fire away.

Appearance: 3/5
As soon as we unleashed the twist from the tube, we were concerned. The joint looked anemic. The cone wasn’t packed solid with flower, and we saw some loose spots and air pockets in the paper, as we gave it a once over. The flat end wasn’t twisted, but folded over. It looked slightly lazy in its construction. It didn’t spell disaster, but it did say disappointment.

Aroma: 3/5
The odor of this pre-roll didn’t really wow us, either. But it did contain some unexpected notes. We don’t expect a lot from a pre-rolled joint -- how can you with all that flower trapped underneath the paper? But there was an aroma we could detect from this joint that could only be described as “standard-issue marijuana.” Yes, there was some slight coffee and espresso tones, too. And it had us wondering: “Would this joint hit like a cup o’ joe?”

Taste: 3/5
Despite the coffee that we were smelling, once we lit the joint, we were tasting something else entirely. The smoke was sweet and tangy, with a lemon accent. That’s as far as we could tell, because this smoke was also very, very heavy. It made us cough pretty quickly, and the further we burned it down, the more harsh (and hot) this joint made our throats feel.

Be sure to enjoy this one with a beverage.

Effect: 4/5
It’s always been our (possibly false) understanding that coughing gets you higher because it pulls the smoke further into your lungs. Based on how much we were coughing while we smoked this pre-roll, we thought this thing was going to knock us out. And while it didn’t quite do that, it definitely did its job.

This SFV OG packed a heavy Indica punch. It was a heady high that focused our brains and dulled the rest of our senses, especially our eyesight. But it did not make us sleepy. It didn’t pep us up, either.

Like we said, it was a pretty heavy hitter. Don’t make plans for a while after your smoke this joint - that’s for sure.

While this LA Kush pre-roll delivered on the high, it was maybe a bit below our expectations. We liked how heavy it was, and appreciated that it didn’t just put us straight to sleep. But it was really difficult to smoke, and for all the effort we put into finishing it, we wanted a bigger “reward” than the feeling we ultimately got.

That being said, we would love to go back and try the rest of their pre-rolled joints. Perhaps there’s one with the right ratio of “smoke:stoned” that would be perfect for us.

We’ve finally sampled some flower from LA Kush, and we must admit, we liked it. Even if we didn’t love the joint that we picked, we still visited a great shop that had some killer products, and we definitely need to come back soon. If you’re ever on Alvarado Street, and you need the hook up, step into the lap of luxury with LA Kush.

LA Kush SFV OG Pre-Rolled Joint (Indica) - $10 per joint

182 S Alvarado St.
Los Angeles, CA 90057
Phone number: 213- 352-4108
Hours: Mon-Sat: 9am - 10pm, Sun: 10am - 10pm

If you live in LA, then you’ve no doubt seen this brand. It used to pop up here and there in dispensary cases, and now you can barely go anywhere without seeing it. It’s simple but solid, like most good brands are -- LA Kush.

Famous for their flower, we’ve been seeing the label around town more and more, as we’ve been shopping, but we’ve never indulged ourselves to ever pick some up. Not yet, we told ourselves. If you’re going to go for it, why not get some from the source.

Or, one of them, at least.

LA Kush is not just a grower, they’re a shop, as well. While their flagship store seems to be located in East LA, we couldn’t tell the difference by the look of the shop we walked into on Alvarado Street. The giant waiting room was full of plush, leather couches and armchairs. Not to mention a multi-screen display broadcasting one image like a giant TV. On the far wall, there was a clothing rack full of LA Kush apparel for sale. This certainly didn’t seem like it was a satellite operation.

Stepping inside the showroom is strange because it’s not as big as the waiting room. It’s more intimate, with a wraparound display counter along three walls with budtenders and product behind it. As we waited, we browsed a display table that was set up by the door, offering a BOGO (buy one, get one) special on Tarantula pre-rolled joints that day. The salesperson who spoke to us was super courteous and upbeat, and knew her stuff - because we asked several questions about the pre-roll offerings, and they had all the answers we wanted.

Once it was our turn to approach the counter, our budtender greeted us, and asked what we were looking for. We mentioned some flower, and they started giving us a rundown of the inventory… by memory. Whoa. Talk about an expert. We flagged a few of their choices, and they pulled out some samples from behind the counter.

The more products we saw, the more we realized that everything they were showing us was coming from the back wall. The cases up front are more like brand showcases, with displays of products set up by the producer/grower/brand. Even though these items never left the case, our budtender was able to quickly tell us what was in stock and what wasn’t.

They had everything you could want here -- flower, pre-rolled joints, waxes, shatters, vape cartridges, disposables, edibles, even CBD stuff. What caught our eye was anything with an LA Kush label. It only felt right to buy their homegrown stuff. And we went with one of their pre-rolled joints: SFV OG.

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