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Royal Roots Pre-Rolled Blunt

Strain: Royal Roots Pre-Rolled Blunt

Producer: House of Herbal Healing Church

Contributor: Franklin Stein



This is one of the most impressive pre-rolls we’ve ever seen 80%
The tobacco smell was both rich and smooth 100%
The wrap had a nice flavor that wasn’t dry or difficult 100%
It was a big, loud high 100%

When was the last time you smoked a blunt?

If you’re anything like us, the answer is -- “too long ago.”

That’s why we snatched up this offering from Royal Roots, as soon as we saw it in the display case. Not only have we not blasted a blunt in years, but we had never smoked one like this. This epic pre-roll comes packed with 1.5 grams of flower and concentrate. Not to mention it’s capped off with a glass tip for premium smoking ease.

Appearance 4/5
This is one of the most impressive pre-rolls we’ve ever seen -- probably because it’s the first pre-roll blunt we’ve stumbled across. But beyond that, this was a real dope looking product. It was rolled around a glass tip at one end, meaning that it was as thick as a pencil and stuffed with flower.

We’re taking off a point because, when it came to us, the twist at the end had come undone. Which left a rather limp and hasty looking firestarter. It was an easy fix, but anyone would be a little disappointed if their brand new car, for example, already had a scratch on it before it even left the lot.

Aroma 5/5
This category gets a full five points for nostalgia alone. That first whiff of the tobacco wrap took us back to the high school days of sitting inside our cars with a bunch of friends passing the blunt back and forth. If you want a time machine for your nose, this blunt’s for you.

The tobacco smell was both rich and smooth. There was a vague hint of the flower trapped inside, but it mostly just mixed with the wrap to create that one-of-a-kind blunt aroma.

Taste 5/5
Since we were smoking this blunt with a glass tip, this was the cleanest one we’ve ever smoked in our lives. We never had to deal with a mouthpiece that was too wet or too compact; the passageway was wide open the entire time.

That meant we got big hits of smoke with every puff. And, thankfully, this wasn’t too harsh or too heavy to smoke. The wrap had a nice flavor that wasn’t dry or difficult, and the flower inside was smooth and even a little sweet.

Effect 5/5
Blunts only exist for one reason -- to get you really high. And this blunt did the trick, all right.

By the time we had burned half of it, we were starting to feel it. It was a big, loud high. Indica-style. A buzzy head high that traveled all the way down our bodies. We smoked on, but our high seemed to plateau. Our sensations didn’t increase, they only persisted. We thought this thing had fizzled out. We were stoned, but didn’t feel anything that a regular joint couldn’t have given us.

But we had spoken too soon. When we finished the blunt, we were epically baked. And while the high didn’t intensify too much, the rest of the blunt had some serious staying power. We were feeling stoned off this blunt for a really long time, and there were some intense moments of underwater-like distortion in our vision for awhile. Eventually, we came down, and nearly crashed right to sleep immediately. Being that high can be exhausting.

If you’re looking to revisit the good ol’ blunt days, then this product is your time machine.  It’s well-rolled and packed with some absolutely great flower.  It smoked clean and clear, thanks to the glass tip, and it produced a really strong, super long high that made us feel great.

We chose the blunt and it did exactly what we wanted it to. It was a well-engineered smoking device (despite the floppy end) and it got us feeling “F’d Up” in pretty righteous way. We’ll definitely be taking the blunt route again soon. Especially now that we know this pre-roll is out there, and we know exactly where to get it -- The House of Herbal Healing Church.

Praise ganja!

Royal Roots Pre-Rolled Blunt - $20

1328 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Phone #: (213) 706-9402
Open: 10am - 2am

Which would you rather smoke -- a joint or a blunt?

It seems like an obvious question without an obvious answer. It really depends on what kind of evening you’re looking to have, and how many friends you’re looking to rope into it. Obviously you can enjoy a joint of a blunt by yourself, but it seems a bit like overkill - like using a chainsaw to cut off a hangnail. Yeah, you could do it, but isn’t there a better tool for the job?

If it’s just going to be you (or maybe sharing with a friend or two), then you’re likely going to put your standard-issue bowl away and start rolling a joint. There’s nothing more primal (or American) than passing a joint around with a few friends, heightening the ritual of smoking marijuana into a sacred circle of friendship, love, and trust.

Obviously, with smoke sessions the more the merrier. And if you’re going to be merry with that many, then a blunt would be the way to go. It’s got the quantity to handle a party bigger than two or three, with the potential to service an entire room full of folks.

Nothing -- I mean absolutely nothing -- makes you a bigger hero than pulling out a blunt at a party.

Whatever you decide, whether to call a “joint sub-committee” or subject yourself to some “blunt force trauma,” you can pick up whatever you need down at the House of Herbal Healing Church. Located off Olympic Blvd, right before you get to downtown, this shop offers a great selection of all the most fun products you’re looking for -- flower, edibles, vape, waxes, and pre-rolls.

(Sorry CBD users, this shop really isn’t the spot for you.)

But they are fully stocked with tons of pre-roll options. Not only do they roll their own in-house, but they carry a nice variety of brand name joints, as well. We’ve sampled their joints before, and they’re top notch. We were expecting to pick up another one on this last visit, but we saw something that we couldn’t pass up -- a pre-rolled blunt.

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