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Race Fuel OG

Strain: Race Fuel OG - Indica

Producer: Greenhouse Herbal

Contributor: Charlie Padre



This flower has a rich, interesting look 80%
This flower had a rather odd fragrance 60%
Reminded us of Christmas trees 40%
It will keep the body dosed with THC, but you won’t arrive in style 40%

Race Fuel OG

While Indicas might have a reputation for knocking stoners out, we love imbibing Indicas at any time of the day. The right kind of Indica high can add a sparkle of fairy dust to everything, and certain strains have even been known to surprisingly increase our energy. So, when we saw this flower with the suggestive name of, Race Fuel OG, we threw down our cash, and jumped into our car for a Bullitt -style drive home because we wanted to smoke this plant as soon as possible.

Appearance 4/5
This flower has a rich, interesting look. You’ll notice a kaleidoscope of green, as well as dark orange tendrils, with pockets that look white from concentrated crystals and fuzz. The buds are shrunken in, giving the pods a compact look that crumbles as you break it apart.

Aroma 3/5

This flower had a rather odd fragrance. It was both sweet and sharp at the same time. We were detecting pine-scented hints that reminded us of Christmas trees. However, we were also getting an earthy, dark, black pepper-y odor, as well. It was quite the bouquet, to say the least.

Taste 2/5
This flower didn’t give us much upfront flavor, but it did leave us with a leafy aftertaste that lingered long after we had burned through our supply. It wasn’t objectionable, but when a leafy, ashy aftertaste is one of the “strongest” characteristics of your flower, you might have a problem. This one certainly did, that’s for sure.

Effect 2/5

Once we started “running” on this Race Fuel OG, we felt like it sputtered out pretty quickly. This strain delivers a present, uncomplicated high that makes you feel like you smoked, but offers little else in terms of satisfaction, or interest. Sometimes you want a five-star meal, and other times you just need to fuel up with a quick snack to keep that body going. True to its name, this Race Fuel OG is definitely of the latter variety. It will keep the body dosed with THC, but you won’t arrive in style, so to speak.

Honestly, we would suggest against picking up Race Fuel OG. Perhaps, it could find a home with someone looking for a mild-mannered Indica, but it wasn’t quite to our taste. We expected more, and felt the strain was lacking in anything to distinguish itself from the pack. Sorry, Race Fuel OG, we’re just not a match.

We loved stopping into Greenhouse Herbal Center. This place is everything the modern marijuana dispensary should be -- well-designed, friendly, accessible, and packed with products. We didn’t love the Race Fuel OG that we picked up this time, but that doesn’t mean we won’t spin that roulette wheel again. Check out Greenhouse Herbal Center in Hollywood, and see for yourself.

Race Fuel OG (Indica) - $17/g, $50/8th

Address:5224 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90027
Phone number: 323-741-0213
Hours: 9am - 9:45pm, 7 days a week  

In Los Angeles, where the marijuana industry has taken a solid foothold, there are still plenty of illegal shops, or dope holes, where you can buy your plants. These places will most likely be closed for lack of permits within a few weeks after they open, so they’re strictly fly-by-night operations. While that might be good for some, our standards are growing tougher by the day, and there’s simply no reason to seek out a shop like that when there’s an embarrassment of great dispensaries in every neighborhood. Places like Greenhouse Herbal Center in East Hollywood, for example.

You’ll find this shop on Hollywood Blvd., across from the hip bar and intimate music venue Harvard & Stone. If you’re looking for a treat for after “last call,” note this dispensary’s closing time, and stop in before you head across the street.

You’ll usually find a Security Guard posted out front. On our visit, they greeted us with a friendly smile, and escorted us inside the waiting room. Inside, we took a seat on the custom made bench and waited for the crowded showroom to clear out a touch, so we could enter.

Once we walked inside, we had a lot to take in. The shop is spread over two storefronts, but most of the showroom fills only one, with the extra space being utilized as a separate showroom to display pipes for sale, along with a wall promoting products from Canndescent.

On the other side, the products are displayed on the walls, as well as inside several island-style glass cases that also double as check-out stations for budtenders to assist customers. There were several employees staffed at the time, all wearing identical black uniform shirts. We were greeted with a friendly “hello” by one of them. We then decided to get the lay of the land before looking at individual products.

The back wall was covered with edibles, mostly vacuum sealed pouches of goodies hanging by hooks. There were pre-rolls along the main wall, and inside the cases were displays dedicated to concentrates, vape pens, more edibles, and of course, some flower.

The plants are showcased in small show-jars for your viewing pleasure. All the flower here is pre-packaged by the grower, and the pricing breakdown can be found on a digital display. We saw a lot of nice-looking flowers available, but we chose an Indica strain named, Race Fuel OG.

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