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Pre-rolled Quicks

Strain: Pre-rolled Quicks

Producer: Lowell Herb

Contributor: Lana Alexa



Well-crafted, chic, and minimalist earthy design 100%
Diesel punch aroma 80%
Taste is a mixture of pine and diesel 100%
Creative streak was awakened 80%

Pre- Rolled Quicks
Contains: 50% Rebel Sour 50% Chem Dog
THC: 20%

So, these pre rolled Quicks are the perfect little mini joints. I love that you don’t have to smoke a whole joint, or waste any herb with these perfect 3 to 4 hitters. There are a total of 10 pre-rolls in each box. The pre-rolls don’t just come in a box, they also come with a set of fancy matches, and some awesome artwork to check out, once you slide open this fancy BoHo-minimalist packaging.

Inside this baby pre-roll is a mix of Rebel Sour and Chemdog, both very popular strains. I love the fact that it’s called a morning sativa, because that lets me know exactly what I will use it for. I love picking up flower that lists the benefits, or gives directions as to how to consume it.

Appearance 5/5
The packaging for these Lowell Smokes is fantastic. Very well-crafted, chic, and minimalist earthy design. Upon opening, you will find high and matches built into this little pre-rolled box. Little baby joints inside, with an excellent filter, I noticed these were rolled by a pro.

I also love that this little box is great for ones with an “on the go” lifestyle. Grabbing one of these boxes and just throwing in your bag couldn’t be easier. Makes for an excellent addition to going out, as it is super well packaged and durable. Very very pleased!

Aroma 4/5
Although these were rolled up, I can still get a whiff of the intoxicating ChemDawg and Rebel Sour. That diesel punch aroma is hard to miss. It is intoxicating, and will linger on. I would urge those consuming it to be in a spot where the smell will not bother anyone as it is hard to mask it. Amazing, because I love the smell!

Taste 5/5
Smooth! Was my first thought. The taste is a mixture of pine and diesel. The signature of ChemDawg is the heavy pungent smell, included in this baby pre-roll, as well. The pungent flavor also grasps your taste buds. This is some strong stuff, and it does not hold back when it comes to your palate.

Effect 4/5
I can see why it is called a morning sativa. Super heavy cerebral experience. I follow the directions, and in the morning, right after my coffee — this was amazing. The instantaneous energy lift and the creative streak was awakened after inhaling one of these little guys. This is the perfect little mini puffer for mornings, and those hump day afternoons to get you through the slump. This is a very light and easy-going high, including energy and uplifting mood benefits.

For mild anxiety, depression, creative vibes, or a little mood booster to get out of an energy slump. Amazing for clearing your head.

Erba has done it again — another happy customer. I love how friendly the peeps here are. I am grateful they always tell me about the specials. These morning sativa baby pre-rolls would’ve never found their way to me had the friendly budtender not informed me of the special they were having that week. That is truly personable service.

Address: 12320 W. Pico Blvd
Phone number: (310) 207-1900
Hours: Everydays 8am-10pm

When I think of great shops in the area, there’s definitely a handful that come to mind.

Although I enjoy visiting different shops, I have a few of my favorites, as well. ERBA is absolutely one of those spots I just can’t get enough of. There are a number of things I love about this place. The check-in here is so easy; just have your ID ready, bar style, that’s it. It’s pretty amazing to see the evolution from dingy little hole-in-the-wall places, to more refined and spacious cannabis dispensaries, like Erba.

Another reason I love this place are the discounts. Even though this is a high-end place, they don’t scam on hooking up their customers/patients. Every week they have specials on pre-rolls, flower, and others.

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