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Second Generation Genetics Plumberry Kush

Strain: Plumberry Kush

Producer: Second Generation Genetics

Contributor: Somnath



Small leaves with the burnt orange hairs on the flowers 80%
Sweet and spicy 80%
Spicy floral taste 80%
Relaxing, and gentle effect 80%

Plumberry Kush is a cross of Bodhi’s Purple Unicorn (mother) and Dj Short’s F4 Blueberry (father). Plumberry Kush shows several notes of deep red and purple colours. This strain actually comes from second generation genetics. Plumberry Kush is available in major dispensaries across the country. This cannabis variety is a heavy producer of trichomes that are splashed with swampy and berry terpenes.

Strain Type: Hybrid dominants

Appearance 4/5
This Kush tramples-over other strains with its unique appearance. Plumberry Kush is a producer of medium to heavy phenotypes. The large dark purple, almost black foliage on top of the bright green small leaves with the burnt orange hairs on the flowers looks amazing. These dense, colorful buds are dusted with frosty Trichomes. The shades of cannabis plants are triggered by temperatures and acidity levels.

Aroma 4/5
The aroma of this Plumberry Kush is sweet and spicy. This strain possesses the distinct properties resembling both parents. Alpha-bisabolol is one of the compounds that generates the flowery scent. These flower buds smell like sour berries, and will definitely catch the noses of interested consumers. The female hybrids smelled similar having berry aromas, while the others had a unique spicy aroma. Specimens from this strain have high quality resin production, and are rated very highly in the medicinal cannabis industry.

Taste 4/5
This Kush has a spicy floral taste. Those flavors are produced by the Linalool Terpene. The distinct flavor of this strain catches the palates of enthusiastic consumers easily. To get the best varieties and an array of flavors, try preferred outlets, and purchase their products.

Effect 4/5
A sublime, relaxing, and gentle effect comes over the user's body and mind. Plumberry Kush has a heavier effect than normal. This Kush has a tendency to induce daydreaming, pain relief, and relaxation. This distinct strain provides a calm, sedative, and dreamy experience for customers. Individuals will feel happy, soothed, and more balanced.


This product is good for people who need sedatives and tranquilizers. Plumberry Kush is highly beneficial, and meant for those in need of mental accord to get rid of their anxieties and worried thoughts. Consumers in need of pain relief and relaxation often consume Plumberry Kush in mild doses to get a positive response.

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