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ERBA: Platinum Cookies - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Strain: Platinum Cookies

Producer: Faded Co.

Contributor: Lana Alexa



Consistently good-looking 100%
Sweet cookie-like aroma 90%
Berry gum or berry candy 100%
Less tense and noticeably more chill 100%

Appearance 5/5
Faded Co. has done it again. One of the reasons why I really like this brand is because all of their herb is consistently good-looking. As a matter of fact, before I started being loyal to FC, I never smoked flower as much as I do now. One can tell these guys take serious pride in the flower they produce. Platinum Cookies are no exception. This stuff was incredible.

Aroma 4.5/5
Will not disappoint. I have a serious sweet tooth. When it comes to the aromatics of herb, I also love a nice sweet cookie-like aroma. It just makes me happy. It is called cookies for a reason -- I definitely got the sweet notes, but more toward strawberry, blackberry flavor. I love the sweetness and surrender my senses to the outstandingly mouthwatering aroma of Platinum Cookies.

Taste 5/5
I was so blown away by this aroma. The taste did not disappoint. Also, toward the sweet side, this hits the palate very well. Like all Faded Co. products, Cookies hit super smooth. Reminded me of some kind of berry gum or berry candy. Sweet notes were extremely pleasant.

Effect 5/5
OK, talk about fantastic strains. This strand has so many benefits, it has become one of my all-time favorite strains. I instantly felt less tense and noticeably more chill. I could definitely tell this had a lot of great hybrid effects. One of the more mellow flowers, however, it did not make me tired or sleepy, just more rejuvenated.

With an excellent head buzz and stress-melting qualities, Platinum Cookies is also good for severe pain. The effects of this strand are very potent, so for a seasoned smoker it should not be a problem; however, a rookie might want to start with very very low-dose.
I’m stoked I stopped by this neighborhood gem to pick up the Platinum Cookies strain. It’s great to come in here again and again and find new products to try. Even though they have a massive selection here at Erba, they definitely know how to keep it fresh. Faded Co. flower sometimes can be hard to find in the massive variety that Erba offers its patients and Cannabis Connoisseurs. I like knowing that I can come here and find one of my favorite producer’s inventory in full stock. This place has something for every lever smoker and patient. The friendly staff is always helpful and gives their honest feedback on products. I will be back very soon.

Address: 12320 W. Pico Blvd
Phone number: (310) 207-1900
Hours: Everydays 8am-10pm

Here in LA, everyone is always on the go, myself included. Although one might live on one side of town, work can be entirely on the other. For any seasoned stoner, having a good and dependable shop in a neutral area of town is almost a necessity. ERBA has definitely secured some primo real estate a few years back; conveniently located right off the popular Santa Monica 10 Freeway.

It is truly one of the best shops in the area. There are many reasons ERBA is held in high regard. It features the most extensive collection of products I’ve seen to date. The place is modeled after a bar/bakery type of set up. Except, they have amazing herb here, and a ton of edibles, so it is even better than any bar I can think of.

This place has a very extensive level of inventory. From flower, to tinctures, to edibles - this place is 2nd best to only a few other shops. I particularly get super stoked to come here because they feature a generous selection of Faded Company flower, a brand that is emerging as a serious staple in shops all over the Los Angeles area. FADE CO., as they are known, produces beautiful herb.

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