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NYC Diesel (Hybrid)

Strain: NYC Diesel

Producer: HMU

Contributor: Michael Avalos



Attractive, but not eye-catching. 60%
Fresh-baked loaf of bread 80%
Taste buds of toast. 80%
Made for taking a deep dive into whatever suits your fancy. 100%

NYC Diesel
While we’re Midwesterners by birth, we’ve been living on the West Coast long enough to consider it home. Having said that, marijuana turns strangers into bedfellows, and we’ve seen come to love anything from that part of the country. So, without further ado, we officially welcome our NYC friends with open arms - especially this Hybrid strain, NYC Diesel.

Appearance 3/5
We’d say this was a healthy-looking plant, but of the garden variety. It showcases a spectrum of green, from the bright insides to the darkest regions of its outermost leaves. There’s plenty of orange sprinkled around the pods, but not many crystals on the surface. Attractive, but not eye-catching.

Aroma 4/5
What an interesting fragrance. The scent is very warm and sweet, and smells wheaty, like a fresh-baked loaf of bread. There’s a deep richness to this flower’s aroma. It’s also very pungent and strong, spreading it’s love throughout the room with tremendous ease.

Taste 4/5
This Hybrid strain burned with a bright, light smoke that didn’t give off much flavor. Upon exhale, we detected a little taste. The bread aroma had combined with the fire and created something that reminded our taste buds of toast.

Effect 5/5
At first, we thought this strain was giving us a pretty basic high. A Hybrid in maybe the worst sense -- riding the middle of the road between Indica and Sativa traits, producing a bland high that doesn’t distinguish itself with any personality. At least, that’s what we thought.

Soon, we realized we had been thinking about this for, well, a while. And, before we knew it, this “basic high” knocked us completely on our butts, and we didn’t even realize it. We had become so hyper-focused that we shut out the world around us. It provided us with complete tunnel-vision. Once we realized it, we were able to modulate our attention better. But this strain was made for taking a deep dive into whatever suits your fancy.

NYC Diesel (Hybrid) - $10/g, $30/8th

Forget this East Coast/West Coast rivalry. We absolutely loved hosting our visitor from back east, NYC Diesel. It’s unique aroma combined with it’s super-strong effects make this strain absolutely amazing. We highly recommend this for anyone who struggles with focus. Trust us, this thing is a kicker.
HMU is a fun dispensary that carries some good stuff, but it’s part of a dying breed. Marijuana is only becoming more mainstream as time goes on, and people are going to get used to buying weed in corporate dispensaries. Shops like HMU are getting beaten at their own game by stores with better selections and bright, welcoming designs. It’s not our favorite place to shop, but we love that it’s still out there doing it’s thing.

2520 W 8th Street Unit #: 201
Los Angeles, CA 90057
Phone number: (213) 663-0251
Hours: 10am - 2am, 7 days a week

How secretive should a dispensary be?

We’re not talking about in terms of patient confidentiality, that should always be taken very seriously. What we mean is how out-of-the-way, difficult-to-find, down-a-back-alley do you want to go to buy your plants?

Weed used to be something you could only get from a dealer, or a “dope hole.” But the last ten years have seen some wild progressions in medical marijuana laws, and now there are corporate dispensaries ready to sell you “plant-based medicine.”

Ultimately this is great for anyone who enjoys cannabis, but it means that the seedy side of the industry is disappearing fast. Nobody needs a dealer anymore. These days, you’re more likely to know someone who grows their own plants.

With weed being everywhere these days, we can’t help but view the anachronistic HMU as being anything but a throwback to those dark days. The shop bears little identification beyond its sign, and even the waiting room contains no obvious signals that you’ve entered a marijuana dispensary. To enter the showroom, we were instructed to leave our bag (a small leather satchel) at the door before we entered. While it was only a minor inconvenience, it did annoy us. What exactly was going on back there that was so secretive? Were these precautions in place for their own sake, or for some unknown aesthetic purpose?

Once inside, we were a little disappointed. The showroom contained a lot of space, but little product. The selection of plants was small, and other products were limited to just a few pre-rolls, edibles, and concentrates. But they did have a lot of pipes.

One entire wall was dedicated to showing off glass pieces, including some very large ones. When we shop for plants nowadays, we have a huge amount of choices. But this place was lacking quite a bit in that regard. However, we still found some pretty good-looking plants here, including the strain that we ended up purchasing - an import from the East Coast known only as, NYC Diesel.

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