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Morning Glory

Strain: Morning Glory - Sativa

Producer: Glorious Green Boosts Brain

Contributor: Michael Avalos



This was not a great looking plant. 60%
Very dark, earthy aroma 80%
This herb have smelled great 60%
Made us feel calm and centered 80%

Morning Glory - Sativa
We came to Church of Walnut seeking a Sativa that wouldn’t drive us crazy, and this strain came to us via our budtender’s stamp of approval. So what’s the story, Morning Glory?

Appearance 3/5
This is some dark looking bud. This outdoor strain came equipped with a suntan. The leaves are all a darker shade of green, and any orange that does pop up gets lost. The pods were tightly packed, but brittle. The leaves crumbled like paper to the touch. Overall, this was not a great looking plant.

Aroma 4/5
Things improved when we took a whiff of this flower. This plant has a very dark, earthy aroma to it. We could detect some sage thrown into the mix, as well. And that scent was laced with sweetness, which became more apparent at the end.

Taste 3/5
This herb might have smelled great, but the combination mixed together into a sour, skunky salad. It was very acrid, and we didn’t really dig the taste - at all. It wasn’t super harsh, nor did it burn our throats, but you might want a beverage on hand to wash away this less-than-desirable aftertaste.

Effect 4/5
This Sativa did everything we expected it to...and then some.

This plant made us feel calm and centered, with our bodies getting most of the attention. We were so peaceful, so comfortable with ourselves that it produced one of the rarest effects we’ve ever come across -- clarity. We felt like we were seeing everything so clearly all of a sudden, and this strain kicked off an inner monologue within our brain that flowed for long after the bowl was done. It was insightful, silly, smart, personal, and totally just for us. It was awesome.

They should call this strain “Doctor Morning Glory” because after we smoked it, we felt ready for the therapist’s office. It made our brain run a mile a minute, with a constant stream of thoughts, and we really appreciated the boost.

That’s why we’ve got to give this strain a high recommendation. It’s not the prettiest or the tastiest flower, but it’s a big friend to anyone who relies on THC for focus, creativity, or productivity. When we find strains that enhance those qualities, we tend to cherish them. And this one most certainly belongs in the club.

If you’ve never been to a Dab Bar, we think you should try it. It’s not for the faint of heart, and probably best with a friend to share the high with. At the Church of Walnut, it can be a great way to spend an afternoon. Also, you can grab some great bud, like Morning Glory, while you’re there. That’s a win-win, baby!

Morning Glory (Sativa) - $10/g, $30/8th

1575 E. Walnut St
Pasadena, CA 91106
Phone number: (626) 723-5520
Hours: 8am - 12am, 7 days a week 

We love it when a dispensary can be more than a dispensary. While the smoking-lounge-inside-a-dispensary concept hasn’t taken off yet in Los Angeles, one concept that has taken hold across the east side of the city is: the Dab Bar.

If you’re unfamiliar with a Dab Bar (or with dabbing, in general), then hoo-boy, you have no idea what you’re in for. A dab is a super-strong hit of wax that you smoke using a water pipe, with a very specific setup for burning the concentrate. It gets you instantly high, and most places that offer a dab also have a place for you to sit and chill out afterwards, as well as a water cooler nearby to soothe your burning throat.

Since most dispensaries sell their own wax, this is a great way for the patient to sample the goods. Plus most users don’t have their own dab rig at home. So, this allows you to take part in the experience without making the commitment or investment of purchasing a rig of your own.

Church of Walnut has a really solid Dab Bar. Not only is there a three dollar per dab charge, but you can upgrade that to top shelf for just a few dollars more. They had an entire menu of wax available to browse through, too.

Sorry Internet, if you want to see it, you’ll actually have to go there. Kind of sucks, I know, but that’s just how the world works sometimes.

We sat at the bar in front of the rig. The budtender came over to be our “dabtender.” They took part of the apparatus -- the nail -- and used it to apply wax to the rig’s receptor, which is ulta-hot and basically disintegrates the substance on contact. That’s when you inhale, and the pipe fills with an impossibly huge amount of smoke. When you’re ready, the budtender lifts the carb and you take the hit. It’s usually a lung-burster, and gets you really high. We’re talking heavy Indica, big hit, holy-smokes-maybe-I-need-to-take-a-seat high.

A cup of water is usually recommended for those moments after you exhale because this smoke is hot, harsh, and always burns your throat. After that, you get sent out into the world, feeling more blissful than ever before.

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