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Lowell Preroll

Strain: Lowell Preroll

Producer: Lavc

Contributor: Vivien Huba



It’s sophisticated and fashionable 100%
The organic flower smells more like tea 100%
Very light, with a hint of green 100%
Very unhappy with how it was treating my poor head 20%

Appearance 5/5
Classic packaging, I absolutely love Lowells. It’s not too showy or trying to look expensive. It’s sophisticated and fashionable.

Aroma 5/5
The aroma was a green forest smell, which was very pleasant. The organic flower smells more like tea than the names they are given, and that’s just the way I like it.

Taste 5/5
The taste was very light, with a hint of green. Smooth smoke all the way through. 

Effect 1/5
I would like to reiterate that I have never had a bad experience with Lowell’s flowers. They always seem to deliver exactly what I am looking for. I have had the occasional “sleepy” experience, but nothing like this.  

Unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy a single moment of this joint. Upon first smoking it, I didn’t feel much, I continued to smoke to wait for the effects to kick in. The thing was, as the effects kicked in, so did my headache.  

This headache could have been caused by anything, I thought, so I continued to smoke the joint for the rest of the day. The reality was that Rude Boi had been the cause of my headache now turned migraine. The effect was not distinguishable over my pain, and I spent the rest of my evening nauseous and angry at this Rude Boi strain. I had never heard of it and probably for a good reason. I was very unhappy with how it was treating my poor head.

I don’t recommend this to anyone with a Sativa sensitivity. Perhaps it’s for someone that only smokes strong Sativas. This was meant to be a Hybrid, but it didn’t feel any part of Indica at all.

I didn’t have a very good time, but I guess it was bound to happen! With so many different strains that I have tried over the past couple of years, I’m surprised it didn’t happen with Lowell’s sooner.

Address: 6132 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone number: (323) 500-1040
Hours: Everyday 9am-10pm

This was my first time visiting the small and very busy shop called LAVC (not to be confused with Los Angeles Valley College). It’s a quaint room easily located on Wilshire Blvd towards mid-City. There is street metered parking available on the Main Street Wilshire, even directly in front of the shop. It was easy to find a spot which was a nice relief for being such a busy area.  

When I entered the place was popping off, customers were coming in and out and the place had good lively energy. There is a first-timers patient discount here so don’t forget to ask for it when checking out!

I had come in originally to see if they had another brand of pre-rolls, they did, just unfortunately not in the Indica strain that I prefer. Most of what they had was stuff I already tried, and I didn’t see many variations. At first, I was on my own trying to make decisions, but then a friendly budtender came to my aide.  

She had great energy and was a very chill, down to earth type of girl, so it was a pleasure speaking with her about the products. I didn’t want to go to another dispensary today, so a decision had to be made. I asked a bunch of questions that the budtender patiently answered and guided me through.  

A safe bet for me has always been Lowell’s (soon to change), I praise them highly for their great quality, organic, and outdoor bud that has never done me wrong. The strain Rude Boi popped out at me, I looked at the budtender “Like a Rihanna song?” and laughed. She said that the effect is energetic, fun, and up, like the song, so perhaps that was the inspiration.  

I grabbed that and headed to look over the edibles one last time, as well. They have the Kikoko Tea that I’ve been dying to try (they are just so pricey at $50 per can). Here, they offered a single-use size that I was beyond pumped about. I grabbed my two items, and checked out with Erin, heading home to test out my newly bought Lowell’s pre-roll.

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