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Lemon Skunk Hybrid Cartridge

Strain: Lemon Skunk Hybrid Cartridge

Producer: TZOOF!

Contributor: Vivien James



Very beautiful golden sleek battery 100%
It is a strong dank weed smell 60%
Very strong weed taste 60%
The extra high from the pen sent it to the next level in a good way. 100%

Appearance 5/5
I love the packaging for the product. It is clean and simple, yet eye-catching with a bit of color. Each strain is a different color gradient. The actual cartridge is a bit unappealing to me. It’s a bit clunky and not very sleek. I have a very beautiful golden sleek battery, so it kind of stands out with its chunky black mouthpiece.

Aroma 3/5
It is a strong dank weed smell if nothing else. There isn’t much of an aroma to the vape. It’s definitely not artificially scented or flavored.

Taste 3/5
Very strong weed taste. It’s the kind of pure weed extract taste that a lot of high-dose edibles contain. It lingers in the mouth and completely takes over.

Effect 5/5
So, in all honesty, I was already going into this experience as a skeptic because I normally do not have a good time with weed pens. Most of the time, I feel like they are giving me a headache, or not giving me a good high. 

Since TZOOF! promises a higher CBD content, I thought this could be different. For me, I had a few different experiences with vape cartridges, and I think a lot of it depended on whether or not I had smoked something before, and what it was. 

I find that the pen on its own doesn’t really do much - I do feel a bit of a buzz, but I continuously kept smoking it waiting for that calming high. Really, it’s mostly just a very alert buzz, without the calmness ever reaching full potential. Now, when I had smoked a joint prior, and then smoked on top of that, I had a much better experience. I already had the calmness from the joint prior, and the extra high from the pen sent it to the next level in a good way.

Recommended for vape users who prefer a Sativa experience. Mainly, it just provides me with a daytime buzz, but perhaps it’s more suitable for someone that has a lower tolerance.

The Lemon Skunk was alright, but perhaps I would have been better off going with the other strain. I didn’t have any major side-effects from the pen, but it definitely didn’t change my mind much about the weed vaping experience.

Address: 7213 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 9004
Phone number: (323) 882-6033
Hours: Everyday 11am- 7:50pm | Sundays - 12 - 6:50 pm

LAPCG’s new rewards program is really working for me! They’ve started texting me when they have specials. I had received a text about a $20 vape cartridge deal they were having the other day. I don’t normally smoke vapes, but I did a little research before heading over to purchase, and this cartridge, in particular, piqued my interest. TZOOF! specially formulated their cartridges to have an extra boost of CBD, keeping the THC from causing any anxiety or paranoia issues that may affect some THC users. 

I found some metered street parking across the street from the shop and headed on inside.  There was only one other customer in the shop when I entered, plus the associates working today, none of whom I’ve met before. I like coming here, but they're definitely is a lack of vibe most of the time when I come in. Most of the employees are very chill, friendly, but not the kind of experience that can turn your day around, or put an extra pep in your step. 

I came in to ask about the deal, and I was given two cartridge options. It looked like there were more strain options on display, but the budtender helping me only showed me two. I noticed a little bit later, that the other budtender offered those other options to a different customer. Both cartridges were labeled as a hybrid, and the bartender said the only difference was that Lemon Skunk was a little more up, and the other option was a little bit more of a downer, indicating to me that that must’ve been more Indica dominant. Because I was trying to have an active day, and because of the high CBD content of the extract, I was not worried about going with the Lemon Skunk, which was the more “upper” of the two. 

After redeeming my five dollars off discount, it basically comes back to the same total of the $25. After check-out, I headed to my car to try the cartridge out immediately. I purposely brought my old battery and even brought it inside to show the budtender, so he could double-check if the battery would be compatible with my cartridge. Luckily, it was!

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