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Strain: LEMON CREAM Pre-Roll

Producer: Fade Co.

Contributor: Lana Alexa



Seen many fine looking joints 100%
Hit with a soft citrus scent 100%
Little hint of vanilla cream 100%
Felt a change of headspace 100%

If one has not had the pleasure of enjoying a GANJAGOLD product, then this needs to be on the top of the bucket list. My budtender was very enthusiastic when presenting this cannabis royalty to me. I normally just grab some good flower, and consume it by rolling it myself, or grinding up a fragrant bowl into a nice bong hit. It is nice to veer off track a bit, and branch out of the comfort zone of always getting the same thing. It was hard to resist the very nice and encouraging budtender, who assured me of the potency and goodness of the GANJAGOLD pre-roll. Let me just say, I am grateful for his direction.

This pre-roll is the most insane joint I have ever seen.

Appearance 5/5
In my very extensive career as a cannabis connoisseur, I have seen many fine looking joints. This one, however, by far, takes the cake. As I took this out of the container, I made sure to do it so carefully as not to damage it. This joint is huge! I love the generous coating and the tarantula-like fuzzy effect. This pre-roll is a thing of beauty. I was almost sad to consume it. I was not sad for too long, because the effects are truly uplifting, and you can’t help but have good vibes.

Aroma 5/5
I have to be honest, I did not expect this to be as fragrant and potent as it is. As I inhaled the aroma surrounding this tarantula looking pre-roll, I was instantly hit with a soft citrus scent. The name Lemon Cream makes more sense now.

Taste 5/5
With such a potency in aroma, when it comes to taste, this pre-roll is amazing. Light and smooth citrus notes are blended beautifully with just a little hint of vanilla cream. As I was smoking this, I realized it would be hard to smoke a joint that is just plain. Everything that was put into this pre-roll was very well-balanced. Bravo.

Effect 5/5
Holy mother of… Get ready to have no time before this hits you. As I took the first few puffs, I instantly felt a change of headspace. Uplifting vibes and positive can-do energy surged through me, and I tackled all my tasks. This makes you want to move. This Lemon Cream pre-roll has got to be one of the best things I’ve ever put my mouth on. Period. This is a great option if you’re trying to get things done, need to focus, but also chill the heck out, and enjoy the day.

Good for: major stress relief, overall rejuvenation, energy burst, balanced cerebral benefits, focus, super good vibes, and overall positive mood.

After not indulging in pre-rolls throughout my long cannabis connoisseur career, GanjaGold has really opened my mind in more ways than one. I highly recommend grabbing one of these guys, if one happens to be in the vicinity of it being available. Perfect for mental exhaustion. This is as high end as it gets when it comes to the pre-roll game. I mean, I just have to go ahead and say I have been ruined for other futute pre-rolls. This one is so top notch - in every way.

Address: 12320 W. Pico Blvd
Phone number: (310) 207-1900
Hours: Everydays 8am-10pm

Each spot has a community of its own regulars - usually consisting of locals who live or/and work in the area. They have quite a selection here for a local shop. As I walk around and browse, I am sort of overwhelmed by the fact that they might have every top shelf flower I have ever had my sights on. As I wait in line to be assisted by a budtender, I look around to see that this place has products I didn't even know existed. They actually have CBD serums, lotions, and face creams -- talk about switching it up with your beauty regimen with CBD skin care! Now, I'm getting distracted, good thing it's my turn. The bartender called me over, and I focused on getting some fine herb, CBD serum noted.

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