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Speciale Sugar Cookies Hybrid Pre-Roll

Strain: Sugar Cookies

Producer: Speciale

Contributor: Vivien James



Weird cigarillo shape 100%
Hint of fruitiness and sweetness 80%
Fruitiness upon the first few hits 80%
Awake and active 100%

Speciale Sugar Cookies Hybrid Pre-Roll

Appearance 5/5
Their pre-rolls are a weird cigarillo shape, and the tip tastes and smells too much like cardboard. The packaging of the pre-roll is beautiful, and the joint comes in a glass tube that is closed with a cork top. The label is classy and simple with gold writing - I personally love a touch of gold .

Aroma 4/5
The smell was fairly weak when I opened the joint. I probably should’ve asked to smell the flower when I was at the shop. No matter, it still had a hint of fruitiness and sweetness lingering.

Taste 4/5
The flavor was also hard to detect, but it did have a hint of fruitiness upon the first few hits.

Effect 5/5
The actual flower and the experience of smoking it was great. I felt very awake and active – the high was completely clear-headed and functional. I was feeling good and buzzed almost immediately. At first I was a little bummed that it was under a gram, but the strength of the flower justified the price and the size. I enjoyed the effects so much that I actually ended up ripping through the joint way faster than I intended. I headed straight to work after smoking, and was able to stay focused on the task at hand, and get through the rest of the day with a breeze.

Recommended for anyone who prefers outdoor or organic flowers, like myself. Good for stress relief, anxiety relief, socializing, and having a nice relaxing high that doesn’t put one to sleep.
This was a fantastic high, and I truly have no qualms with it besides the tip and the way the joint is rolled. I find it an interesting choice, and I’ve only ever seen such a thing at this particular dispensary.

7213 Santa Monica Blvd,
West Hollywood, CA 9004
Phone number: (323) 882-6033
Everyday 11am- 7:50pm
Sundays - 12 - 6:50 pm

I had not been back to Los Angeles Patients & Caregivers Group since my first visit. I usually check online to see if they have anything new, but it is hard to tell through the online menu. So, I decided to come back in because I had received a text from them. The text was regarding their new updated rewards program and app. I love that some dispensaries are now offering reward programs. So, I decided to check out what was new.

I parked across the street at a meter spot. The spots directly in front of the shop are usually all taken in fact, most of the spots on the correct side of the street are taken. So, I’m always better off crossing the street. The security checks IDs before customers are allowed to enter, he is friendly, and I felt welcomed and greeted. I also felt properly welcomed and greeted by the front desk girl, who makes sure that my information is in their database. I like that they have a menu in the front with all their items listed, along with the prices, and small descriptions of the products (Including whether or not it’s Sativa or indica).

The budtender that helped me on this visit was new, and she mentioned it was only her second week. I really appreciated that she wanted to make sure that all the information she was giving me was correct, and I was in no rush at all to leave, so it didn’t really matter to me.

At LAPCG, she explained, there are three tiers of the house flower. I tried to navigate through my options, and got the opinions of all three budtenders on which strain would be best suited for my needs. I wanted outdoor or organic, hybrid or Indica, and something that was going to mellow me out, but not knock me out.

In the end, I decided on their top shelf flower, which was called Speciale, in the Sugar Cookies strain. There was an award-winning strain called Guava Jam that was enticing me, but I decided not to go with that strain upon the review from the staff. It was incredible, but it is definitely a nighttime sleepytime high. I wasn’t trying to take a nap because I had work still after this, so I decided to go with the hybrid.

It looks like they definitely have gotten more options since I was last in, and they are expanding in variety, so it’s worth it to come in more often than I originally thought! They also accept debit cards with no fees - such a plus for me!

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