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Krispie Cereal Bar

Strain: WOW Krispie Cereal Bar

Producer: WOW Edibles

Contributor: Michael Avalos



This cereal bar is absolutely huge 100%
Sweet grain flavor that most cereals possess, with an extra soft and fluffy smell of marshmallows 100%
Yum! 100%
500mg treat and we barely felt anything 40%

Our preferred type of edible is something with some substance to it. Gummies and mints are too sweet for us, and we’ve never had good luck with the standard THC infused snack items like Weetos. A chocolate brownie is a great way to go because it masks the flavor better than more sugary treats. Another favorite of ours is, without a doubt, the cereal bar. A chewy, sweet, and savory treat.

Appearance 5/5
How does it look? It looks delicious, my friend.

This cereal bar is absolutely huge. More than half as long as our phone, and twice as thick as my wallet, this 500mg THC treat was definitely something to be shared with friends or divided into several doses. This specific treat was made from Fruity Pebbles (or some generic equivalent) which means lots of bright colors. Which is way more fun than the other varieties made from Coco Pebbles and Rice Krispies. Why have one color when you can have them all?

Aroma 5/5
We’re not sure if we can say that this cereal bar smelled great, but it did smell like it was supposed to. It had the sweet grain flavor that most cereals possess, with an extra soft and fluffy smell of marshmallows. We tried to detect any hint of deep mary jane or THC, but we couldn’t come up with anything. Maybe someone with a more sensitive nose would be able to detect it, but to us, this was totally free and clear.

Taste 5/5

Most cereal bar edibles we’ve tasted in the past usually arrive in our hands stale and extra chewy, but not this WOW edible. It was fresh, like it had been made yesterday. And the bits of cereal were easily broken apart from the whole. You could pull it apart without any issues. Or you could just take a big bite without worrying that you were going to chip a tooth.

Effect 2/5
Here’s where things took a turn for the worst.

We wound up consuming this whole 500mg treat and we barely felt anything. We’ve eaten edibles before and had effects that ranged from “Yeah, I’m a little more focused” to straight-up *snore sounds.*

So, we started light with this treat, taking only a few bites at first, trying to eyeball the dosage. After a while, we felt settled, relaxed and present, but it wasn’t intense enough for us. So we dosed again -- chomp chomp. And we waited some more, but nothing happened. Our sensation had plateaued at a very mild feeling of calm. Even after eating the rest of the krispie treat, we never got any higher than that. And, to be fair, was a little disappointing.

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend that you pick up this treat.  Actually, I guess that we can if you’re looking for a very mild high that gives you mental focus and a relaxed body high, but don’t expect anything beyond that.  You could get the same feeling from smoking a bowl of good Sativa, and we might have preferred that to eating this giant square of Fruity Pebbles.

This edible failed us during our movie, and it was very sad.  Thankfully, there are worse fates than buying a cereal bar that tasted great but didn’t “pack a punch.”  Just like seeing a substandard movie, there’s always going to be another one (and another edible).  And when it comes out, we’ve got House of Herbal Healing Church right there to help us on our next trip.

WOW Krispie Cereal Bar - $12

1328 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Phone: (213) 706-9402
Open: 10am - 2am, 7 days a week

Is there anything better than having a really dope dispensary next to a movie theater?

That’s the awesome situation you find yourself in when you’re shopping at the House of Herbal Healing Church. While not directly next door, this shop is a stone’s throw away from downtown LA’s Regal Cinemas at LA Live. That’s lucky for us, because one of our favorite things to pair our marijuana with is a trip to the movie theater. Which always begs the question: Which method is best for consumption when taking a trip to the cinema?

First, there’s traditional smoking. But this is problematic when not at home or at a safe location. Imbibing while behind the wheel is still a DUI, and that’s too big of a risk for the minimal reward of a movie. There’s always hotboxing your car in the theater’s parking structure, but that can also be problematic if you’re on a property with security. Not to mention that it’s a total rookie move, which doesn’t mean it’s not valid, but it would definitely feel like a regression to us.

Regardless of the movie experience, did we mention that House of Herbal Healing Church carries a bunch of really dank dope? Seriously, their flower selection here is fantastic. They’ve got a wide variety of plants - all of varying degrees - ranging from awesome to super awesome. The flower is displayed in giant jars and quantities can be purchased at almost every level.

Harboring back to the smoking pre-movie debacle, there’s a technological answer -- the vape.

Either a cartridge/battery combo or a puff-it-and-leave-it disposable both work. This is obviously the most clandestine and thoughtful of your options, allowing you to puff away in relative obscurity almost anywhere that isn’t closer than twenty feet to a building’s entrance. But this might be the least satisfying of all methods because it’s too clean. The sweet concentrate vapor rarely hits as hard (or as fast) as our good ol’ friend herb. Also, it often feels like we wanted a cup of coffee but chose green tea instead.

We love both, but it isn’t what we crave.

Speaking of, did you know that HHHC has some great vape products available? We’re talking Stiizy pods, Brass Knuckles cartridges, and many more. The selection isn’t as great or as wide as what they’re bringing with their flower, but the prices are super reasonable - and you’ll definitely be able to find something that will satisfy.

Lastly, on the topic of stoned movie-going, there’s always the edible option. Which, to be honest, might be the best for a movie now that we think about it. It’s a bit of a time release effect, which means that you can consume your product and have some time before you’re enjoying yourself.

And, if you’re lucky, and it’s a particularly strong treat, then you’ll be feeling the peak of the effects during your movie, which is perfect. Actually, the more we think about it, the more we think that edibles might be the ideal pairing for a movie, right along with popcorn and soda.

We know what you’re asking: Can we get some edibles down at HHHC? It’s a five minute walk to the theater, we need to know if they have any edibles we can buy? Well, you’re in luck. They have a great edible selection, including the item that we picked up on our most recent visit, a Krispie Cereal Bar from WOW Edibles.

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