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Jungle Fever

Strain: Jungle Fever

Producer: Happy Nugs Collective

Contributor: Donovan Maltese



Darker-shaded flower, with accents of orange all over its surface. 80%
Strong citrus smell 60%
The flavor was moderate, at best. 60%
Placid and peaceful 100%

Jungle Fever
If you’re like us, your only experience in the jungle has been with Mowgli and his friend Baloo. But we’d be willing to live out in the far reaches of the globe, if it meant we could find more of this Hybrid strain. This was the highlight purchase of our visit, and we absolutely fell in love with this plant.

Appearance 4/5
This is a darker-shaded flower, with accents of orange all over its surface. It’s a tightly-packed and tough little bud, and its effects are so fast and furious you might think you were smoking up with Vin Diesel.

Aroma 3/5
It’s got a strong citrus smell, but won’t stink up your room if you leave it uncovered.

Flavor 3/5
The flavor was moderate, at best. But it wasn’t even close to off-putting. So, feel free to lean into the flavor spectrum of this unique Hybrid. We certainly did.

Effect 5/5
As we noted before, Jungle Fever is a Hybrid strain, and it delivers the best of both worlds just like a Hybrid is supposed to do. You’ll experience an Indica calm with Sativa sensations. We felt placid and peaceful. When we focused on something, our interest was particularly strong and forceful. But that was only when we could distract ourselves from enjoying the Sativa-typical body buzz. Our muscles felt relaxed. It was very “Zen” just like what you read it about.

Jungle Fever (Hybrid) - $10/g, $25/8th

Long story short -- we’d recommend this strain for pretty much anything. It’s an amazing weed that produces an overwhelming sense of calm. But be warned, this high is hard to pull yourself away from. Choose this option for your next yoga class, or when you’ve got nowhere to be for a while. Happy Nugs had some really awesome flower and other products, which is something that we’re always looking for. We can’t wait to drop by next time to see how they’ve come along. 


1466 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Hours: 7am - 2 am, 7 days a week

Unlike a lot of shops that throw up a coat of white paint, Happy Nugs is colored with pink walls all throughout the shop. We were later informed by our budtender that this location was brand new, and that just-moved-in feeling of disorganization was evident as soon we walked in.

All the flowers and products were displayed neatly inside glass cases, but it was everything else in the room that was still considered a “work-in-progress.” Boxes stacked in the corner, mostly empty drink coolers against one wall, open doors showing off storage rooms and back offices. If you think we’re being nitpicky, we must disagree. Presentation counts. Besides selling bud, a lot of dispensaries feel it necessary to sell you an aesthetic. Whether it’s a serene environment derived from herbal medicine, or the stereotypical West Coast party scene, a shop’s identity is more important than it might seem.

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