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Island Jellyfish CBD Classic

Strain: Island Jellyfish CBD Classic

Producer: Island

Contributor: Vivien James



It is a very eye-catching bright blue 100%
Very strong, fruity scent without smelling fake 100%
very harsh taste and throat feeling 60%
I could feel the effects immediately from the CBD joint from head to toe 100%

Appearance 5/5
The Island Jellyfish pre-roll comes in a one time use only packaging that is bright and colorful. It is a very eye-catching bright blue, and I’ve noticed it many times before even purchasing it. I don’t like to smoke one-time joints, because I don’t always want to smoke the entire joint in one go.

Aroma 5/5
The aroma was amazing and packed a punch when I opened it up. Very strong, fruity scent without smelling fake. 

Taste 3/5
The taste was very fruity as well in the first half. I find CBD pre-rolls tend to have a very harsh taste and throat feeling when smoking it. 

Effect 5/5
I just had to save this pre-roll for a fun beach day with friends. I had already been smoking regular joints before going to the beach, but didn’t smoke on the beach because there were many families around (otherwise I would’ve risked taking a puff or two). 

I waited till I walked up from the beach with my friend to go grab some ice cream and some snacks before opening up the Island pre-roll. I was very excited about it when I opened it. It smelled great and I started by sharing it with my friend. 

Although it is mostly CBD, there is a very, very, minimal percentage of THC in it as well - and in this case, I felt a little buzz. I could feel the effects immediately from the CBD joint from head to toe, I was buzzing, and I was feeling good . My mood was elevated, and I didn’t feel any side effects, or unpleasantness from this smoke.

Recommended for light weight smokers or CBD enthusiasts that are looking for a bit of calmness, without the head high. Not recommended for anyone that is big on flavor.

I love this pre-roll and it was a great wind down from a wonderful day. Flavor isn’t as super important to me as long as the flower is worth it. I also really wish that the packaging was made so that I could put my joint somewhere if I don’t want to finish it all in one go.

Address: 980 N La Cienega Blvd #102, Los Angeles, CA 90069
Phone number: (424) 279-9497
Hours: Everyday 8am - 10pm

Exhale MedCenter is located on La Cienega Blvd in West Hollywood. Tucked away in the courtyard of a multiple business building, it’s easily found by following the signs for it. There’s normally street metered parking on La Cienega and if not, there are side streets, as well. This place is cash only so come prepared, but there is also an ATM for use (for a small fee). 

Check-in is usually swift, as it was this time. There is a separate room for the shop itself, and the security buzzed me straight through since there were no other customers ahead of me.  The shop is always filled with products, but I rarely see new products when I come to Exhale. I had trouble picking what I wanted this time because the only new products were CBD products, and they were all packs of pre-rolls. 

It’s also hard to find what I want when I come here because usually the budtenders are not very helpful or good at guiding me towards what I would like. This is one of those places that if you come to you should know what you want. Since I had tried all the regular pre-rolls that I was interested in already, and they do not sell any grams I decided to look at their CBD options. Since nothing was recommended to me, or even shown to me, I asked to see the Island pre-roll, which is a CBD only strain called, Jellyfish. 

This option was a good price and all the prices displayed include tax, making it easy for me so I don’t have to think about the math. This was a very quick visit, and I was in and out of the shop with no problem.

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