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Inspired Sativa Vape Pen

Strain: Inspired Sativa Vape Pen

Producer: Beboe

Contributor: Mason Souza



An attractive white and rose gold box 100%
The vape had a very mild, sweet flavor 80%
Enjoy the bright, citrusy notes of the vape 80%
It definitely was less of a high than a hit from a traditional vape pen 100%

The product I picked up was the Inspired sativa vape pen, produced by Beboe. This disposable pen claims to offer a “socially dosed” hit of sativa THC. It’s meant to be ideal for social gatherings or anytime one needs to “shed that self-consciousness and get down to creative business.” The mini pen I purchased contains a total of 250mg THC.

Appearance 5/5
Though I don’t like to admit it, I’m a sucker for attractive design, presentation, and packaging. Beboe easily earns five stars here. The pen is packaged in an attractive white and rose gold box, adorned with Art Deco style and uplifting sentiments to you, the consumer from Beboe. The branding is on-point — I quickly realized that this is part of an emerging trend of cannabis wellness products that align themselves with Instagram’s aspirational values.

The pen itself is also a beautifully designed product. It’s encased in rose gold with what looked to be laser etched patterns, as well as text that says “Beboe” and “Inspired.” There’s a small white indicator LED that lights when you take a hit, but other than that, the pen looks less like a typical weed pen and more like a luxury tech product or perhaps part of a makeup kit.

Aroma 4/5
The vape had a very mild, sweet flavor. I don’t vape often, but I’d describe it as slightly citrusy, and I enjoyed it. I don’t mind natural marijuana smoke smell at all, but I don’t always like the super sweet artificial flavorings you sometimes get with vapes. The Inspire pen really toned it down, resulting in a more sophisticated scent. Again, I’d say this ties into Beboe’s aspirational branding.

Taste 4/5
There isn’t much to say here other than I did enjoy the bright, citrusy notes of the vape.

Effect 5/5
I purchased these products during a work trip that had me going back and forth from a major trade show floor to either a Starbucks or our Airbnb to work on my laptop. I typically would take a hit of the pen when I was leaving the trade show and about to work.

A single hit gave me a nice calm, yet still allowed me to focus on the work at hand. I was able to comprehend, read, and edit copy without focusing on the stress of deadlines or how tired I was. It definitely was less of a high than a hit from a traditional vape pen would cause, however.

The other main use case for me was after-hours when I was hanging out with coworkers. Again, I found that the product description was pretty on-point here. The pen eased any social anxiety I had, helping me to be more sociable and relaxed. I cracked more jokes than usual and still felt like I could confidently keep a conversation going. Please note that I’m giving Effect a five-star rating, not because the Inspire pen got me really high, but because it did exactly what the box claimed it would.

Product price: $30

If you’re a first-time vape user or someone who wants to occasionally get high without having the stigma of being a “stoner,” you’ll probably love Beboe’s Inspire pen. Its standard hit provides a just-right bit of social lubrication that serves as a nice alternative to a glass of wine. If you want to get higher, you can, of course, take more, but you might want to consider the full-size version or seek another pen altogether.

I think Beboe is going to be really successful with this line. Not only is the branding and design on-point, the product really delivers on its claims. The fact that these pens are recyclable at participating dispensaries is a thoughtful and responsible touch, too. As legalized cannabis becomes normalized and more consumers start to see it as a social option, I expect brands like Beboe to be at the forefront.

Address: 2141 S Wright St, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone number: 714-786-6888
Sunday Closed
Monday 7 AM - 10 PM
Tuesday 7 AM - 10 PM
Wednesday 7 AM - 10 PM
Thursday 7 AM - 10 PM
Friday 7 AM - 10 PM
Saturday 7 AM - 10 PM

I made this purchase at MedMen in Santa Ana, California. This location was tucked away in an industrial area just off the Costa Mesa freeway. The walk from my parking spot to the front door was a bit long, as it spanned the entire length of MedMen’s vivid fire engine red storefront. At the front door, employees greet you and check your ID.

The massive, bright storefront would be intimidating if it weren’t so well-organized and staffed with such friendly people. I was asked multiple times by employees if I had any questions or needed any help. While there, I saw an employee counseling a first-time user on what to try for their insomnia. Like me, they appeared to be from out of town, but that didn’t exempt them from top-notch customer service. The MedMen staff answered any questions I had and made me feel comfortable taking my time and browsing. There was definitely plenty to see.

MedMen has a huge selection of edibles, vape pens and cartridges, pre-rolls, and other gear. Their selection of flower is encased on tables inside canisters which you can slide partly open and smell. I found this a really cool way of picking out a strain without having to inconvenience any salesperson for samples.

The checkout process was quick and easy, and the cashier accepts cash or card. MedMen bags their products inside these red sealable pouches that feature a press-to-unlock tab. This unique packaging was the icing on the cake, so to speak, of my shopping experience there.

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