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Indica Pack

Strain: Indica Pack

Producer: Higgs

Contributor: Vivien James



Pink tips and black bases 100%
The aroma of the bud 100%
The taste is a light piney/forest green 100%
Feeling happy, productive, adventurous, relaxed 100%

Appearance 5/5
The Higgs packaging is so cute on the outside, there is so much detail put into packaging these pre-rolls. Not only are they in an adorable cigarette box they are packaged with a sticker and some matches, as well. Everything is color coordinated black, pink, and blue. Even the matches have pink tips and black bases.

Aroma 5/5
The aroma of the bud was very light, and not in the way where it had faded, but in the way where it was very natural and smelling like a wonderful herbal tea.

Taste 5/5
A delight to smoke on. The taste is a light piney/forest green.

Effect 5/5
High praise for the Higgs pre-rolls. So much so that immediately reached out to the company to let them know that I am absolutely in love and obsessed with their product. It’s so rare nowadays to find a product that’s not only well presented, but also delivers it in the exact way that I like it to deliver.

I was feeling all the right things: happy, productive, adventurous, relaxed, anxiety-free, with just a general sense of euphoria. Because it was so good it was hard not to rip through all of these pre-rolls in a matter of just one day. I tried my best to ration it out and make it last, but I think it only ended up lasting 3 days - maybe two and a half. I was able to stay awake, there were no side-effects or anything. I am now a convert to Higgs, after that last migraine disappointment from Lowell’s.

Recommended for moderate to heavy smokers that are looking for a calming lift during the day to help push through. This is perfect for anyone that suffers from anxiety and uses cannabis medically to help with mental health.

Incredible product overall, and I can’t wait to make this my new bud of choice on the reg!

Address: 7828 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046
Phone number: (323) 654-8792
Hours: Monday- Saturday 10am - 8pm
Sundays 12 - 7pm

Today I was a woman on a mission, a mission to find the Higgs pre-rolls. I did so much research looking for cool new brands to try, and I found this brand Higgs. Not only was the packaging cute, fashionable, and aesthetically pleasing, but the product is sun grown, sustainable, and grown pesticide-free. I had looked for it in multiple places, but there seems to be difficulty locating the Indica strain, since most places had the sativa available.

I looked on the Higgs website, and it said that AHHS carried Higgs pre-rolls. I haven’t been back to this dispensary in a while, so I decided to check out the situation. I came in just a little bit after 11 AM, and the shop was empty as usual. I checked in, and signed up for their new rewards program by entering my phone number. You earn points with each purchase, and you can use those points towards discounts and products.

It looked like they had once again added some more product since the last time I was in, but I didn’t take much time looking at them because, once again…I was on a mission. I’ll be back next time to browse and see what's good. I asked if they carried the pre-rolls because I did not see them put out, and the budtender told me that they did have them, but only available in Indica. “Perfect,” I said. That’s exactly what I came for.

The budtender informed me that I had just missed the happy hour by a few minutes. I was a little annoyed, and thought she could’ve given me the discount considering there’s nobody else around. But, she ended up giving me a discount for signing up for a rewards program. I really appreciated that and it put a smile on my face and ensured that I came out of the shop happy.

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