How To Ensure Your Friend Has A Good First Experience With Cannabis

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Contributor: KC SCANNELL

We all remember our first time getting high. Well, most of us remember. For others, it was a whirlwind experience that had its equal share of ups and downs. Personally, I can recall my very first smoke session, as if it was just yesterday.

It was a Friday night, and a few of us from the baseball team were hanging out at our friend, Robbie’s house. He had a very unique living situation. His house was built on a hill, so he had this balcony that wrapped around ¾ of his house. And, honestly, there was nothing but good views and vistas as far as the eye could see from there.

Best Ways To Guarantee An Enjoyable First Cannabis Experience

Robbie clumsily rolled a blunt, and we all stepped outside to partake in our very first smoke-out. We fired it up, coughed a good amount, but ultimately finished the whole thing, which in hindsight, couldn’t have been more than a gram or so. And the bud, if I had to guess, was probably pretty mediocre. I mean, I was nowhere near the cannabis connoisseur that I am today, so we were likely super content with a bag of subpar buds.

After we put the blunt out, we meandered back inside to watch our beloved San Francisco Giants take on their hated rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was an “Orange Friday” night game, meaning the intensity of the situation was even higher than usual, as there always seemed to be a lot more energy during these primetime games.

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All of our giggles and joking slowly subsided into silent focus. We were all hanging on every single pitch, only making noises when something didn’t go our way. Needless to say, we were beyond baked at this point. I remember looking around thinking, “Yeah. I can get used to this feeling, that’s for sure.”

Everything about the atmosphere, the company, and the activity I was doing hit on all cylinders, making me feel like I couldn’t be more at peace. And, to be frank, I don’t think I could have. I still find a lot of joy in getting high and watching baseball, and if some buddies want to come and watch the game, too, well, that’s even better.

Now, I neglected to mention that out of all of us that night, Robbie was the only one who was a regular smoker at the time. So, he knew exactly what kind of vibe to set for us all to have a solid first experience with cannabis. And for that, I will be forever grateful. It was an amazing start to this lifelong relationship that I have with all things marijuana-related. And, had I had a bad experience that night, who’s to say if I’d ever even give cannabis another shot.

And if you have a buddy who is about to embark on their maiden marijuana voyage, I urge you all to accomplish that very same feat for your friend. Believe me, they will thank you endlessly for your relaxing efforts. Plus, they’ll see just how amazing cannabis can be, without any sort of senseless overthinking, or anxiety.

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That said, acquiring the perfect mix of vibe and atmosphere is a bit more intricate than many may think. You need to consider a few different details before launching into that rookie smoke session with your buddy.

The first, and potentially most important thing to consider in order to ensure that your friend has a good first experience with cannabis is the environment you choose as your “smoke spot.”

I’d strongly urge against hitting up any outdoor area, unless it’s a trusted backyard. Being outside, and around unfamiliar faces, can cause a bit of anxiety in rookie smokers. They may feel judged or worried about their demeanor, so it’s always best to keep things indoors and familiar for that very first experience. They should be more than comfortable with their surroundings, and away from the outside world.

Also, the people involved should all be on the same “level,” as far as vibes are concerned.

You don’t want there to be any “harshing” of the mellow here, as that would be toxic to the whole experience. Everyone should get along, and share a similar level of trust and comfort with one another. But, even if you have a massive amount of friends who fit that bill, I find that too many people can lead to a sense of heighten anxiety for some new smokers. So, the tighter the smoke circle, the better off you’ll be.

Speaking of smoking, you’ll want to be the one in charge of picking up the weed. Don’t leave this to the rookie, as they will likely get something that’s too potent for their low tolerance to handle. When shopping for this fateful flower, you should consider a bud that is high in CBD. This will damn near guarantee that they will have a mellow, alleviating experience, as opposed to a psychoactive, THC-driven series of effects.

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Let’s say this buddy of yours is more interested in edibles than smoking. You’ll need to practice extreme caution with these folks. While they may be eager to dive into a THC-infused treat, you should educate them about how marijuana, especially ingested, affects every person’s body chemistry differently. Some feel things quick and fast, while others have a more stubborn metabolism, preventing them from experiencing the effects of an edible at all.

With this being the case, you should always take “baby steps.”

By which I mean, take just a microdose of the edible, and let that sucker get at least 2 hours to release its effects. At that time, you can decide whether your body needs more or not. That way, if the effects do kick in, they will be very minor and manageable, which is exactly the level of potency we want our newbie to enjoy for their first time.

Now, in the unlikely event that your buddy, for some reason, starts to get a bit flummoxed by the effects, simply lock into your friend’s current mental state and act from there. You two are friends, you know each other’s tendencies. With that knowledge, you also know what to say/do to calm them down with ease and sincerity.

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Remind them that they can trust you, and that everything will be okay. Offer them some water, and even a snack. Sometimes, kick starting your metabolism can help your body deaden the blow of a powerful onslaught of THC. Another tactic that often works is distraction. Occupy your minds with an intriguing, yet calm (or funny) TV show, something that lightens the mood. Or, simply fire up a mellow video game, and keep their frantic brain focused on the virtual task at hand.

Obviously, there are other factors and reactions that you will need to employ during these first smoke sessions, but if you trust your judgement in those moments, I’m confident that you will make all the right decisions. You will put on the right music to set the tone for your buddy. You’ll know exactly when to grab them a bottle of water. You’ll know precisely what to say when they exhibit signs of anxiousness. In short, you’ll know what to do to ensure that your friend has a great first experience with cannabis – I guarantee it.

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