Here’s How To Find The Best Cannabis Oil On The Market

Here's How To Find The Best Cannabis Oil On The Market
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How To Properly Shop For Cannabis Oil

We’ve all been in that position, at one time or another, in our cannabis careers…

You’re at the dispensary, possibly even in line, waiting to check out, when you look and see a whole display case that you have seemingly overlooked during each visit. You squint to see what sort of cannabis contents are housed in that forgotten display.

While you’re used to spotting large jars of bountiful nugs, or brightly packaged edibles, all you see are tiny little containers, alongside some miniature envelopes. There’s even a few syringes full of a mysterious golden substance. That’s when your eyes linger over to the title of that specific section of their THC selection known only as, Concentrates.

These various products are made-up of condensed cannabis, resulting in a litany of different oils and extracts. The likes of which you can enjoy in a number of different ways. You could do what the youngsters do, and apply a bit to a tool, and dab your day away. Or, you could pick up one of their many vape pens, click a button (possibly a few times), and inhale a smooth, vaporized version of this marijuana medium. Hell, you could even sprinkle a bit atop a bowl (or in a joint) to add a bit more “umph” to your smoke session. There’s really no incorrect way to partake in cannabis oil, in my personal opinion.

But, just like strains of flower, there’s a veritable plethora of oils and extracts out there, with each one delivering its own series of scents, flavors, and effects. So, like with anything else in the cannabis community, it’s best to educate yourself to the best of your ability about these intriguingly potent pot products. That way, you’ll know you are getting some of the best cannabis oil available.

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One of the first things to take into account when perusing a dispensary’s cannabis oil selection is what bud was used to create this concoction in the first place. As I briefly alluded to above, concentrates of this nature are made through various methods, all of which essentially condense a floral nug down to its most concentrated elements. Obviously, the process is far more intricate than that, but that’s basically the long and short of it.

So, when you’re analyzing the potential quality of a product like this, you should try to find out what strain of flower served as its nucleus. In addition to that, you should attempt to learn how fresh the bud was, what farm it came from, and how well the flower was taken care of, post-harvest.

Yes, I am fully aware that acquiring every ounce of information on a product can be difficult and time-consuming, but don’t get frustrated. This is the best way to learn about your cannabis oil before buying it, ensuring that you won’t have an undesirable oil experience. So, at the end of the day, it’s more than worth the effort.

Also, while you’re knee-deep in oil research, you should try to find out how they extracted their oil. If done correctly, that guarantees the final result will mirror the characteristics of its original strain. Conversely, if this part of the process is mishandled, that would result in an adverse series of effects that would surely sully the product and its overall quality. So, reading up on their techniques and tactics used, will do you a lot of good.

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Another aspect to ponder over when procuring a cannabis oil is to understand how this company/distributor went about the post-processing portion of their extraction. This is akin to the curing stage of growing buds. If your flowers aren’t properly cured, they will, effectively, be ruined.

Despite months of work and care, negligence in this area of the process always result in a substandard product. That same exact methodology goes for the post-processing of cannabis oils and extracts. If done well, the product should be of the highest quality. If not, well, you may want to move on to another product.

And while you may hear from friends that there is only one way to extract oil – they couldn’t be more wrong. There’s dozens of ways to accomplish this extraction goal, with some techniques being favored over others. It really all depends on that extractors set-up and situation. Which, as you can probably assume, varies from one person to another. So, to think there’s only one way to extract oil is asinine.

If you’re looking for a cannabis oil that’s high in THC, there are plenty available. But that doesn’t necessarily make them “the best.” Not everybody is looking for a premium psychoactive experience with their cannabis oil. There’s a growing population out there, in fact, who prefer a nice hybrid of THC and CBD to help them relax and unwind. Which is totally fine. To each their own, as they say.

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So, for someone to say that only high THC oils are “the best” that just isn’t true. It’s a case by case basis, with everyone’s physical chemistry requiring a varying combination of elements in order to deliver the effects desired by the consumer.

The same could be said about concentrates that are high in terpenes. It’s true that a healthy amount of terpenes can do wonders for the smoke session, but an excess of them can come across too harsh, both in scent and taste. So, again, finding the right balance of terps and THC (and possibly even CBD) is critical in order to find what cannabis oil works best for you.

Now, I’m sure at this point, you’re likely understanding why it’s important to know as much about your cannabis oil as possible before buying it. But you’re probably wondering just how to go about such a fact-finding mission. Typically, you can find all of the pertinent details surrounding a product’s origin and cultivation process on the packaging itself.

However, if the box appears to be void of such information, a quick trip online should be able to provide all the answers you’re looking for. If a simple Google search doesn’t get you to where you need to be, I’d suggest hopping onto that company’s official website.

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And if you’re still coming up empty-handed, I’d urge you to try your luck in any of the thousands of cannabis forums that can be found online. These places are beacons of knowledge, so you’ll probably be able to walk away with all the information you need.

Or, if you’re already at the dispensary, and need to make a somewhat “quick” decision, simply ask your budender. These professionals are only granted these coveted positions in the cannabis industry because they are experts on what they sell. And, even if they don’t know, they are happy to ask their fellow budtenders for you. One way or another, you will learn what you need to learn, simply by asking your friendly neighborhood budtender.

Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, you can march into that cannabis club, more confident than ever, pick out a proper oil, and get to smoking! Remember, my fellow enthusiasts, if this is your first time with cannabis oils or extracts, tread lightly to start. These babies are known to pack a punch, so ease into things before diving in too deep. You’ll be happy that you did.

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