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Gorilla Valley

Strain: Gorilla Valley - Hybrid

Producer: Kush Town

Contributor: Michael Avalos



Gorgeous-looking leaves that are covered with a fine coating of crystal dust 100%
Strong, lightly citrus-scented aroma 80%
Surprisingly bland flavor 40%
This Hybrid delivers the best of both worlds 100%

Gorilla Valley OG (Hybrid) - $15/g, $45/4g

Appearance 5/5
We’d travel deep into the mist, if there was some of this plant waiting for us on the other side. This highly recommended Hybrid was the cream of the crop from our visit. It’s got some gorgeous-looking leaves that are covered with a fine coating of crystal dust.

Aroma 4/5
This bud had a strong, lightly citrus-scented aroma that pops right through our noses and into our hearts. It’s one of those scent profiles that’s an instant “crowd pleaser” amongst stoners, such as ourselves. We really enjoyed it.

Flavor 2/5
Despite those good looks and shiny crystals, this bud has a surprisingly bland flavor. It doesn’t burn and it doesn’t linger. However, we wished we had gotten a bigger kick from it when we puffed on this strain. Oh well.

Effect 5/5
While this attractive weed may not come roaring in with a strong presence initially, once you start smoking this strain, you should clear your schedule and settle in for a strong high. This Hybrid delivers the best of both worlds.

We can remember feeling an Indica-like heaviness in our eyelids. We can also recall a soothing, neck-relaxing Sativa-esque sensation that took over our shoulders, and extended throughout our body. Our limbs were loose, our hands were feeling “all the feels,” and it was overloading us with heightened sensations. We’re not usually into puzzles or Legos, but if they had been in the room with us we wouldn’t have been able to resist.

This energetic playfulness felt great, and it’s one of the reasons we love this bud so much. We rarely find strains that make us feel this way, and we highly suggest you try it for yourself. This is one monkey that you want on your back.

Like we said, this was a strong high. Even the experienced smoker might have a hard time focusing on this strain. And if you’re anything like us, you’re going to get the munchies super-hard, so you might want to consider accenting this bud with a meal. Just beware that this trip into Gorilla Valley is not for the weak, or the faint of heart. But, if you dare to venture out on the journey, good times and glory are waiting for you.

3305 W 8th St
Los Angeles, CA 90005
Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

At first, we didn’t know how to feel about this place, then our budtender came over. She came out from behind the counter to speak to us, and once we told her that it was our first time, she gave us a quick rundown of everything on display. We asked a few questions, and she answered them promptly. Suddenly, we felt at ease. This budtender was making us feel right at home, and we were looking at their selection of goodies with renewed interest.

She directed us over to their plants for sale. Kush Town keeps their bud in one whole display case, broken down by tiers of awesomeness -- Private Reserve, Top Shelf, and Mid Shelf.

The show-jars are big, and whatever you see is what they got. As we were browsing through their selection, another customer entered the showroom. Since they looked more determined than we were, we stepped aside, while the budtender helped this new customer.

Honestly, we needed the moment. There were a lot of strains available in each tier and we didn’t know which one to choose. Pricing per quantity and quality of bud was clearly listed, and since the deals were so good, it was hard for us to not grab a few things.

Once the budtender returned to us, we made our selections. As she prepared our order, two more customers were admitted into the room. Damn. This shop was doing big business, but we felt sorry for this lone budtender working behind the counter. This lady was awesome, and she deserves some backup! To be fair, she may be one of the reasons why we’ll be coming back in the very near future.

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