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Good Joints Wedding Cake

Strain: Good Joints Wedding Cake

Producer: Good Joints

Contributor: Vivien Huba



simple and tasteful, with a light blue or a light yellow 100%
Hint of a diesel/gas smell 100%
Nice green flavor 100%
Fully relaxed boy and head high that feels like a friendly warm hug 100%

Appearance 5/5
Good Joints’ packaging is simple and tasteful, with a light blue or a light yellow, depending on what kind of joint you are purchasing. It is easy to read and contains all the information that I need and seek out, which is that it is grown pesticide-free and sustainably grown, as well.

Aroma 5/5
The aroma was very strong and packed a punch of green forest goodness. There was also a hint of a diesel/gas smell in there, as well, but not super overwhelming or noticeable

Taste  5/5
Smooth smoke with a nice green flavor.

Effect 5/5
I have previously only tried the hybrid Good Joints. I did expect to be a little more sleepy, but I did not have any issues with trying to stay awake or trying to concentrate. There were virtually no side effects with this flower. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience the whole time, and it’s great for relaxing and enjoying your day, but at a slightly slower pace than you normally would. The high reached from my head to my toes, a fully relaxed boy and head high that feels like a friendly warm hug.

Recommended for those that use weed medicinally. A very clean flower that affects in a positive way. Good for reducing anxiety, restlessness, sleeplessness, and stress.

I love everything by Good so far, and it seems like I will never be disappointed by them! One of my favorite pesticide-free brands that makes me feel like I know what’s going inside my body. I trust it!

Address: 9021 Exposition Blvd Los Angeles, 90034 310-202-6622
Phone number:  310-202-6622
Hours: Everyday 10am - 9:50pm, Sundays 10am- 7:50 pm

I’ve had my eye on New Amsterdam Naturals dispensary for quite a while now. It’s not the closest to my house, located in Culver City, it’s a 20-minute drive to the dispensary from West Hollywood, as long as there is no traffic. There is the option to order over the phone or online and pick up when you get there, but I’m just one of those people that likes to see what’s available first - touch things, and read the labels, and ask questions in person. Perhaps the service was something I could utilize in the future, but not on my first visit. 

The shop is a little bit difficult to find because it is located in a small dead-end street right before the freeway entrance. It does have its own parking lot, the thing is huge, and you can park there for as long as you want, so long as you are going to the shop. I came here because I saw that they had a very large selection of Good Flower products. Now, I have smoked joints by Good before and had a wonderful experience, but it’s been quite difficult locating new strains to try. 

There are no first-timer deals here, which is a little bit of a bummer, but most places don’t do deals nowadays. I was immediately offered help as soon as I stepped into the place, but I just wanted to browse at first to get a sense of what was available before I started asking questions. 

There was so much product, and a lot of products that I haven’t seen before, which was great.  I was here for a specific reason, so I didn’t want to get distracted by all the other great things that I could be trying in the future. I asked the budtender immediately to see what they had available by Good Flower. The budtender pulled out two giant trays of Good Joints, and started to pull out the hybrid and Indica options. I picked out three new strains to try: an Indica Kief pre-roll, a regular Indica Wedding Cake pre-roll, and a Hybrid Kief pre-roll. The budtender was friendly, helpful, and patient, while I struggled to make final decisions. Can’t wait for my next visit back here!

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