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Full Gram Joint

Strain:Full Gram Joint - Indica

Producer: Buddha Co.

Contributor: Michael Avalos



This joint was a full-figured beauty 100%
It’s something very delicious, indeed 100%
Either way, it’s not great, and it’s not ideal, and to be honest - it’s kind of a drag 60%
This joint got me truly high 100%

House joints are the sh*t. I love nothing more than when a shop rolls its own. Not only are those guaranteed to be handmade, and you can actually source (or at least directly inquire) the quality of flower, but they’re usually cheaper than the brand name twists, as well. Which range from epic to garbage.

Appearance 5/5
This joint was a full-figured beauty. One gram of flower packed into a solid cone with the end folded off to an almost flat edge. Not bad. Usually joints like these look a little stout, or less-than-well-endowed compared to a full cone with a twist on the end. But this joint bucked the trend, looking big and beautiful. And it totally had me feeling like I was getting my money’s worth.

Aroma 5/5
Can you smell what the Buddha Company is cooking?!

Based on the aroma of this pre-rolled joint, it’s something very delicious, indeed. The scent of this twist was very earthy, but with hints of sweetness. Both warm and rich, this joint gave off the smell of something baking in the oven.

Taste 3/5
I was beyond eager to light up this bad boy. The flavor disappointed, however, because there wasn’t much of one. The inhales were laced with that stale air taste that comes with a pre-roll of this nature. The flower has been chopped up, and rolled up, and is so far gone from being alive, that it loses any spark that it once had. Or, perhaps, it’s just garbage weed. Either way, it’s not great, and it’s not ideal, and to be honest - it’s kind of a drag.

Effect 5/5
Despite the taste leaving me disappointed, I quickly forgot about all that because this joint got me truly high. A classic Indica if I’ve ever smoked one, it gave me a fuzzy feeling in my brain. I felt a powerful sensation of being slowed down in both the brain and body. My shoulders were sluggish, and I just laid there like Woody from Toy Story when a kid is present.

I thought this joint was simply great.  It was a powerful punch packed into an attractive assembly, and for the price point the value was nothing to shake a stick at.  I can’t wait to try their Sativa and Hybrid joints.  Based on this one, I’m sure the quality is going to be excellent.

With MedMen only a few blocks away, we would shop at the Buddha Company every time.  This shop offers a more intimate experience, and it’s not an antiseptic retail environment.  This shop has heart, soul, and character.  And it authentically remembers the roots of this industry.  It’s all right there, symbolized by “The Wheel.”

Buddha Co. Full Gram Joint - $10

837 S Los Angeles St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Phone: (213) 943-7950
Open: Mon-Fri - 8am - 10pm; Sat-Sun - 10am - 10pm

One of the things that we miss most about the old Wild West days of buying weed in Los Angeles is “The Wheel.” It was usually pretty big, but sometimes it was really big. And it was always cast off to the side or the corner of a dispensary, not trying to call attention to itself, but how could it not -- it was a giant multi-colored wheel that you’re supposed to spin.

For those who don’t know, if you donated a certain amount of moolah, usually pushing a hundred or over, then you got to spin “The Wheel.” On each slice of the pie was a freebie, discount, or deal. Whatever you landed on is what you got. So it could be something like “Free House Joint” or “10% off Vape Cartridges,” or even “Free Gram,” or “5g 8th,” or even possibly “Free T-Shirt.”

This Price is Right inspired wheel was always a ton of fun, and we loved every chance I got to spin for something fun. (One time I actually got “Free T-Shirt,” but it wasn’t a very cool. “Free House Joint” was always the ideal.)

Sadly, “The Wheel,” and its familiar counterparts, has been removed from dispensaries these days. The legalities of giveaways at dispensaries are more complex than we claim to know anything about, and the Bureau’s increased crackdown means that most of the shops that used to let you spin have all but spun themselves out of existence.

But thankfully, “The Wheel” lives on at the Buddha Company in DTLA. You have to spend two hundred dollars to spin it, so we imagine that it’s mostly a decorative salute to the halcyon days of the marijuana industry. But it makes sense that Buddha Company would have it -- after all, they have everything.

If you haven’t been to this shop, you need to check it out. It’s packed full of product, so much so that you need to scan over the whole display to make sure you don't miss anything. Fortunately, that’s why your budtender is there - to help you out. Buddha Company’s budtenders offer a very one-on-one shopping experience. They help you find what you’re looking for and what you’re looking to feel, overall. Using an iPad holstered to their hand, they command their entire inventory and can recommend all the plant-based meds at their disposal to help cure what ails you.

If “The Wheel” is the Ghost of Dispensary’s Past, then we hope that Buddha Company is the Ghost of Their Future. This shop is wonderful, friendly, and it’s easy to access via parking in the rear, which is totally clutch for their location in downtown.

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